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Inside Politics Archive: May 2012

  • Bruning GOP favorite for Nebraska Senate seat

    Nebraska state Attorney General Jon Bruning holds a 16-percent point lead over his nearest rival in the race for the Republican nomination for the state's open Senate seat, a new poll shows. Published May 7 2012

  • Brokaw: White House Correspondents' dinner hurting the press

    Former "NBC Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw said Sunday that the glitzy annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner is damaging the perception of the press among the American public. Published May 6 2012

  • GOP to grill HHS officials on 'slush' fund in student-loan fight

    Republicans next week will grill Health and Human Services Department officials over a controversial prevention fund the GOP wants to slash to pay for keeping student loan rates low. Published May 4 2012

  • Dems gleefully revive Santorum's Romney slams

    Democrats are having fun rehashing some of the stinging criticism Rick Santorum's leveled at Mitt Romney in the GOP nomination race, just hours before the former rivals are scheduled to try to bury the hatchet during a private meeting in Pittsburgh. Published May 4 2012

  • With Gingrich gone, only 380 presidential wannabes left

    The presidential race is now down to just a few hundred candidates now that Newt Gingrich has staged his finale and left the campaign trail. Yes, it’s true. There are still 380 hopefuls on the list of those who pine to be president, according to the Federal Election Commission. Published May 3 2012

  • RNC campaign parodies Obama '08 sticker

    The Republican National Committee is getting ahead of President Obama's official campaign kickoff in Ohio and Virginia on Saturday with a media blitz labeling his re-election drive the "Hype & Blame" tour. Published May 2 2012

  • Obama to hold strategy session on judges Monday

    President Obama is launching an aggressive new push to move more stalled judicial nominees through the Senate. Published May 2 2012

  • Obama extends condolences to Netanyahu on father's death

    President Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday morning to offer condolences on the death of his father, historian and author Ben-Zion Netanyahu, who died Monday at age 102. Published May 2 2012

  • Would he have ordered bin Laden raid? 'Certainly,' Romney says

    Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney said Tuesday that he "certainly" would have given the green light to the Navy SEAL operation that led to the death of Osama bin Laden and that it is "inappropriate" for President Obama to politicize the event. Published May 1 2012

  • Ex-Joint Chiefs head decries politicization of bin Laden killing

    Adm. Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has joined the chorus of concern about the politicization of Osama bin Laden's killing a year ago Tuesday. Published May 1 2012

  • Obama ad links Romney to outsourcing, Swiss bank account

    The Obama campaign began airing an ad Tuesday that portrays Mitt Romney as a man who outsourced jobs and tried to hide a Swiss bank account. Published May 1 2012