The Washington Times - August 23, 2012, 04:39PM

The price tag of President Obama’s stimulus ticked up slightly, to $833 billion, according to the latest report Thursday from the Congressional Budget Office.

Initially projected to total $787 billion in spending and tax cuts when it passed in 2009, the Recovery Act’s cost fluctuated wildly as CBO recalculated how and when payments were made, and how many people took advantage of some of the programs.


CBO has also tried to estimate how many jobs were sustained by the spending and says that at its peak, the stimulus may have been responsible for the 3.5 million jobs the Obama administration claimed — but there’s also a chance that was responsible for only 700,000 jobs at its peak.

Here are the fluctuations in cost estimates over the last few years:

February 2009 - $787 billion

January 2010 - $862 billion

August 2010 - $814 billion

February 2011 - $821 billion

May 2011 - $830 billion

August 2011 - $825 billion

February 2012 - $831 billion

August 2012 - $833 billion