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Inside Politics Archive: November 2011

  • Survey: Only jobs more important than health care to voters

    Health care is topped only by jobs as the issue voters care about the most, according to a new survey released Wednesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Industries. Published November 16 2011

  • Pelosi: Televise Supreme Court health care case

    If the Supreme Court is going to rule on Congress's new health care law, one top lawmaker wants to make sure everyone can tune in and watch the arguments. Published November 16 2011

  • GOP's Coffman targeted in Colorado redistricting

    The biggest loser under Colorado's newly drawn congressional map appears to be Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. Published November 16 2011

  • Debt panel's Camp, Van Hollen 'kick around' ideas

    A bipartisan pair of supercommittee members huddled behind closed doors Monday night at the Capitol, as the debt-reduction panel faces a critical deadline in nine days. Published November 14 2011

  • Obama cites grandmother's struggle in push for health care

    At a campaign fundraising brunch at Hawaii's plush Ko Olina Aulani Disney Resort, President Obama touted his signature health care overhaul as an example of the type of change he has brought to Washington and cited his late grandmother's story to back up his argument. Published November 14 2011

  • Poll: Public lacks confidence in debt panel

    While many Capitol Hill lawmakers insist they're confident the congressional debt reduction "supercommittee" will reach a deal by its Nov. 223 deadline, a new poll finds that the public isn't so sure. Published November 14 2011

  • Clyburn: Debt panel not deadlocked

    Supercommittee member Rep. James E. Clyburn has denied the bipartisan group is at a standoff and said he is hopeful a deal can be reached before next week's deadline. Published November 14 2011

  • Report: Millionaires get $30 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies

    Millionaires are Democrats' favorite targets this season, but one Republican has also put them in his sights: Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, who has released a report concluding that millionaires get more than $30 billion in subsidies and tax credits from the government each year. Published November 14 2011

  • Obama takes a pass on traditional Hawaiian garb

    President Obama was overheard joking with world leaders in his home state of Hawaii Sunday that dressing them up in traditional Hawaiian garb for a group photograph would have been "embarrassing." Published November 13 2011

  • Hawaiian singer gives leaders on 'Occupy' serenade

    A musician serenaded oblivious world leaders, including President Obama, with a lengthy tribute to the "Occupy Wall Street" movement at a Pacific summit in Hawaii. Published November 13 2011

  • Michelle Obama says she feels welcome in Hawaii

    First lady Michelle Obama told spouses of international leaders at a luncheon in Hawaii Sunday that she feels welcome in America's 50th state because of its "spirit of openness and tolerance." Published November 13 2011

  • Obama: Penn State scandal requires 'soul-searching'

    Weighing in on the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, President Obama said Friday night that officials working at universities and other institutions "can't leave it to somebody else" to protect children from predators. Published November 11 2011

  • Obama lectures super committee as he headed out of town

    Just before President Obama left town for a 10-day tour of Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia, he called up the co-chairs of the deficit super committee to check in and give them a bit of a lecture. Published November 11 2011

  • Perry mocked at Veterans Day parade

    Someone was bound to ask Rick Perry at some point about his most memorable moment of the debate season so far. And Sara Williams delivered, giving the three-term Texas governor and Air Force veteran a firm reminder that his brain freeze will continue to haunt him as he campaigns for president. Published November 11 2011

  • White House dismisses Solyndra emails

    The White House is dismissing new email evidence in the Solyndra investigation as trumped-up and "cherry-picked." Published November 10 2011

  • Perry team: Boss had human moment

    Hours after Texas Gov. Rick Perry struggled through one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the debate season, his presidential campaign team was busy spinning his memory lapse over one of the federal agencies he has promised to scrap by comparing it to the "human moments" of presidents current and past. Published November 10 2011

  • Tea party leader: Herman Cain must go

    The vocal leader of Tea Party Nation has a message for Herman Cain: leave the Republican presidential race. Published November 9 2011

  • Will Bachmann cut foreign assistance to Israel?

    Rep. Michele Bachmann plans to roll out her foreign-policy approach Thursday in South Carolina, but in remarks she made earlier this week, she staked out a position that could mean ending foreign assistance to Israel, generally considered the biggest U.S. ally in the Middle East and one that most GOP candidates defend. Published November 9 2011

  • Poll: Most voters credit sex charges against Cain

    A new Rasmussen Reports poll may portend bad news for Herman Cain, the Republican presidential contender who has been dogged in recent day by allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior in the 1990s. The poll also paints a pretty dismal picture of political ethics in general. Published November 9 2011

  • McDonnell, O'Malley differ on Tuesday's results

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, offered up distinctly different takes on Tuesday's election results. Published November 9 2011