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Inside Politics Archive: July 2012

  • Poll: Six in 10 don't know number of Supreme Court Justices

    The U.S. Supreme Court may have decided one of its most high-profile cases in history when it upheld President Obama's health care overhaul last month, but six in 10 Americans did not know there are nine justices on the court, according to a poll released Monday. Published July 30 2012

  • Poll: Romney beats Obama on who would best promote Israel's interests

    "What Israelis know about Romney: He's not Obama," observes Jerusalem Post diplomatic correspondent Herb Keinon, anticipating Mitt Romney's 36-hour visit to Israel this weekend. Though the locals know little about him, Mr. Romney still outpolls President Obama says a Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies survey asking Israelis who would best promote Israel's interests. Published July 28 2012

  • Hatch: Ending Bush-era cuts would bring 'taxmaggedon'

    In his party's weekly address, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch called on Congress to pass a full extension of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts and argued that repealing any of the cuts will hurt businesses and middle-class families. Published July 28 2012

  • Dems' votes to end capital punishment could affect Colo. House races

    His 2009 vote to abolish the death penalty in Colorado may come back to haunt Democratic state Rep. Joe Miklosi in November. Published July 27 2012

  • Cantor refuses to budge on tax cuts

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Friday that he thinks Congress will take action on the George W. Bush-era tax cuts before their January expiration date, but he declined to say whether House Republicans will be willing to compromise with Senate Democrats on a plan. Published July 27 2012

  • Romney: 'It looks like London is ready'

    On an overseas trip meant to boost his foreign policy credentials and diplomatic acumen, Mitt Romney quickly found himself in the crossfires after expressing some misgivings earlier this week about London's preparedness to host the Olympic games. Published July 27 2012

  • Palin to campaign for Texas' Ted Cruz

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will attend a campaign event Friday in support of Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz of Texas, his office says. Published July 26 2012

  • Senate tackles bill to fight cyberthreats

    The Senate Thursday took up a long-delayed bill to secure the nation's power grid, water supply and telecommunications system from cyberattack by hackers or foreign enemies. Published July 26 2012

  • Shays launches surprise TV ad

    Former Rep. Chris Shays has unexpectedly raised enough money for a television ad before he faces professional wrestling tycoon Linda McMahon in the Connecticut GOP primary for U.S. Senate next month. Published July 26 2012

  • Poll: Business owners down on Obama

    Even before President Obama's controversial "You-didn't-build-that" comment, approval ratings by the the nation's business owners of Mr. Obama were falling to a new low, according to a new Gallup poll released Thursday. Published July 26 2012

  • Senate Dems rule out action on guns

    A day after President Obama called for new gun restrictions in the wake of the Colorado shooting, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday ruled out any action this year, saying his chamber was too busy with other issues. Published July 26 2012

  • Cornyn: Reid threw fellow Dems 'under the bus' with tax vote

    Sen. John Cornyn, the Texas Republican who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said Thursday the chamber's "show vote" to kill the George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would come back to bite Democrats in November — and that he was surprised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, brought it to the floor at all. Published July 26 2012

  • O'Malley launches national PAC

    Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has started a new political action committee to fund Democratic candidates nationwide as well as two ballot initiatives in his state, fueling speculation that the second-term governor could eventually seek federal office. Published July 26 2012

  • Union Leader calls for Romney tax release

    New Hampshire's largest newspaper is calling on Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, arguing that if he does not come clean about his personal financial history it could cost him precious votes come Election Day. Published July 26 2012

  • Armey: 'Is Romney everything we would hope to have? No'

    Former Texas Rep. and House Majority Leader Dick Armey said Thursday that while Mitt Romney will receive diligent support from tea party activists across the country, he's not exactly everything they're looking for. Published July 26 2012

  • Wisconsin state senator leaves Democrats over snub

    A Democratic Wisconsin state senator has left the party, adding tension to a divided chamber that Democrats just recaptured last month. Published July 25 2012

  • Mass. Senate race a dead heat

    The Massachusetts Senate race remains one of the closest in the nation, with a new poll showing Republican Sen. Scott Brown and his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren running neck and neck in the widely watched race. Published July 25 2012

  • Biden goes on the attack over anonymous 'Anglo-Saxon' comment

    Even before Mitt Romney left for a six-day overseas trip, the White House was deploying Vice President Biden to try to knock down any incoming attacks on President Obama's foreign policy. Published July 25 2012

  • New format coming to presidential debates

    Organizers of this fall's presidential and vice-presidential debates announced Wednesday that they are overhauling the format to allow for more in-depth discussion of policy issues. Published July 25 2012

  • Crist: Rubio 'a real nice guy'

    Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday he hasn't decided whether to take a side in the presidential contest yet — but it appears there still isn't a ton of love lost between Mr. Crist and Sen. Marco Rubio, who beat him in the race for the seat in 2010. Published July 25 2012