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Inside Politics Archive: May 2012

  • Gay marriage hurts Obama in Fla. poll

    A new poll shows Republican Mitt Romney opening up a 6-point lead over President Obama in Florida, where Mr. Obama's support of same-sex marriage is hurting him. Published May 23 2012

  • White House brushes aside Rendell criticism over Bain attack strategy

    The White House faced another barrage of questions Tuesday about whether President Obama's campaign attacks of Mitt Romney's experience at Bain Capital are fair after former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell spoke out against the strategy. Published May 22 2012

  • GOP lawmaker hits Obama over Cuba visas

    Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida Republican, assailed the Obama administration Tuesday for granting visas to "high-level members of the Castro regime" — taking particular aim at the decision to allow the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro to enter the country. Published May 22 2012

  • Reid: GOP must accept tax increases on fiscal deal

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that the next step in the looming fiscal showdown belongs to Republicans, who will have to signal they are open to tax increases on the wealthy in order to have any chance at striking a deal. Published May 22 2012

  • Obama administration hires PR firm to promote health care law

    The Obama administration is paying a public relations firm $20 million to educate Americans about the sweeping new health care law. Published May 21 2012

  • Obama continues attacking Bain after Booker's warnings

    President Obama's campaign opened another line of attack against Mitt Romney for his record at Bain Capital Monday despite criticism over the weekend from Newark Mayor Cory Booker, an Obama ally, that bashing Mr. Romney over his record at the private equity firm is unfair. Published May 21 2012

  • Congress for Dummies

    Call it "Congress for Dummies" — It's Congress, and lawmakers increasingly think you're the dummies, at least when it comes to speeches. Published May 21 2012

  • Jagger: Don't let Romney 'cut your hair'

    Rocker Mick Jagger closed out "Saturday Night Live's" 37th season with some of the Rolling Stones' most iconic hits, but the 68-year-old frontman also broke out something completely new: a bluesy, anti-Mitt Romney number called "Tea Party." Published May 20 2012

  • Boehner may support Dems' 'expat tax'

    The effort to ensure that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin pays his fair share of taxes now has bipartisan support. Published May 20 2012

  • Bono shuns 'richest entertainer' talk after Facebook investment

    Facebook isn't getting the boost it had hoped for in the first morning of trading. Count Bono among the disappointed investors. Published May 18 2012

  • House urges D.C. to loosen gun laws for troops

    The House voted late Thursday to urge the District of Columbia to allow U.S. troops to carry personal firearms within the nation's capital — and the city's non-voting member of Congress is vowing a fight to try to block the move. Published May 18 2012

  • Paul's final moneybomb draws half a million

    Rep. Ron Paul's final fundraising "moneybomb" on Thursday raised more than half a million dollars, giving the Republican presidential candidate money to continue his push to win delegates to the GOP's convention. Published May 18 2012

  • Romney gives rundown of 'Day One' plans

    With more than five months out from the election, Mitt Romney's presidential team released a new "Day One" television ad Friday in English and Spanish that spells out his plan to approve the Keystone oil pipeline, reshape the tax code and begin to repeal President Obama's health care overhaul — all on his first day in office. Published May 18 2012

  • Tampa bars allowed to stay open later at RNC

    Thirsty attendees of this year's Republican National Convention will have an extra hour to get a drink, as the Tampa City Council voted Thursday to allow bars to say open until 3 a.m. Published May 17 2012

  • Romney rejects SuperPAC plan to link Obama to Wright

    Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has rejected a Republican super PAC plan to focus on President Obama's relationship with his incendiary former pastor and spiritual adviser in the months leading up to the November election. Published May 17 2012

  • Romney's April cash haul has Team Obama scrambling

    President Obama's campaign operatives are sounding the alarms about Mitt Romney's March fundraising haul — almost equal to Mr. Obama's during the same month. Published May 17 2012

  • GOP counters Obama push for vet vote

    Republicans launched a preemptive strike against President Obama's planned launch of his effort to woo military voters, claiming that the Democrat's administration has failed to meet the needs of veterans. Published May 17 2012

  • Warren contributed to Native American cookbook

    Elizabeth Warren contributed recipes for herbed tomatoes, spicy barbecued beans and crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing to a Native American cookbook decades ago — the latest in the saga of the U.S. Senate candidate's claims to Cherokee ancestry that were disproven this week. Published May 17 2012

  • Libertarian Johnson makes explosive point in new ad

    Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is blowing stuff up to make a point. Published May 17 2012

  • Romney almost matches Obama's April fundraising

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee announced Thursday that they've raised $40.1 million in April — nearly matching the $43 million that President Obama pulled in last month. Published May 17 2012