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Inside Politics Archive: April 2012

  • Obama clings to lead, but Romney scores on economy

    President Obama holds a 46 percent to 42 percent lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday, even as voters give the Republican a slight edge on the economy and jobs and a bigger lead on gas prices. Published April 19 2012

  • Romney says voters shouldn't fall for Obama's rhetoric again

    Issuing a months-early prebuttal to President Obama's expected speech at the Democratic National Convention, Mitt Romney said Wednesday voters shouldn't fall for the same promises in 2012 that Obama made as a candidate in 2008 but failed to deliver on. Published April 18 2012

  • Ted Nugent = Hilary Rosen

    That's the equation, say progressive bloggers who are annoyed that the news media has yet to turn its full frenzied attention to recent remarks made by rock icon and firearms aficionado Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association's annual convention. Published April 18 2012

  • Romney gains in favorability poll

    America is starting to warm up to Mitt Romney. Published April 17 2012

  • White House threatens to veto Cantor's small-business tax cut

    The White House is threatening to veto a small-business tax-cut bill, deeming it a $46 billion giveaway to the "most fortunate." Published April 17 2012

  • Santorum ad: Romney as nominee 'frightening'

    Rick Santorum pulled the plug on his presidential campaign a week ago, but apparently that was after his campaign sent out another round of fundraising letters warning Iowans that the former Pennsylvania senator was frightened by the prospect of Mitt Romney becoming the party's nominee. Published April 17 2012

  • Speaker Boehner endorses Romney

    House Speaker John A. Boehner endorsed Mitt Romney's presidential bid on Tuesday, saying he was ready to throw his support behind the former Massachusetts governor now that it is clear Mr. Romney will be the party's nominee. Published April 17 2012

  • Lugar accuses tea party rival of cheating on taxes

    Ramping up his game as he nears one of the most worrisome elections of his 36-year career, Sen. Richard G. Lugar, Indiana Republican, has released a new radio and television ad accusing his tea-party-backed primary rival of cheating on his taxes. Published April 17 2012

  • Gallup poll has Romney slightly ahead of Obama

    A poll released Monday shows that presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney holds a slight edge over President Obama in the coming election — thanks in part to garnering more support among independents. Published April 16 2012

  • Obama's secretary paid higher income tax rate than he did

    President Obama's secretary paid a higher income tax rate than he did, the White House said Friday, arguing that the disparity underscores the unfair nature of the U.S. tax code and provides an even greater argument for enacting Mr. Obama's so-called "Buffett rule," which would require millionaires to pay a minimum of 30 percent of their income in taxes. Published April 13 2012

  • After Secret Service flap, Biden tax form lists new rental income

    Joe Biden reported earning more than $12,000 in rental income last year, months after the White House acknowledged that the U.S. Secret Service was paying rent to the vice president so that agents could stay in a cottage on his property in Delaware. Published April 13 2012

  • Contrite Rosen cancels 'Meet the Press' appearance

    An apologetic Hilary Rosen, the Democratic strategist who kicked up the political firestorm over women's roles with a disparaging remark against Ann Romney's choice to be a full-time mother, has decided to cancel an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" this Sunday. Published April 13 2012

  • Obama pressed on 'jetting around' on Air Force One, Rosen's comments

    President Obama's media strategy of granting one-on-one interviews with local TV news stations in battleground states backfired Thursday when a reporter grilled him about "jetting around" on Air Force One and another pressed him to respond to a Democratic strategist's disparaging remarks about Ann Romney's choice to be a full-time mother. Published April 13 2012

  • Romney leads Obama in latest polling

    Fresh off dispatching his chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney now also leads President Obama in a head-to-head matchup, according to the latest Fox News poll. Published April 12 2012

  • Dems seize on anniversary of Romney's health care law

    Likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney doesn't like to be reminded of how his Massachusetts health care reform is similar to the Obama health care overhaul that he continually denounce — so a leading Democratic super PAC did just that on Thursday, releasing a new video congratulating Mr. Romney on the law's sixth anniversary. Published April 12 2012

  • Santorum says money dried up

    Rick Santorum said Thursday he dropped out of the presidential race because his fundraising tanked in April as his own supporters told him the race was over and the onetime Pennsylvania senator needed to back GOP rival Mitt Romney. Published April 12 2012

  • Voters gives Romney higher marks on economy than Obama

    A new poll released Thursday found that voters are more confident in likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney's ability to strengthen the nation's economy than than they are in President Obama. Published April 12 2012

  • After backing Santorum, top pro-life group endorses Romney

    The Susan B. Anthony List, a leading national pro-life group, endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president on Thursday, a sign that the former Massachusetts governor will be able to convince other anti-abortion groups to rally behind his candidacy. Published April 12 2012

  • Obama mum as Trayvon Martin case heats up

    President Obama, having stirred up national interest in the Trayvon Martin case with his comments last month, has nothing more to say about the shooting of the black Florida teenager, his press secretary said Wednesday. Published April 11 2012

  • Top Republicans warn Obama on 'midnight regulations'

    In a letter already looking ahead to the end of President Obama's term, the top two Republicans in Congress told the White House on Wednesday not to use its powers to issue last-second rules and regulations, known as "midnight regulations." Published April 11 2012