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Inside Politics Archive: September 2011

  • Obama awards Medal of Honor to former Marine

    A former Marine who was wounded in Afghanistan while rescuing 36 fellow soldiers from an ambush was awarded the Medal of Honor Thursday at the White House by President Obama. Published September 15 2011

  • Santorum hopes to cash in on Perry

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is trying to cash in on what he sees as the dents on Texas Gov. Rick Perry's conservative armor in the GOP race for the 2012 presidential nomination. Published September 15 2011

  • Obama campaign creates website to counter 'smears'

    President Obama's re-election campaign has launched a website for supporters to counter "phony attacks" on Mr. Obama — and to raise more money, too. Published September 14 2011

  • Obama speech didn't boost approval

    President Obama's major jobs speech last week has not moved the needle on his approval ratings, according to the Gallup tracking poll. Published September 13 2011

  • U.S. claims bigger share of health coverage market

    Fewer people received insurance coverage through their employer in 2010 than in 2009, and the number of people covered through government insurance programs continued to rise, according to 2010 data reported Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Published September 13 2011

  • Arizona sets primary same day as S. Carolina

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday set the state's primary election for Feb. 28 — declining to move the date into January, which would have upset the entire schedule. Published September 12 2011

  • Job stimulus bill reaches Congress

    President Obama released his jobs-stimulus bill Monday afternoon: a 155-page document that totals $447 billion in new spending and tax cuts, paid for with $467 billion in new tax increases. Published September 12 2011

  • Jobs plan paid for exclusively by tax increases

    President Obama's new tax-cuts and spending jobs stimulus bill is paid for by new tax increases on higher-income families — with the lion's share coming from taxes Congress has already rejected. Published September 12 2011

  • Lawmakers question key part of health overhaul

    Accountable Care Organizations — a key component of President Obama's new health care overhaul — might be all the rage in the world of health care, but members of Congress focused Friday morning on whether the new integrated-care networks could end up reducing competition and raising prices. Published September 9 2011

  • Obama health chief says law still evolving

    President Obama's health care law is an "expedition," Donald Berwick, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), told reporters Thursday. Published September 8 2011

  • Obama invites GE's Immelt to jobs speech

    The White House's invited guests who will hear President Obama speak to Congress tonight about creating jobs for the common man include a CEO under fire for moving jobs to China and a mayor who recently built a six-foot wall around his mansion. Published September 8 2011

  • Death penalty draws applause

    The audience at Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate applauded when moderator Brian Williams asked about the 234 death row inmates that have been executed in Texas during Gov. Rick Perry's decade-long tenure, prompting Mr. Williams to wonder what that meant. Published September 7 2011

  • Memories of Libya past

    Just outside the building at the Reagan Presidential Library where Wednesday's Republican debate is being held stands an F-14A fighter jet — a reminder of the times during Ronald Reagan's time in office that the U.S. clashed with the rogue nation. Published September 7 2011

  • Government shutdown unlikely, House leaders say

    While Congress has failed to send any appropriations bills to the White House ahead of the upcoming new fiscal year, party leaders said Wednesday they are confident a temporary spending measure will pass this month in order to avoid a government shutdown. Published September 7 2011

  • GOP uses labor attack to raise cash

    Republicans on Wednesday sought to turn a union leader's Labor Day call for war against the GOP into an opportunity to raise money after the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent a fundraising letter saying the remarks were out-of-bounds, and President Obama must condemn them. Published September 7 2011

  • Romney goes sans teleprompter

    LAS VEGAS — In a pointed aside in his jobs speech in Nevada on Tuesday, Mitt Romney told his audience he was speaking from notes, but that was it — and that meant no teleprompter. Published September 6 2011

  • Republican ahead in race for Weiner's seat, poll says

    A new Republican poll shows the GOP candidate vying for the seat vacated by disgraced New York City Rep. Anthony D. Weiner with a 4 percentage-point lead. Published September 6 2011

  • GOP to Obama: Let's meet

    House Republican leaders are asking President Obama to convene a bipartisan meeting at the White House ahead of his Thursday address on job creation. Published September 6 2011

  • Huntsman ad blasts Romney's record on jobs

    Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's GOP presidential campaign released a new Web ad Tuesday attacking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's record on job creation, calling it "one of the saddest records." Published September 6 2011

  • First 'supercommittee' meetings will be public

    The co-chairs of the new deficit supercommittee said Friday they will hold their first organizational meeting next Thursday and their first public hearing the week after, on Sept. 13. Published September 2 2011