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Inside Politics Archive: May 2012

  • Former rival James endorses Dewhurst in Texas Senate race

    Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who faces a two-man runoff this summer to be the Republican nominee for the state's open Senate seat, received the endorsement Thursday of former primary rival Craig James. Published May 31 2012

  • Obama will not pursue repeal of DOMA

    President Obama has no plans to pursue a formal repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act in Congress, the White House said Thursday. Published May 31 2012

  • 'Not a beer,' Coors airs early ads in Colorado House race

    Joe Coors still isn't a beer, but now he's broadening his message with a hefty television ad buy in the Denver media market. Published May 31 2012

  • Health care law support drops after Supreme Court hearing

    Public support for President Obama's health care law has dropped by 5 percentage points since the Supreme Court heard legal challenges to it in March, with 37 percent of Americans now saying they feel favorably toward the law compared to 42 percent last month. Published May 31 2012

  • White House threatens veto of military spending bill

    The White House is warning House Republicans that President Obama opposes their military construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill and would veto their version, and that he has "serious concerns" about their intelligence authorization bill. Published May 31 2012

  • Obama calls Romney to congratulate him

    In a rare moment of comity in a pitched battle for control of the White House, President Obama called former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Wednesday to congratulate him on securing the Republican presidential nomination. Published May 30 2012

  • Bush family to return to White House for unveiling of portraits

    Two generations of Bush presidents and their wives will visit the White House on Thursday. Published May 30 2012

  • White House: Obama misspoke on 'Polish death camp'

    The Associated Press is reporting late Tuesday that President Obama's remarks about a "Polish death camp" during a White House medal ceremony have drawn criticism from Poles, who say the president should have called it a "German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland." Published May 29 2012

  • Was that 'Cajun Man'?

    Toward the tail-end of Mitt Romney's address at a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the former Massachusetts governor was briefly knocked off message as he tried to drive home the important role that Nevada will could play in the Nov. 6 presidential election. Published May 29 2012

  • Brown touts bipartisan record in new ad

    Working with Democrats has become lethal for many Republican candidates around the country, but Sen. Scott Brown is flashing his bipartisan credentials to Massachusetts moderates in a new television ad that began airing Tuesday. Published May 29 2012

  • Kiss' Gene Simmons sounds like a Romney fan

    Rock icon Gene Simmons says there's nothing wrong with running the American government like a business. Published May 28 2012

  • Obama ditches reporters after golf outing

    President Obama ditched the small group of reporters that accompanied him on a golf outing Saturday at Andrews Air Force Base. Published May 26 2012

  • Brief Obama meet for Rolling Thunder delegation this year

    Rolling Thunder made it to the White House this year. But the experience for the motorcycle-riding patriots was more clinical photo op than heartfelt meeting with President Obama, members of the group said Friday. Published May 25 2012

  • Senator read Bible to prep for prostitution scandal hearing

    To prepare for Wednesday's Senate hearing on the Secret Service call girl scandal, one Hill lawmaker said he read up on the Bible's most famous prostitution story. Published May 24 2012

  • Reagan's 'blood' auction called off

    An auction for a vial allegedly containing President Reagan's blood has been called off, according to officials at his presidential foundation who had fought to halt the sale. Published May 24 2012

  • Floridians stand by 'Stand Your Ground'

    A majority of Florida voters support the state's "Stand Your Ground" self-defense law that was called into question in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, according to a poll released Thursday. Published May 24 2012

  • Romney releases second 'Day One' ad

    Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney released another commercial in English and Spanish Thursday that gives a rundown of plans for his first day in The White House. Published May 24 2012

  • Ending the lunacy

    The Senate late Wednesday quietly passed a bill to remove the word "lunatic" from anywhere in the federal code, with lawmakers arguing it perpetuates a stigma attached to mental illness. Published May 23 2012

  • Poll: Pro-choice support at lowest point in decades

    Americans are once again tilting strongly pro-life, according to a new Gallup poll that found the percentage of those saying they are pro-choice on abortion is at its lowest point in decades. Published May 23 2012

  • Palin backs Hatch in Utah GOP primary fight

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch's re-election bid Wednesday, calling the one-time tea party target a "life-long conservative" who has fought for a balanced-budget amendment and for conservative Supreme Court justices. Published May 23 2012