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Inside Politics Archive: October 2011

  • Don't distract Harry

    A Senate staffer came in for a scolding from the chamber's top lawmaker Monday when Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the middle of bashing his Republican colleagues, found himself distracted. The culprit was one of the Senate parliamentarians, who sits in a prominent seat on the lower level of the Senate dais, just beneath the presiding officer and in between him and Mr. Reid. Published October 31 2011

  • New Perry ad: 'I'm a doer, not a talker'

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign has a new ad for Iowa that pokes a little fun at Mr. Perry's poor debate performances while taking a shot at President Obama. Published October 31 2011

  • Commission calls for three presidential debates

    The National Commission on Presidential Debates on Monday said it has selected three sites it would like to host debates next October between the eventual presidential nominees. Published October 31 2011

  • Herman Cain tops Perry — in Texas

    A surging Herman Cain has a slim lead in Republican presidential primary polling in Texas — topping even Gov. Rick Perry, who happens to also be running for the nomination, according to a University of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune poll. Published October 31 2011

  • Cain says race isn't fueling his surge

    Businessman Herman Cain pushed back against the notion that his success in the Republican presidential race is a sign that conservatives want to send a message that they are not racist. Published October 31 2011

  • Huntsman compares Romney to backflipping toy monkey

    Looking to breathe life into his lagging presidential campaign, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman released a new web video Friday that rips Mitt Romney's evolving positions on abortion, guns and former President Reagan. Published October 28 2011

  • Dems spoof Romney with Halloween contest

    Looking for a Halloween costume for trick-or-treating? The Democratic Party of New Hampshire has an idea. Published October 28 2011

  • Romney attacks Perry again, this time on illegal immigration

    Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney's camp kicked off another day with yet another attack against Rick Perry, whacking him this time for "promoting liberal policies that encourage illegal immigration." Published October 28 2011

  • Campaign raffle winners dine with Obama

    President Obama dined Thursday night at the Liberty Tavern in Arlington with four winners of a raffle sponsored by his re-election campaign. Published October 27 2011

  • Critics see anti-marriage bias in new health law

    "June" and "Jake" would have gotten married, but now they might not because of President Obama's health care law, Republicans say. Published October 27 2011

  • Poll: Romney far ahead in New Hampshire

    A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney continues to lead his Republican presidential rivals by a wide margin in New Hampshire, home to the nation's first primary. Published October 27 2011

  • Cain moves out in front in Ohio poll

    Businessman Herman Cain zoomed to the top of the latest Republican presidential poll in Ohio, quadrupling his support in the key state in the past month while Texas Gov. Rick Perry plummeted. Published October 26 2011

  • Perry takes to Fox to pitch flat tax

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry, looking to jump-start his bid for the GOP's presidential nomination, made a rare live appearance Tuesday on a major cable news program, Fox New's "The O'Reilly Factor," to pitch his new flat-tax proposal. Published October 25 2011

  • Hoyer: Debt panel failure would be 'harmful' to nation

    The House's No. 2 Democrat said the nation would face "harmful effects" if the congressional supercommittee fails in its goal to find ways to slash the federal debt by $1.5 trillion. Published October 25 2011

  • Obama says he's aging in 'dog years'

    President Obama says that he's aging rapidly in "dog years" but that he still has enough energy for a second term. Published October 25 2011

  • Study: Michelle dominates Laura in press attention

    A media research firm says Michelle Obama has gotten nearly 30,000 mentions in the press since her husband was elected president, more than tripling the attention paid her predecessor, Laura Bush, during the equivalent time. Published October 24 2011

  • Romney: Biden has 'language-control problem'

    GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Monday that Vice President Joseph Biden's comments tying passage of the White House jobs proposal to lowering the nation's rape and murder statistics were "strange." Published October 24 2011

  • California's Cardoza to retire from House

    California Rep. Dennis Cardoza announced Thursday he won't seek re-election next year, adding to a growing list of House Democrats who are calling it quits. Published October 20 2011

  • Obama administration modifies ACO rules for Medicare patients

    Nudging doctors and hospitals toward working together to bring down health care costs, the Obama administration has released long-awaited rules on how groups of providers can receive Medicare patients under a popular new model of care. Published October 20 2011

  • Supercommittee to hold public hearing

    The secretive congressional group charged with finding ways to slash the federal debt will hold a public hearing next Thursday, with Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf scheduled to testify. Published October 20 2011