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Inside Politics Archive: January 2012

  • Democratic Rep. Hinchey to retire

    Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey, New York Democrat, announced Thursday he won't seek an 11th term, saying it was "the right time for me to move on." Published January 19 2012

  • Biden to S.F.: Pelosi in, 49ers out

    In a single campaign event Wednesday in San Francisco, Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. predicted hometown Rep. Nancy Pelosi would become speaker again and the hometown 49ers would lose to the New York Giants. Published January 18 2012

  • Romney enjoys a flashback to 1968

    As Mitt Romney signed shiny new campaign posters on Wednesday, one voter handed him a yellowed flier that bore the name "George Romney" — a leftover from the campaign Mitt's father waged for the GOP nomination in 1968. Published January 18 2012

  • Democrats see chance to reclaim House

    Democrats have the "wind at our backs" and are poised to make a run at winning control of the Republican-held House in the November elections, said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel. Published January 18 2012

  • New House sergeant at arms takes office

    Former Secret Service official Paul D. Irving was sworn in Monday evening as the chamber's 37th sergeant at arms. Published January 17 2012

  • GOP Rep. Platts to retire

    Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Todd R. Platts announced Tuesday he won't seek a seventh term this year, saying he wants a more "family friendly" schedule. Published January 17 2012

  • White House needles Romney on tax returns

    Responding to the call for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to release his tax records, President Obama's spokesman noted Tuesday that the practice is "a very standard tradition." Published January 17 2012

  • Paul plans D.C. detour to vote against debt increase

    Rep. Ron Paul will drop off the campaign trail in South Carolina on Wednesday and fly back to Washington to cast a vote against raising the debt ceiling, his campaign said Tuesday. Published January 17 2012

  • Obama campaign still in search of a slogan

    President Obama, who told an interviewer last month his re-election campaign is still searching for a slogan, got a suggestion Monday night during a celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday: "Buses are still a-coming." Published January 16 2012

  • Comic Colbert has GOP playing role of straight man

    Comedian Stephen Colbert is using a fake presidential campaign to make a real point about the power of money and influence in politics. Published January 15 2012

  • GOP: Administration shirking duties on health rule

    Leading GOP legislators are accusing the Obama administration of ducking a requirement to tell insurers exactly what benefits they must cover under the new health care law — and how much it will cost them. Published January 13 2012

  • White House tight-lipped on Iran warning

    Choosing his words carefully, White House spokesman Jay Carney reacted cautiously to a Friday New York Times story that said the Obama administration is relying on a secret channel of communications to warn Iran that closing off the Straits of Hormuz would be a “red line” that would provoke an American response. Published January 13 2012

  • Pro forma confusion at White House

    The White House seemed confused over which chamber it is dealing with when it comes to the controversial recess appointments President Obama made last week. Published January 13 2012

  • White House jabs back on auto bailout

    White House spokesman Jay Carney Thursday predicted a robust debate “when the time comes” over the records of President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on company restructuring and job losses. Published January 12 2012

  • Dems clearing path for potential House run by Kennedy

    A week after Joseph P. Kennedy III said he was mulling a run to replace Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is retiring, would-be primary challengers are beginning to step aside. Published January 12 2012

  • Dems rip Boehner, Cantor for overseas trips

    Democrats, who for days have criticized the top two House Republicans for leading overseas trips instead of working to extend the expiring payroll cuts, have upped the ante with a new website: www.WhereInTheWorldIsJohnBoehner.com. Published January 12 2012

  • Warren outpaces Brown in Mass. Senate money chase

    Four months after Democrat Elizabeth Warren announced a bid for Massachusetts GOP Sen. Scott Brown's seat, the Wall Street watchdog has proven her fundraising prowess by collecting $5.7 million in the last three months of 2011 — nearly double the sum raised by Mr. Brown. Published January 12 2012

  • First lady makes the case for 2012

    First lady Michelle Obama hit the hustings for the first time in 2012 Wednesday, making a direct appeal to women at an event in Richmond. Published January 11 2012

  • Specter: Dump Obama for Hillary

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter said Democrats should indeed put Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the presidential ticket — at the top. Published January 11 2012

  • Romney goes to the teleprompter

    Mitt Romney, like many Republicans, has mocked President Obama's use of a teleprompter, suggesting it speaks to the overall ineptitude of the commander-in-chief. Published January 11 2012