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Inside Politics Archive: March 2012

  • Obama calls Putin amid talks on Syria

    President Obama called Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin Friday to congratulate him on his election, and the two leaders pledged to work together on areas of common ground even as the U.S. and Russia continued to publicly clash over what action to take in Syria, according to a White House read-out of the phone call released Friday night. Published March 10 2012

  • Romney rolls up more delegates

    Mitt Romney's campaign claimed victory after caucuses in Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands on Saturday, adding to his lead in the Republican presidential nomination delegate count. Published March 10 2012

  • Poll shows toss-up in Alabama GOP primary

    A new poll out shows the GOP presidential race is basically a three-man tie heading into Alabama's primary on Tuesday. Published March 9 2012

  • Christie, veteran get into shouting match

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got into a shouting match Thursday with a former Navy SEAL at a town-hall meeting over plans to merge two state universities, and ended up calling the man an "idiot." Published March 8 2012

  • Ron Paul: 0-for-23

    With nearly half of the states having voted in the Republican presidential nomination process, Rep. Ron Paul still has yet to win a single state, but he says his message is still catching on in the campaign. Published March 7 2012

  • Obama sees protest vote in Democratic primary

    While the Republican primaries have gotten all the attention, many of the states that have voted have also held Democratic primaries or caucuses — and in Oklahoma's primary on Tuesday, President Obama only won 57 percent of the vote. Published March 7 2012

  • Bipartisanship breaks out on Capitol Hill

    In a striking outbreak of bipartisanship, the White House Tuesday issued a statement backing a small-business bill written by House Republicans. Published March 6 2012

  • Dems turn to Billie Jean King in contraception fight

    Women's tennis great Billie Jean King fought the so-called "Battle of the Sexes" match against Bobby Riggs in 1973, but in a new email for Democrats she said the current political fight over contraception is a "war on women." Published March 6 2012

  • Hoyer: Limbaugh's comments an 'outrageous' attack

    The controversy swirling around talk-show host Rush Limbaugh's derogatory comments about a student who testified before Congress in support of the Obama administration's health-care law is proving slow to die on Capitol Hill. Published March 6 2012

  • Georgetown student responds to Limbaugh's 'slut' comment

    Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke said Friday she was stunned when conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" earlier this week for advocating that health insurance plans cover contraception. Published March 2 2012

  • Justice Department refuses to name Gitmo lawyers

    Yet another fight is brewing between the Obama Justice Department and House Republicans — this time over the department's refusal to divulge the names of the lawyers representing suspected terrorists being detained at Guantanamo Bay. Published March 1 2012