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Inside Politics Archive: August 2012

  • Lloyd Doggett compares Paul Ryan to Rick Perry

    One of the most liberal members of the House, Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Texas Democrat, weighed in on the addition of colleague Paul Ryan to the Romney presidential ticket with a Facebook post Saturday that was both complimentary and dismissive. Published August 11 2012

  • Ryan steps to podium, takes aim at Obama

    Rep. Paul Ryan, joining Mitt Romney on the campaign trail for the first time as the Republican candidate's vice presidential running mate, came out firing with a pointed critique of President Obama. Published August 11 2012

  • Romney-Ryan ticket puts Wisconsin in play

    A poll released last month showed that picking Paul Ryan put Wisconsin, Mr. Ryan's home state, in play for Republicans in this year's presidential election. Published August 11 2012

  • Romney ad: Obama 'will say anything' to win

    Mitt Romney's campaign released a new television ad Friday that attacks President Obama's character, accusing him of sitting back while his allies falsely blame the Republican for causing a woman to die from cancer. Published August 10 2012

  • RNC Chairman Priebus: Our turn to outspend Obama

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Friday shrugged off recent polls showing President Obama leading Mitt Romney, chalking the numbers up to the advertising blitz Mr. Obama's campaign has been able to wage thus far. Published August 10 2012

  • CNN/ORC poll: Obama up 7 over Romney

    President Obama holds a 7-point edge over Mitt Romney in a new CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday, up from the 3-point lead he held in a poll conducted about a month ago. Published August 9 2012

  • Gay conservatives say they'll bring 'Homocon 2012' to Tampa convention

    Gay conservatives said Thursday they'll have a major presence at Republicans' 2012 presidential nominating convention later this month, holding a party Tuesday night in Tampa. Published August 9 2012

  • More oil drilling brings limited cash to govt.

    Opening up federal lands to more oil and gas exploration would boost the federal treasury through new royalty payments, but would make almost no dent in the federal deficit, according to figures released Thursday by the Congressional Budget Office. Published August 9 2012

  • Dem poll puts Donnelly, Mourdock even in Indiana Senate fight

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appears to be well-positioned in Indiana, a state President Obama carried in 2008, but a new poll released by the campaign of Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly shows Mr. Donnelly in a statistical dead heat with tea-party-backed state Teasurer Richard Mourdock in their race for the seat of Sen. Richard G. Lugar, whom Mr. Mourdock felled in the GOP primary earlier this year. Published August 9 2012

  • Gingrich: Obama 'last hope of left-wingers in America'

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, never one to mince words, explained Thursday why conservatives were up in arms over a Mitt Romney spokeswoman's invocation of Mr. Romney's Massachusetts health care law Wednesday, and why, as a questioner put it, he doesn't have the same "hold on the activist wing of his party as the president does." Published August 9 2012

  • New Romney ad knocks Obama's 'war on religion'

    GOP challenger Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee are out with a new television ad Thursday using President Obama's move to require most employers to cover the cost of contraception to draw another line in the sand between the two candidates. Published August 9 2012

  • Giuliani: 'If I were Mitt Romney, I would pick Marco Rubio'

    Sen. Marco Rubio's name appears to have fallen off the short-short list of Republican challenger Mitt Romney's potential vice presidential picks recently, but former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani made his support for the first-term Florida senator quite clear Thursday. Published August 9 2012

  • Obama joins Romney in opposition to Boy Scouts' gay ban

    President Obama has joined Mitt Romney in urging the Boy Scouts to accept gays in their ranks, the Washington Blade reported Wednesday. Published August 8 2012

  • On Twitter, Romney, Obama backers trade bumper-sticker barbs

    Mitt Romney backers are having a lot of fun on Twitter coming up with anti-Obama bumper sticker zingers — enough, in fact, to make the topic one of the top movers today on the social media site. Published August 8 2012

  • Obama still quiet on gay marriage in Democrats' platform

    Democrats are asking supporters to "stand with" President Obama and the Democratic Party in solidarity on gay marriage — even though the White House and Mr. Obama's campaign repeatedly have declined to say whether the president supports efforts to write a gay-marriage plank in the party's platform. Published August 8 2012

  • Gingrich disparages Obama by praising Clinton

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that President Obama "in many ways is the anti-Clinton" — running with a message that Republicans hope will help GOP challenger Mitt Romney win over middle-class voters on his way to capturing the White House in the November election. Published August 8 2012

  • Poll: Obama holds 13-point edge over Romney in favorability

    A new Washington Post/ABC poll released Wednesday shows President Obama holding a 13-point favorability edge over presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Published August 8 2012

  • NYT/Quinnipiac/CBS polls: Obama leads in Va., Wis., trails in Colo.

    President Obama leads presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the key states of Virginia and Wisconsin, but trails Mr. Romney in Colorado, according to new swing state polls released Wednesday. Published August 8 2012

  • Peters tops Clarke in Michigan's battle of Democratic incumbents

    Rep. Gary Peters defeated fellow congressional incumbent Rep. Hansen Clarke in Tuesday's Democratic primary for Michigan's redrawn 14th Congressional District, with 47 percent of the vote to Mr. Clarke's 35 percent. Published August 8 2012

  • Poll: Obama leads Romney in North Carolina

    North Carolina voters favor President Obama by a slim margin over Mitt Romney, according to a poll released Tuesday. Published August 7 2012