The Washington Times - August 4, 2012, 01:18PM

Comedian and former CNN talk show host D.L. Hughley, pitching a new book that is critical of conservatives – especially tea party activists – is a fan of President Obama, but he thinks the former law school professor needs to learn when to take off the kid gloves.

In an interview posted Saturday on The Daily Beast web site, the irreverent comic said the president underestimates racism in America:


“I think he was surprised that the right wing would actually let this country fall apart just to get the black guy out of office … White people are cool with black people at work, living in the neighborhood and having a few as friends. But let someone black marry their daughter or let a black man run the free world and you see the real feelings,” Mr. Hughley said. “I think Obama … believed that people are basically patriotic. They are until there’s a black head of state.”