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Inside Politics Archive: May 2012

  • Obama team: Romney created wealth, not jobs

    Even as President Obama's campaign pressed its attack on Mitt Romney's record as a venture capitalist, a campaign official went out of her way Tuesday to defend the industry that is contributing large sums of money to the president's re-election. Published May 16 2012

  • Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate

    President Obama's budget suffered a second embarrassing defeat on Wednesday when senators voted 99-0 to reject it. Published May 16 2012

  • Obama order aimed at preserving Yemeni political transition

    President Obama issued an executive order Wednesday allowing the Treasury Department to freeze the U.S.-based assets of anyone obstructing the administration-backed political transition in Yemen. Published May 16 2012

  • Romney hits Obama over red ink

    Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney said Wednesday that President Obama has failed to follow through on his vow to end the kind of debt spending racked up during the George W. Bush years — creating a cloud of economic uncertainty that is hurting graduating college students, homeowners and seniors alike. Published May 16 2012

  • Boston Globe corrects claim of Warren's ancestry

    The Boston Globe ran a correction in Tuesday's paper admitting an error in its reporting of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's ancestry in a May 1 article titled "Document ties Warren kin to Cherokees," saying they have no proof that the Democrat is part Cherokee as she has claimed. Published May 16 2012

  • Obama's, Democrats' fundraising efforts slump in April

    President Obama's campaign and the Democratic Party committee helping him get re-elected raised $43.6 million in April, down from the previous month's take, despite the beginning of the general election campaign, with Mitt Romney all but securing the Republican presidential nomination. Published May 16 2012

  • Club for Growth cool on some 'tea party' freshmen

    An influential conservative advocacy group says many House Republican freshmen have abandoned the "tea party" values they promised to uphold while campaigning for office two years ago. Published May 15 2012

  • Obama takes Wall Street cash while attacking Romney

    The Obama campaign and the White House labored to explain the logic behind the president's decision to hold a fundraiser at the home of a hedge fund president the same day the re-election team released an advertisement bashing Mitt Romney for his tenure at Bain Capital. Published May 15 2012

  • Super PAC to spend $1 million in Texas Senate race

    An independent "Super PAC" has made a $1 million media buy in support of Texas Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's Senate bid. Published May 15 2012

  • Warren takes advantage of JPMorgan loss

    U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren hasn't hesitated to jump into the storm over JPMorgan's $2 billion trading loss, seizing the opportunity to remind voters of her record of taking on Wall Street. Published May 15 2012

  • Longtime Democratic senator predicts Keystone will be built

    Former North Dakota Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan, a leading voice in his party on energy issues during his 30 years in Congress, said Tuesday that he believes the massive Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline will eventually be built, even if President Obama wins re-election in the fall. Published May 15 2012

  • Hoyer: House running out of time to get work done

    The No. 2 House Democrat accused Republican leaders of dragging their feet on this year's legislative agenda and warned the chamber will run out of time to address key fiscal issues before the November elections. Published May 15 2012

  • Gay activists rush to cut checks to Obama

    There was a mad dash for tickets to President Obama's New York fundraiser Monday night with Ricky Martin and gay activists in the 24 hours after Mr. Obama announced his support for gay marriage, but the Obama campaign tried to tamp down talk of the rush to cut checks, according to opensecrets.com, a site that tracks money in politics. Published May 15 2012

  • GOP, Romney campaign tag-team against Obama

    Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio kicked off the Republican National Committee's second day of joining forces with the Romney campaign, piling blame on President Obama for the nation's economic woes. Published May 15 2012

  • Florida Sen. Nelson wants TV stations to pull 'false' ad

    Sen. Bill Nelson has asked Florida television stations to immediately stop airing an attack ad against him by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce he said spreads "false and misleading" information. Published May 14 2012

  • Date night with Mitt — cheaper than Obama

    Having watched the Obama campaign raise money by raffling off dinner with the president, likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is following suit. Published May 14 2012

  • Obama to speak at Barnard alongside gay marriage activist

    President Obama will speak at Barnard College in New York Monday afternoon at the same graduation ceremony that will honor Evan Wolfson, who is known as the "godfather of Gay Marriage." Published May 14 2012

  • New poll gives Romney biggest lead yet

    In one of the first surveys since President Obama came out in favor of gay marriage, Republican Mitt Romney holds a seven-point lead over the president in Friday's Rasmussen daily tracking poll — his largest lead in any survey so far. Published May 11 2012

  • Romney: Obama 'forgetting' the magnitude of economic crisis

    Mitt Romney's campaign is hitting President Obama for admitting during a fundraising swing in Seattle on Thursday night that sometimes he forgets the magnitude of the economic crisis when it first struck in 2008. Published May 11 2012

  • Palin endorses Cruz in Texas GOP Senate race

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has weighed in on the fiercely competitive Texas Senate primary race with an endorsement of Ted Cruz, the tea-party-backed candidate announced on his website Thursday. Published May 10 2012