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Inside Politics Archive: November 2011

  • Carney: Daley move no big deal

    President Obama's spokesman Jay Carney is downplaying White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley's decision to hand over some of his duties to senior aide Peter Rouse. Published November 8 2011

  • McCain slams Obama for Netanyahu criticism

    Sen. John McCain is taking President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to task for negative comments the two made about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that were caught on a "hot mic" during the G-20 summit last week. Published November 8 2011

  • Cain email hits back against accuser

    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is striking back against Sharon Bialek, the Chicago-area woman who claims that Mr. Cain inappropriately touched her in 1997. Published November 8 2011

  • Loss not necessarily end of political career

    Even if Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce loses his recall fight Tuesday, there's a good chance he could be back in the state Legislature a year from now. Published November 7 2011

  • Woman won't speak out about Cain allegations

    One of the two women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s said through her attorney Friday that she will not be airing her side of the story. Published November 4 2011

  • Republicans rally around Cain

    Is Herman Cain bulletproof? Published November 4 2011

  • Rep. Israel: Hands off my district

    As speculation swirls in New York over which two of the state's 29 congressional seats will be eviscerated next year because of redistricting, Long Island Rep. Steve Israel appears confident it won't be his. Published November 4 2011

  • Cain offers Koch brothers a fraternal embrace

    Herman Cain brushed off the notion Friday that he is a hired mouthpiece for the corporate interests of the industrialist Koch brothers, calling the big-time conservative political donors his "brothers." Published November 4 2011

  • Advocacy group sues government over hospitalization rules

    George Renshaw, 89, was never actually admitted to the hospital even though he spent four days there. Published November 3 2011

  • More than half health care deadlines missed by Obama administration

    The Obama administration has failed to meet more than half of the new health care law's deadlines, from submitting plans for new, value-based Medicare purchasing programs to publishing criteria for determining the medically underserved. Published November 3 2011

  • Democrats try pro-choice attack on Romney

    Focusing its political laser-beam on Mitt Romney, the Democrat Party is accusing the top-tier presidential candidate of supporting a Mississippi ballot measure defining life as beginning at conception. Published November 3 2011

  • Boehner: Grover Norquist just a 'random' guy

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist is praised by some as a hero of fiscal conservatism and vilified by others as an unreasonable ideologue who wields unhealthy power within the GOP. But to House Speaker John A. Boehner, the anti-tax advocate is just a "random American." Published November 3 2011

  • Cain's birthday gift: Obama health care repeal

    Herman Cain is planning a big surprise for his son's birthday in 2013—if just about everything goes his way over the next 17 months. Published November 2 2011

  • Debt panel must 'go big,' says bipartisan House group

    Yet another group has urged the debt-reduction supercommitee to "go big" and find savings of $4 trillion — more than three times its minimum target. Published November 2 2011

  • At Capitol, Cain goes silent on harassment questions

    After a two-day blitz of awkward interviews, partial explanations and sometimes contradictory answers, Herman Cain employed a new strategy Wednesday when questioned about allegations that two employees accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s: No comment. Published November 2 2011

  • Obama tweaks answer on performance

    President Obama, who startled some observers a month ago by saying Americans were not better off under his leadership, has taken another stab at the question. Published November 2 2011

  • Senator wants Obama to reclaim Fannie, Freddie bonuses

    Accusing President Obama of rewarding failure, a top Republican urged him to reclaim millions in bonuses that were doled out to executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac despite the mortgage lenders' recent dependance on taxpayer dollars. Published November 1 2011

  • Report: Cain voted for Clinton

    A new report claims that Republican presidential contender Herman Cain voted for Democrat Bill Clinton for president in his first run, as well as for two Nebraska Democratic candidates in the past. Published November 1 2011

  • Comedian Stewart: Perry was drunk or fresh back from dentist

    Rick Perry's jokey, animated speech in New Hampshire late last week has gone viral on the Internet and now it's getting the full late-night comic treatment, with "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart mocking the Texas governor's delivery on his show Monday night. Published November 1 2011