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Inside Politics Archive: September 2011

  • Biden: Economy belongs to Obama, not Bush

    Vice President Biden said in a radio interview Thursday that the Obama administration, not the Bush administration, has ownership of the weak economy. Published September 29 2011

  • White House fires back at Christie's 'bystander' claim

    The White House hit back Wednesday against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's contention that President Obama has been a "bystander" to the nation's problems. Published September 28 2011

  • Challengers to health care law request Supreme Court review

    With five appeals courts ruling on challenges to President Obama's health care law and two more decisions on the way, the Supreme Court justices have lots of options when it comes to which cases they'll take on. Published September 28 2011

  • Tea party leader backs Gingrich

    The vocal leader of the Tea Party Nation, a leading branch of the grassroots conservative movement, passed over some of the movement’s biggest rock stars to endorse the presidential candidacy of one of Washington’s most well-established figures: former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Published September 28 2011

  • Poll: Perry gaining on Romney in Pa.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has gained on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney among Pennsylvania voters despite shaky debate performances, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. Published September 28 2011

  • Obama: U.S. commitment to Israel is 'unshakable'

    President Obama's message commemorating the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana includes a pledge reaffirming his administration's commitment to Israel. Published September 27 2011

  • Sen. Scott Brown: Hill gridlock is 'disgusting'

    Ordinary Americans have thrown around plenty of pejoratives to describe their frustrations regarding the brinkmanship that has enveloped the current Congress. Not to be outdone, one of Capitol Hill's very own has offered this biting assessment of the situation: "disgusting." Published September 26 2011

  • Lady Gaga a towering presence at Obama fundraiser

    President Nixon had Elvis, and now President Obama has had a face-to-face meeting with Lady Gaga. Published September 26 2011

  • Gingrich's pick for vice president? Rubio

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich teased Republican loyalists Saturday with the idea that he would tap Sen. Marco Rubio as his running mate if elected president. Published September 24 2011

  • After debate attacks, Perry fires back

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry ripped into the universal health care plan that Mitt Romney signed into law as governor of Massachusetts, saying the program has failed, cost the state thousands of jobs and served as a blueprint for President Obama's overhaul of the national system. Published September 23 2011

  • McCotter drops out

    Bowing to the realities of a campaign that never got off the ground, Rep. Thad McCotter told supporters Thursday he is ending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsing Mitt Romney. Published September 22 2011

  • Boehner blasts Obama's 'campaign mode'

    Ahead of President Obama's stimulus-jobs trip Thursday to push for a bridge between Kentucky and Ohio — which essentially links the areas represented by the two top Republican leaders in Congress — the GOP is pushing back. Published September 22 2011

  • Alexander to quit Senate GOP leadership

    Sen. Lamar Alexander announced Tuesday he will step down from his Senate Republican leadership post in January, saying the move will allow him to be more "aggressive" in tackling major issues. Published September 20 2011

  • Bachmann: Obama should not allow Ahmadinejad in U.S.

    Republican presidential contender Rep. Michele Bachmann called Tuesday on President Obama to bar Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from attending this week's session of the United Nationals General Assembly. Published September 20 2011

  • Obama's cuts largely in health-care spending

    President Obama wants the supercommittee to cut payments to drug companies, long-term care facilities and, eventually, beneficiaries, as part of his $3 trillion recommendation to reduce the federal deficit. Published September 19 2011

  • GOP hopefuls dismiss 'Buffett Rule'

    GOP White House hopefuls responded in a familiar fashion Monday to President Obama's latest deficit reduction plan, rejecting the notion of raising taxes and suggesting the commander-in-chief doesn't have a clue when it comes to getting the nation's fiscal house in order. Published September 19 2011

  • Poll: Perry losing edge over Obama

    A New Rasmussen Reports national survey shows the three-term Texas governor losing his edge over President Obama in a hypothetical match-up. Mr. Perry has lost his three percentage point edge and now trails 46 percent to 29 percent, a 10 percentage point swing. Published September 16 2011

  • Ex-Pa. Gov. Ridge endorses Huntsman

    Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge endorsed Jon Huntsman for president Friday, saying the former Utah governor has a proven record on creating jobs, strengthening America's competitiveness and advancing the nation's interests in a global economy. Published September 16 2011

  • Poll: Perry's Ponzi remark plays to mixed reviews

    A new poll out Friday shows that most Republicans primary voters aren't turned off by Rick Perry's description of Social Security as a "Ponzi Scheme," but that the comments could come back to haunt the Texas governor in the general election, where Independents play a key role in selecting the next president. Published September 16 2011

  • Romney refuses to call Obama's policies 'socialist'

    Mitt Romney refused Thursday to embrace Texas Gov. Rick Perry's description of the Obama administration's policies as "socialist," instead opting for some softer language, dubbing President Obama's moves as "Washington heavy." Published September 15 2011