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Inside Politics Archive: May 2011

  • Hoyer: Republicans not being adults on debt limit vote

    The no. 2 House Democrat chastised the chamber's controlling Republicans for scheduling a "charade" vote Tuesday to raise the nation's debt ceiling and advised his party colleagues not to support it. Published May 31 2011

  • A POTUS-Speaker twosome?

    Would a round of golf between President Obama and GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner lead to bipartisan harmony? Published May 27 2011

  • S.C.'s Gowdy: GOP hasn't properly explained Ryan budget

    Rep. Trey Gowdy said the GOP needs to do a better job of explaining to voters the Ryan budget and the proposed Republican restructure of Medicare. Published May 26 2011

  • White House to kill, tweak unnecessary regulations

    The Obama administration on Thursday said it plans to eliminate or streamline scores of overly burdensome government regulations in a move officials said would save taxpayers and businesses billions of dollars over time. Published May 26 2011

  • Food fight: Senator tells first lady to keep potatoes on school menus

    Maine grows a lot of potatoes, and one of the state's two U.S. senators is telling Michelle Obama and the Agriculture Department to let potatoes keep a prized place on school menus. Published May 26 2011

  • Inhofe: Obama stand on Israel makes no sense

    Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe said Thursday that he thinks President Obama is out on a political limb with his endorsement of the 1967 borders — with modifications — as the basis for a final peace deal between Israel and a new Palestinian state. Published May 26 2011

  • Tax dollars at work: Jell-O wrestling in the Antarctic, shrimp on treadmills

    Your taxpayer money has gone to fund Jell-O wrestling at the South Pole. Published May 26 2011

  • Landrieu: Obama should increase disaster relief

    Democratic Sen. Mary L. Landrieu has urged her fellow senators to press President Obama to boost funding for natural disaster victims in the South and Midwest. Published May 25 2011

  • Wisconsin Poll: Gov. Walker's popularity wanes

    Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker's popularity has continued to decline over the last three months, and state voters now say they would vote to recall him if there was a new election, a new polls says. Published May 25 2011

  • Sunshine State not happy with Gov. Scott

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been in office less than five months but voters already have grown weary of the Republican by a 2-to-1 ratio, a new poll shows. Published May 25 2011

  • President fixated on ... 2008?

    Well, it was a good year for him. President Obama mistakenly signed the year "2008" instead of "2011" in the Westminster Abbey guestbook Tuesday. Published May 24 2011

  • Obama to visit tornado-wracked Mo. city

    President Obama said he will visit Missouri on Sunday to tour the devastation wrought by a tornado that killed more than 116 people in Joplin over the weekend. Published May 24 2011

  • Cantor learns DeLay's lesson on disaster spending

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that if Congress passes an emergency spending bill to help Missouri's tornado victims, the extra money will have to be cut from somewhere else. Published May 23 2011

  • Exercising Daniels left in stitches — literally

    A post-workout mishap involving a door has apparently left Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a possible presidential contender, in stitches — sixteen of them. Published May 20 2011

  • Poll: Majority now OK with gay marriage

    A slight majority of Americans for the first time say they believe same-sex marriage should be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages among heterosexual couples, a new poll shows. Published May 20 2011

  • Club for Growth no fan of Gov. Thompson

    If it's up to the Club for Growth, Republicans won't nominate former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson for the U.S. Senate seat that Democrat Herb Kohl plans to walk away from next year. Published May 18 2011

  • Pilot aborts landing on Obama flight

    The pilot of President Obama's plane aborted a landing in Connecticut on Wednesday morning because of poor visibility, before landing safely on a second attempt. Published May 18 2011

  • Mark Udall: Congress but not public should see bin Laden photos

    Sen. Mark Udall, who on Monday afternoon viewed photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse, said he was glad for the opportunity but said he stands by President Obama's decision to release them to the public. Published May 16 2011

  • Obama earns millions from book sales

    President Obama continues to rake in cash as an author. Published May 16 2011

  • Haley: Trump's language inappropriate

    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley had kind words for almost every contender in the crowded Republican field except for billionaire Donald Trump. Published May 15 2011