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Inside Politics Archive: July 2012

  • Hickenlooper dodges gun control questions

    Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said his chief of staff took a group of young people to see "The Dark Knight Rises" movie on Saturday night to make a statement against the shooter who killed a dozen people watching the same movie two days earlier. Published July 22 2012

  • Netanyahu: Iran behind Bulgaria bus bombing

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his government is certain that the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah is behind the bus bombing in Bulgaria last week that left five Israelis dead. Published July 22 2012

  • Corporate shells ramp up super PAC giving

    Nearly 200 companies gave $8.6 million to super PACs in June, far more than in any month this year, a Washington Times analysis of new federal records showed. The total includes many repeat givers who have given a total of $18 million, and almost all in June came from 40 companies giving $50,000 or more. Published July 21 2012

  • Report: Rupert Murdoch resigns newspaper board posts

    International media magnate Rupert Murdoch is leaving his board posts at companies that own a number of his News Corp.'s best-known newspaper properties, including Britain's The Sun, the London Times and the London Sunday Times, according to a report in the London Telegraph. Published July 21 2012

  • Cruz winning money race ahead of Texas run-off

    Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has been billed the establishment choice in the Texas Republican Senate primary, but it is conservative challenger Ted Cruz who will have the bigger bankroll heading into their July 31 run-off. Published July 21 2012

  • Obama super PAC spends while Romney one lies in wait

    The Romney super PAC raised $20 million from 148 people last month – half of which came from former Newt Gingrich supporter Sheldon Adelson, $2 million from profligate giver and homebuilder Bob Perry, and $1 million from a corporation connected to the Koch brothers, according to disclosures filed Friday. Published July 21 2012

  • Most of Obama committee's funds tied to bundlers

    At least $143 million, and likely much more, that President Obama has raised this election cycle can be traced to only 638 wealthy "volunteer fundraisers," data released Friday showed. Published July 20 2012

  • Romney doubles small donor base

    President Obama handily outraised Mitt Romney in June campaign fundraising, disclosures showed Friday, and Mr. Obama spent four times as much on advertising. But Mr. Romney doubled his reliance on small donors, a massive feat that brings his percentage equal to that of Mr. Obama. Published July 20 2012

  • Wrestling magnate releases tax returns in Senate bid

    Linda McMahon, the wrestling magnate seeking the GOP nomination to replace retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman, isn't taking her cues from the Romney campaign when it comes to disclosing personal finances. Published July 20 2012

  • Obama orders U.S. flags at half-staff for Colo. shootings

    President Obama ordered U.S. flags to be flown at half-staff Friday to honor victims of the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Published July 20 2012

  • Gingrich campaign debt grows

    The former presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich raised $185,000 in June to help pay down its significant debts to airlines, security firms and staffers, according to records filed Friday. But it also refunded $505,000 in contributions to people who asked for their money back, leaving it with $4.9 million in debt and about $60,000 in the bank. Published July 20 2012

  • McCaskill labels Todd Akin 'most conservative' in GOP primary

    As Republicans in Missouri's Senate primary scramble to claim the mantle as the most conservative in the race, the Democrat who will face one of the them in the fall has unofficially granted that title to Rep. Todd Akin. Published July 20 2012

  • White House: No change by Obama on gun laws

    The White House indicated Friday that President Obama hasn't changed his position on gun-control laws in the immediate aftermath of the mass shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Published July 20 2012

  • Ryan: House will vote next week on Bush tax cuts

    House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan said his chamber will vote next week to pass a full extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts, and called on the Democratic-controlled Senate to follow its lead. Published July 20 2012

  • Obama changes his message on self-made businesses

    President Obama, who was roundly criticized for saying entrepreneurs don't build businesses on their own, changed his tune Thursday night in Florida. Published July 19 2012

  • Dems eat crow over Romney horse gibe

    The Democratic National Committee apologized Thursday for featuring footage of Ann Romney's dancing show horse, which she uses in therapy for her multiple sclerosis, as part of an attack video against her husband, Mitt. Published July 19 2012

  • House leaders differ on Romney's tax returns

    House party leaders acknowledged Thursday they don't release their own tax returns — even though GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney faces sharp pressure to do so. But Republican Speaker John Boehner insisted Mr. Romney's records are his own business, while Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said presidential candidates face a tougher standard than members of Congress. Published July 19 2012

  • Romney edges Obama in new CBS/New York Times poll

    A new CBS/New York Times poll gives presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney a two-point edge over President Obama, the first time Mr. Romney has led in the survey since early January. Published July 19 2012

  • Obama, Menendez widen leads in New Jersey

    New Jersey voters favor President Obama and Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez by double-digit margins in their bids for reelection this fall, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published July 19 2012

  • NASCAR wins fight to keep taxpayer funding

    A deeply divided House voted late Wednesday to continue letting the Pentagon use taxpayer money to sponsor sports leagues and teams — a victory chiefly for NASCAR, which had fought feverishly to maintain tens of millions of dollars that go to some of its teams every year. Published July 18 2012