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Inside Politics Archive: November 2012

  • President, daughters note 'Small Business Saturday'

    President Obama and his daughters went shopping at an independent bookstore in Arlington on "Small Business Saturday," the annual marketing event aimed at promoting mom-and-pop shops across the country. Published November 24 2012

  • Jeb Bush buzz grows over possible 2016 run

    After a year in which Republicans had precious little for which to be thankful, perhaps it's not surprising that party leaders and the faithful spent a good chunk of the long Thanksgiving weekend obsessing instead over 2016 – specifically the possibility of a presidential run by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Published November 24 2012

  • Norquist, Chambliss spar over 'no-taxes' pledge

    Grover Norquist is pushing back against Republican lawmakers who say it's time to rethink the "no new taxes" pledge. Published November 24 2012

  • Hunstman to resurface for bipartisanship

    Onetime Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman Jr., who announced his candidacy in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, will resurface for some political posturing on Tuesday. Published November 23 2012

  • In Iowa, it may be last straw for precaucus poll

    In the days since Republicans lost an election many in the party thought was theirs, chatter has been bubbling about what the party should do to recover. For Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, it starts with the smallest of actions: abandoning the state's now-infamous straw poll. Published November 23 2012

  • Warner won't run for Virginia governor

    Virginia Sen. Mark Warner said Tuesday he will remain in the Senate rather than run for Virginia governor in 2013, officially clearing the way for former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe to seize the party's nomination. Published November 20 2012

  • Allen West concedes election to Patrick Murphy

    Rep. Allen West on Tuesday conceded he has lost his bid for re-election to Congress, saying that while questions about the vote count remained, he was unlikely to close the gap between him and Patrick Murphy, his Democratic challenger. Published November 20 2012

  • Obama calls Netanyahu, Morsi to discuss violence in Israel, Gaza

    In the middle of his three-day trip to Southeast Asia, President Obama on Monday took time out to call Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Morsi to discuss ways to try to ramp down violence in Israel and Gaza. Published November 19 2012

  • Obama asks monk for prayer on fiscal cliff

    At the start of a three-nation tour of southeast Asia, President Obama joked Sunday with a Buddhist monk in Thailand that he could use some prayer to help reach a budget deal with Republican lawmakers to avert a fiscal crisis back in the U.S. Published November 18 2012

  • Lieberman 'not waiting by the phone' for cabinet job

    Retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman, one of the chamber's most respected voices on national security, said on Sunday morning that he'd listen to offers from President Obama to take a cabinet post or other position within the administration, but stressed that he isn't holding his breath. Published November 18 2012

  • Plane carrying White House press corps damaged in bird strike

    The charter aircraft carrying the White House press corps to President Obama's three-nation tour of southeast Asia lost an engine due to a bird strike in Japan early Saturday. Published November 17 2012

  • Ayotte urges cooperation for fiscal cliff fix

    Sen. Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire Republican, urged Democrats and Republicans on Saturday to work together and find a way to avert the double whammy of tax increases and deep spending cuts set to take effect next year, one day after the White House and top Congressional leaders reported progress following a Friday meeting on the so-called "fiscal cliff." Published November 17 2012

  • Obama presses Congress to act on Bush-era tax cuts

    A day after a "productive meeting" with congressional leaders on potential ways to prevent automatic tax hikes and federal spending cuts from kicking in next year, President Obama urged Congress to swiftly pass legislation that prevents income taxes from going up on those earning $250,000 or less "so we can give families and businesses some good news going into the holiday season." Published November 17 2012

  • N.J. Gov. Chris Christie: 'I am not answering questions on Twinkies'

    Pundits and commentators had a field day Friday after news came out that Hostess — the company that makes Twinkies, Wonderbread, Ring Dings and Drake's Coffee Cakes — was going out of business in the wake of a labor union dispute. Published November 17 2012

  • Pelosi collects World Series bets

    It's been a good week for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Published November 16 2012

  • Bible publisher wins stay of Obama contraceptive mandate

    A federal court on Friday said a Bible publisher doesn't have to offer health insurance coverage for contraceptives if it has moral objections, blocking the Obama administration from imposing its contraceptive care mandate on the business for now. Published November 16 2012

  • Iraq releases terrorist previously held by U.S.

    Key Senate Republicans are condemning Iraq's release of a senior Hezbollah operative with ties to Iran, an operative whom the U.S. has accused of killing American and Israeli troops and plotting terrorist acts. Published November 16 2012

  • House bans earmarks for next Congress

    House Republicans said Friday they'll reject all earmarks in appropriations bills in the next Congress, continuing the ban they imposed when they took control after the 2010 election. Published November 16 2012

  • White House turkey to become whiskey spokesbird?

    Well, at least someone has a job waiting for him. When President Obama ceremoniously pardons the White House turkey next week, the gobbler has an offer waiting in the wings when the pardoning is done. Published November 16 2012

  • Victory bounce — Obama rating highest since 2009

    President Obama and Democrats are getting a post-election bounce in their favorability ratings, but Republicans are essentially unchanged, according to the latest Gallup polling. Published November 16 2012