The Washington Times - March 29, 2011, 03:15PM

Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who won a close election last fall, would lose badly if the contest were held again, a new poll shows.

Mr. Scott, whose popularity has plummeted since Nov. 2 when he beat Democrat Alex Sink by one percentage point, would lose to her by 19 points in a re-do election, according to results of a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.


The poll shows 32 percent of Sunshine State voters approve of Mr. Scott’s job performance, while his disapproval rating is 55 percent. Voters of his own party approve of the way he is handling his job by a 57-27 margin, but his disapproval rating among Democrats stands at 81 percent — up from 60 percent three months ago. 

Mr. Scott’s net -23 percentage-pont approval margin makes him the least popular of the 35 currently serving governors PPP has polled.

In a do-over election, 16 percent of those polled who said they voted for Scott would switch sides, as would 21 percent of all Republicans. Sink wins the independent vote by a whopping 61-29 margin.

“Rick Scott was elected by the thinnest of margins in one of the best Republican election years ever,” said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, a liberal-leaning pollster. “Since then he hasn’t done much to win over either the folks who didn’t vote for him or the folks who supported him because he was a Republican despite having some reservations about him personally.”

Florida’s new GOP Sen. Marco Rubio fares significant better, with a 43 percent approval and 31 percent disapproval ratings, putting him comfortably in the top third of the 83 senators on which PPP has polled.
The PPP survey of 500 Florida voters was conducted March 24 to 27 and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.4 percent.