The Washington Times - May 2, 2012, 09:50PM

The Republican National Committee is getting ahead of President Obama’s official campaign kickoff in Ohio and Virginia on Saturday with a media blitz labeling his re-election drive the “Hype & Blame” tour.

The RNC will sell “Hype & Blame 2012” bumper stickers — a twist on Mr. Obama’s “hope and change” rallying cry of 2008 — accompanied by digital advertising, a fundraising strategy, radio and TV ads and op-eds in local media.


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins and Ohio Republican Chair Bob Bennett unveiled the strategy in a conference call with reporters Thursday.

“The candidate of hope and change has become the president of hype and blame,” Mr. Preibus said of the president. “He blames everyone and everything except the man in the mirror.”

Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will formally launch his re-election campaign Saturday with rallies at Ohio State University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Republican officials plan to call attention to Mr. Obama’s pledge to deliver millions of jobs in infrastructure and “green energy” in Virginia and Ohio, arguing that he has failed to deliver on those promises. Both states are key battlegrounds in this year’s campaign; Mr. Obama won both states four years ago after Republican George W. Bush won them in the previous two presidential elections.

Mr. Mullins said it will be different for the president this year in Virginia.

“Republicans won big in Virginia in 2009, 2010 and 2011,” Mr. Mullins said. “We’ve seen important victories every year since President Obama has been in office, because Virginians are rejecting his agenda. He’s been exposed for what he truly is: a cold, calculating, Chicago political operator.”

A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign did not respond to a request for comment, but Obama officials blasted presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a campaign memo as the former Massachusetts governor campaigned in Virginia on Thursday with Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said in the memo that the two Republicans “share an extreme agenda on women’s health and economic security.”

“Mitt Romney supports handing over women’s health care decisions to their bosses, promises to defund Planned Parenthood and refuses to say whether he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that helps women fight back when they’re paid unfairly,” the memo states. “Women can’t afford to turn back the clock by electing Mitt Romney.”