The Washington Times - October 19, 2011, 05:46PM

In yet another sign that the Republican presidential race is getting nastier, the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney unveiled a new web ad Wednesday afternoon attacking rival Rick Perry that is, essentially, a collection of the Texas governor’s worst moments from the GOP presidential debates he’s participated in since joining the race in August.

The Romney campaign, which earlier this week had launched an anti-Rick Perry website,, announced the new video, titled “Ready to Lead?” on Facebook by asking followers: “Do you think Governor Perry would be able to challenge President Obama in a debate?”


The video includes footage from Mr. Perry’s performance in Tuesday night’s Las Vegas debate, which most observers agreed was the governor’s strongest. 

Still, the Romney team zeroed in another example of what Perry’s critics cite as the mangled syntax, awkward pauses and meandering answers that have marred the Texas governor’s performances in the GOP debates.

Watch the video here.

Tuesday night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas featured several testy direct exchanges between the Texas governor and the Massachusetts ex-governor.