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Inside Politics Archive: July 2012

  • Former Democratic senator: Raise taxes on everybody

    A former Democratic senator and presidential candidate is proposing a controversial fix to the nation's economic woes: Raise taxes, and not just on millionaires. Published July 8 2012

  • Wasserman Schultz: Romney an extremist on immigration

    The head of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday continued her party's all-out push for the Hispanic vote ahead of the November presidential election and tried to convince the minority group they should be afraid of what Mitt Romney would do. Published July 8 2012

  • Portman: No private meet with Romney

    Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican, spoke at a New Hampshire Republican party fundraiser Saturday night, and says he's also taking a college tour in the area with his daughter. Published July 7 2012

  • Huckabee: Don't fire Romney adviser Fehrnstrom

    Not every Republican pundit wants the head of Eric Fehrnstrom, the senior Romney adviser who kicked off a week of missteps for the campaign with the botched MSNBC interview in which he said the former Massachusetts governor doesn't think the individual mandate is a tax. Published July 7 2012

  • Boehner: People 'probably aren't going to fall in love' with Romney

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney battled through a tough primary campaign incessantly trying to prove himself conservative enough for the Republican electorate. But is he lovable? The answer, according to House Speaker John A. Boehner, is, well, it doesn't matter. Published July 7 2012

  • Cain takes on Chevy, scores a Volt ad anyway

    How good of a businessman is Herman Cain? Good enough to put up a 1-minute, 59-second editorial commentary on his new website criticizing President Obama's bailout of the U.S. automobile industry — in particular the administration's support of GM's flagship "green" car, the Chevy Volt — and still sell ad space on that same page for the electric hybrid. Published July 7 2012

  • New Obama ads target Romney on outsourcing, abortion stance

    President Obama's campaign has released two new ads targeting Mitt Romney — one that again calls into question Mr. Romney's business record and another that highlights his stance on abortion. Published July 7 2012

  • Obama's Ohio director resigns county job amid controversy

    There were a few bumps along the way on President Obama's two-day bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. Published July 6 2012

  • Obama saddened about Ohio woman who died hours after meeting him

    The elderly owner of an Ohio restaurant where President Obama ate breakfast Friday morning died of an apparent heart attack just hours after meeting him. Published July 6 2012

  • Obama team amps up fears over GOP money edge

    Sounding the alarm on reports that presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised more than $100 million last month, President Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina warned supporters that if they cannot keep up a similar fundraising pace then "it could cost us the election." Published July 6 2012

  • Crossroads announces $25m ad blitz on jobs, debt

    Friday's disappointing jobs report was barely off the presses before Crossroads GPS, the affiliate of the Karl Rove-funded Super PAC American Crossroads, announced a new ad campaign urging President Obama to address the national debt and stagnant economy. Published July 6 2012

  • Obama: 'I need to gain some weight'

    President Obama is eating his way across the Midwest on his two-day campaign bus tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania, but he said it's necessary. Published July 6 2012

  • Romney promises Americans more vacations

    Taking a break from his own family vacation to respond to the poor jobs numbers Friday, Mitt Romney said as president he'll try to make sure all Americans can take vacations. Published July 6 2012

  • Administration grants more states relief from No Child education law

    The Obama administration stepped up its effort to release states from the No Child Left Behind law Friday, with the Education Department approving two more waiver requests. Published July 6 2012

  • Axelrod on Romney: 'He folded'

    David Axelrod, President Obama's chief messaging guru, continued the campaign's all-out push on Friday to highlight presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney's changing position on whether the individual insurance mandate in Mr. Obama's health care overhaul is a penalty or a tax. Published July 6 2012

  • Political director brags on Twitter about RNC/Romney fundraising

    The Republican National Committee's political director said Thursday that the national party and presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign had raised more than $100 million last month — surpassing their previous, and equally impressive, monthly hauls. Published July 5 2012

  • Health care law is 'here to stay'

    President Obama, during a campaign stop in a Toledo, Ohio suburb Thursday, declared victory in the legal battle over his health care law. Published July 5 2012

  • Libertarian nominee demands poll access

    The campaign of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee, sent letters to major polling firms this week asking them to include him in any surveys they conduct as a prelude to trying to earn his way into the presidential debates this fall. Published July 5 2012

  • By phone, Obama woos teachers

    President Obama on Thursday appealed to the nation's largest labor union for help during the home stretch of his re-election campaign. Published July 5 2012

  • Rep. Jackson to receive more medical care

    Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr., who took a leave of absence from his congressional work last month because of exhaustion, is in worse medical shape than first realized and will receive extended medical help. Published July 5 2012