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Inside Politics Archive: December 2012

  • Biden: White House will negotiate on how high tax hike would go

    Vice President Joe Biden pushed back at Republican claims that the White House is purposely delaying a deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, saying the the two sides could hash out an agreement in minutes if the GOP would relent and agree to raise tax rates on wealthy Americans. Published December 7 2012

  • Booted GOP lawmaker won't commit to supporting Boehner

    GOP Rep. Justin Amash, who was booted from the Budget Committee this week as punishment for bucking the GOP party line, said Friday he won't yet commit to voting for Speaker John A. Boehner when the House holds its all-important organizational vote early next year. Published December 7 2012

  • DeMint resigns from Senate to run Heritage Foundation

    Sen. Jim DeMint said Thursday he'll resign from the Senate to go run the Heritage Foundation, the powerhouse conservative think tank that dominates Republican policy circles. Published December 6 2012

  • Obama takes his 'fiscal cliff' roadshow to Northern Virginia

    President Obama on Thursday will take his case for higher taxes for the wealthy to Northern Virginia, where he will focus on the need to extend current rates to all but the top 2 percent of earners. Published December 6 2012

  • Pro-Obama super PAC got boost from big donors in closing weeks

    The leading pro-Obama super PAC raised $15 million in the final three weeks of the campaign as a handful of wealthy Democrats found their footing in a new world of deregulated money in politics. Published December 6 2012

  • Romney received $78k from Egyptian politico

    Mitt Romney's special fund for wealthy donors — those normally giving between $30,000 and $100,000 — raised $45 million in the final three weeks of the campaign, and had $12 million remaining in the bank as of Nov. 26, though at least one of those donors raises questions of its legality. Published December 6 2012

  • Last-minute big donors to Romney revealed

    The super PAC supporting Mitt Romney raised $22 million in the final three weeks of the campaign, including $10 million from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife — bringing their total to $30 million— $2 million from Oracle Corp. CEO Lawrence Ellison and $1 million from Houston Texans Chairman Robert McNair. Published December 6 2012

  • Obama praises Congress for normalizing trade with Russia

    In a brief moment of bipartisanship in an otherwise divisive atmosphere in Washington, President Obama thanked the House and Senate Thursday for passing a bill that jettisoned an obsolete law and opens up new export opportunities for U.S. business in Russia. Published December 6 2012

  • Obama's official swearing-in will be private

    Because next year's inauguration falls on a Sunday, President Obama will hold only a small, private swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20, and will hold a big public redo the next day. Published December 6 2012

  • Kaine: Porta-Potty dream summed up election

    Virginia Sen.-elect Tim Kaine had a dream during his race this year the Democrat said Thursday epitomized the campaign for him — and it involved getting trapped in a portable toilet. Published December 6 2012

  • Obama hosts Christie for surprise White House visit

    President Obama hosted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the White House Thursday morning in an unannounced visit that comes as the administration is preparing a major emergency spending request to cover damage from Hurricane Sandy. Published December 6 2012

  • New York mayor spent $10M on bipartisan PAC

    New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg gave $10 million to finance an unusual bipartisan super PAC that spent nearly all its money in less than three weeks. Published December 6 2012

  • NBC's Costas disavows remarks equating NRA to KKK

    Bob Costas said Wednesday he stands by his anti-gun remarks during Sunday's night National Football League broadcast — but the NBC sportscaster insisted he doesn't want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and scrambled to distance himself from another commentator's remarks equating the National Rifle Association to the Ku Klux Klan. Published December 5 2012

  • 57 percent of Americans say they understand the 'fiscal cliff'

    Politicians can't agree on anything. News coverage is often shrill, faulty and alarming. Nevertheless, a healthy majority of Americans insist they understand the "fiscal cliff" and all its catastrophic glory. Published December 5 2012

  • Boehner tax increase sparks conservative backlash

    Sen. Jim DeMint, a tea party favorite, ripped House Republican leaders for offering a budget framework that embraced new taxes, saying the GOP plan to raise $800 billion in new revenue would hurt the economy, kill jobs and not reduce the national debt by a penny. Published December 4 2012

  • Rep. Walter Jones surprised at being kicked off committee

    Rep. Walter Jones, a rare moderate Republican, said he was "very disappointed" and "a little bit surprised" he was booted from a plum committee assignment after he repeatedly voted against House Speaker John A. Boehner's wishes. Published December 4 2012

  • Bush pushes for 'benevolent' immigration policy

    Five years after his last failed effort to push his party to legalize illegal immigrants as part of a broad reform bill, former President George W. Bush made a renewed appeal Tuesday for the GOP to embrace immigration reform as an issue. Published December 4 2012

  • Obama may tap Wintour for London embassy

    President Obama may have placed some limits on lobbyists serving in the White House, but he has had no problem continuing the timeworn Washington practice of doling out coveted diplomatic posts to big-money backers. Published December 4 2012

  • The White House congratulates royal couple

    The same day Prince William and Kate Middleton made it official and confirmed that they are expecting a child, President Obama and first lady Michelle quickly sent their congratulations to the British royal couple on the future king or queen. Published December 3 2012

  • As Dems, GOP spar over 'fiscal cliff,' Obama golfs with Clinton

    While negotiations with Congress on the "fiscal cliff" are going nowhere fast, President Obama enjoyed an unseasonably warm Sunday by playing golf with former President Bill Clinton, who no doubt can share his own stories of showdowns with Republican lawmakers. Published December 2 2012