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Inside Politics Archive: August 2012

  • Romney joke riffs on Obama 'birther' doubts

    GOP challenger Mitt Romney waded into conspiracy theories surrounding President Obama's birthplace with a one-liner on Friday, telling the thousands at a campaign stop in the Detroit suburbs that there is no reason for them to question where Mr. Romney or his wife were born and raised. Published August 24 2012

  • Kaine unveils $250,000 Spanish-language ad campaign

    After releasing his first television ad of his U.S. Senate campaign in Virginia earlier this week, Democrat Tim Kaine unveiled an all-Spanish television ad Friday as part of a $250,000 buy of Spanish-language radio and television ads that will run from now until election day. Published August 24 2012

  • Romney leading in Missouri despite Akin gaffe

    Rep. Todd Akin's disastrous rape comment doesn't initially appear to have damaged Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Missouri, where a new poll shows him leading President Obama by 10 points. Published August 24 2012

  • Stimulus price tag rises again

    The price tag of President Obama's stimulus ticked up slightly, to $833 billion, according to the latest report Thursday from the Congressional Budget Office. Published August 23 2012

  • Poll: Allen, Kaine now in literal dead heat

    The 2012 Virginia Senate race has been within the margin of error for virtually the entire campaign, but Republican George Allen now has literally drawn even with Democrat Tim Kaine in a new poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling after narrowly trailing in the firm's previous five polls. Published August 23 2012

  • Lawmaker questions Holder on abusing FBI travel privileges

    Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican and the ranking GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants answers about whether Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and other senior Justice Department officials misused FBI aircraft, hindering the agency's investigations and ignoring a White House order to cut travel costs. Published August 23 2012

  • Poll: Akin trails McCaskill by 10 points

    Missouri Rep. W. Todd Akin has plummeted in a new poll, falling 10 points behind Sen. Claire McCaskill in a survey taken after he made controversial comments about rape. Published August 23 2012

  • Obama campaign to accept donations by text message

    The Obama campaign announced Thursday that it will soon allow supporters to donate by mobile phone, making it the first campaign ever to do so. Published August 23 2012

  • Romney: Mass. health care reform 'an important accomplishment'

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made no secret of his distaste for President Obama's health care law, repeatedly vowing to give states an immediate waiver from it should he win election and to work to repeal the entire law. Published August 23 2012

  • Brown up by 7 points in new Ohio Senate poll

    Incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown leads his Republican challenger by 7 percentage points in the hotly contested Ohio Senate race, a new poll released Thursday shows. Published August 23 2012

  • Poll: Swing-state voters prefer current Medicare over Ryan plan

    Nearly two-thirds of Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin voters prefer the current Medicare system over a proposed privatized voucher system supported by Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate, according to a poll released Thursday. Published August 23 2012

  • Clinton goes it alone in new Obama ad

    Former President Bill Clinton appears alone in a new ad for President Obama's campaign, touting Mr. Obama's vision as Republican candidate Mitt Romney's campaign continues to use Mr. Clinton's landmark welfare reform during his time as president to attack the current one. Published August 23 2012

  • 9 for 9?: Economic model correctly picks last 8 presidents, predicts Romney win

    A University of Colorado economic model that has correctly predicted the last eight presidential elections shows Mitt Romney emerging as the victor in 2012. Published August 22 2012

  • Polls: Thompson leads Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race

    Fresh off his Republican Senate primary victory last week, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson appears to be favored in this fall's general election, according to two polls released Wednesday. Published August 22 2012

  • Poll: McMahon jumps to lead in Conn. Senate race

    After consistently trailing in polls for the past year, Connecticut Republican Linda McMahon has taken the lead in her state's U.S. Senate race, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published August 22 2012

  • Ohio Senate fight attracts outsider bucks

    President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney each see Ohio as a key toss-up state in their presidential hopes, but super PACs and other outside groups are pouring huge sums of money into the down-ballot U.S. Senate race key to the GOP's quest to regain control of the chamber in November. Published August 22 2012

  • Newly announced Democratic convention speakers include pro-choice advocates

    A day removed from a deadline for Missouri Rep. W. Todd Akin to drop out of his U.S. Senate race after making controversial comments about rape and pregnancy Sunday, Democrats rolled out a list of 10 new speakers for their convention in Charlotte, N.C., next month — all of them women, and two who are leaders of pro-choice organizations. Published August 22 2012

  • Akin: 'Uncomfortable' with 'party bosses' trying to dictate race

    Missouri Rep. W. Todd Akin said Wednesday he is "uncomfortable" with "party bosses" trying to dictate his U.S. Senate race, while again apologizing for his controversial remarks on rape and pregnancy that have caused top Republicans around the country — including Mitt Romney — to say he should drop out of the race. Published August 22 2012

  • State lawmaker defeats Palin pick in Georgia runoff

    State legislator Doug Collins defeated former talk show host Martha Zoller in a Republican runoff Tuesday for Georgia’s new 9th Congressional District, the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting. Published August 21 2012

  • Democrats fundraise off Akin

    Democrats are wasting little time trying to raise campaign money by exploiting Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment and the Republican Party's pro-life platform. Published August 21 2012