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Inside Politics Archive: February 2012

  • White House accepts Franklin Graham's apology for faith remarks

    The White House accepted an apology Wednesday from the Rev. Franklin Graham for recent remarks on whether President Obama is a Christian. Published February 29 2012

  • The numbers behind Romney's win

    His margin of victory may have been closer in Michigan than in 2008, but Tuesday night was a good night for Mitt Romney on many fronts. Published February 29 2012

  • Romney fumbles with Hispanic voters

    Exit polling from Arizona shows Mitt Romney won handily — but did not do so well among Hispanic voters there, which could suggest his tough immigration stance is hurting him among that group of voters. Published February 28 2012

  • White House hits back at Santorum over 'snob' comment

    President Obama swiped back at former Sen. Rick Santorum for calling him a "snob" for wanting all children to attend college during a speech at the Democratic Governors' Association annual conference Monday. Published February 27 2012

  • Santorum's formula to win Daytona

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, whose campaign is sponsoring a car in Monday's rain-delayed Daytona 500 NASCAR race in Florida, said he had shared some tips from the campaign trail with the car's driver. Published February 27 2012

  • Obama calls general to discuss Afghan violence

    President Obama spoke with his top general in Afghanistan on Saturday afternoon amid continued rioting that followed the burning of the Koran at the country's largest U.S. military base and the killing of two U.S. service members. Published February 26 2012

  • Biden: Put Osama on Obama's 2012 bumper sticker

    The quest marches on for a bumper sticker for the 2012 Obama campaign, and Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. believes the slogan should highlight the death of Osama bin Laden. Published February 24 2012

  • Karen Santorum: Husband's surge 'is God's will'

    The wife of presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Thursday that his rise in the polls is due to God working in mysterious ways. Published February 23 2012

  • Politics in 'Jeopardy!'

    Gang way, here comes "Power Players Week," a title which could warrant just a passing glance from notables in the nation's capital: Every week is power players week here. Published February 23 2012

  • Democrats demand Ariz. governor testify on immigration

    Democrats have called on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to come testify before the Senate about her state's immigration law, which is slated for a Supreme Court hearing later this year. Published February 23 2012

  • DOJ dismisses leniency request for Border Patrol agent

    Months after Rep. Duncan Hunter asked the Justice Department to consider leniency for Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr., who was convicted of using excessive force in arresting an illegal immigrant, the Obama administration has brushed that request. Published February 22 2012

  • Romney says Obama tax plan too timid

    With the presidential campaign shifting back to the economy, Mitt Romney on Wednesday attacked President Obama's new tax plan, saying it amounts to a major tax increase. Published February 22 2012

  • Poll: Christie is top choice at 'brokered' convention

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the top choice of Republicans if the party nominates its presidential candidate at a "brokered" convention this summer, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released Wednesday. Published February 22 2012

  • Obama to face critics at AIPAC conference

    President Obama plans to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's policy conference in Washington on March 4, the day before his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House announced Tuesday. Published February 21 2012

  • Supreme Court extends health care arguments

    The Supreme Court has announced it will allow a full six hours for oral arguments over constitutional challenges to President Obama's health care law, granting the case the longest hearing in recent history. Published February 21 2012

  • Bigfoot goes after Santorum in new Paul ad

    The Ron Paul presidential campaign released a new television ad Tuesday morning claiming that rival Rick Santorum sold out conservatism with a variety of "not groovy" votes in Congress — even likening the former Pennsylvania senator's claims to the conservative mantle to the myth of Bigfoot, the legendary sasquatch. Published February 21 2012

  • Rep. Upton: Payroll-tax cut a win for everybody

    GOP Rep. Fred Upton says President Obama isn't the only one who can claim a political victory from an extension of the payroll tax holiday and renewed unemployment benefits, stating that Republicans pushed just as hard as the president and his Democratic allies for the package. Published February 17 2012

  • State attorneys general defend Medicaid expansion

    A dozen state attorneys general defended a massive Medicaid expansion that 26 other states will challenge before the Supreme Court next month, filing an amicus brief with the court on Friday. Published February 17 2012

  • Poll: Brown leading Warren in Mass. race

    In a reversal of recent poll results, Republican Sen. Scott Brown is leading likely Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren in his bid for reelection after trailing her for several months. Published February 17 2012

  • Geithner: Payroll-tax cut must be temporary

    Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner warned Congress against extending the current payroll-tax holiday beyond 2012. Published February 16 2012