The Washington Times - November 2, 2012, 05:14AM

GREELEY, Colo. — Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan drew laughs at a rally here Thursday by poking fun at President Obama’s idea to add a cabinet post called the “Secretary of Business.”

“You know, we already have a Secretary of Business — it’s actually called the Secretary of Commerce,” said Mr. Ryan as supporters erupted in laughter.


The Wisconsin congressman then asked if anyone in the crowd of nearly 1,000 at Island Grove Regional Park could name the current Secretary of Commerce. When nobody volunteered an answer, he responded, “You know why? We don’t have one!”

“It’s been vacant for over four months, and the president hasn’t even proposed to put somebody in the job,” said Mr. Ryan. “We don’t need another bureaucrat or another bureaucracy, we need another president.”

Mr. Obama, who arrived in Colorado a few hours later for a rally Thursday night at the University of Colorado Boulder, proposed in a Monday interview on MSNBC consolidating the business-related functions of several cabinet departments into one.

John Bryson resigned his post as Commerce Secretary in June after he crashed into two cars on the same day, which he attributed to a seizure. Rebecca Blank is serving as acting Commerce Secretary until the president nominates a replacement.