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Inside Politics Archive: November 2012

  • Online wagerers favoring Obama

    Political-betting websites that allow wagers on Tuesday's elections increasingly favor President Obama to be re-elected as betting heats up on the final day before voting. Published November 5 2012

  • Romney tells Florida that 'a new beginning' starts tomorrow

    Mitt Romney kicked off his final full day of campaigning with a rally inside an airport hangar here in Florida, the first of four scheduled stops that will wrap up the Republican presidential nominee's second bid for the White House and set the table for voters to tap the next commander-in-chief. Published November 5 2012

  • Romney predicts Pennsylvania victory

    On his second-last day of campaigning, Mitt Romney traveled Sunday to Pennsylvania, where he was looking to connect on a late-game "Hail Mary" by becoming the first Republican to win the Keystone State since George H. W. Bush won here in 1988. Published November 4 2012

  • Stevie Wonder urges Ohio to vote Obama

    Stevie Wonder gave a surprise mini-concert full of big political messages when warming up the Sunday night crowd before President Obama delivered remarks in Cincinnati, Ohio. Published November 4 2012

  • Retired top military brass push for Romney

    Five hundred retired generals and admirals are running an ad in Monday's editions of The Washington Times calling on the country to elect Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday. Published November 4 2012

  • 'Procrastination PACs' dump $13M in last-minute cash into House races

    Call them the procrastination PACs: Political action committees have given $13 million to House and presidential candidates in the final two weeks of the campaign, leaving candidates even less time to actually make use of the money. All of the donations came after Oct. 17, the final main donor-disclosure reports that most journalists and opposition researchers work off of before the election. Published November 4 2012

  • Axelrod: Obama not stalling over Benghazi attack

    The Obama campaign denied Sunday that the president was deliberately stalling to avoid providing answers about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, until after Tuesday’s election. Published November 4 2012

  • Plouffe skeptical of Romney's momentum in Florida, Virginia

    Senior Obama adviser David Plouffe said Sunday the Romney campaign is "playing defense" in the final days of the 2012 presidential campaign — a good sign for the White House. Published November 4 2012

  • Barbour: Hurricane, 'news blackout' broke Romney's momentum

    Former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour said Hurricane Sandy and the resulting week-long "news blackout" broke the momentum of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Published November 4 2012

  • Emanuel: Tightening of Pa. race to be expected

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Sunday dismissed the idea that President Obama is vulnerable in Pennsylvania, where polls have tightened ahead of Tuesday's election. Published November 4 2012

  • Bookmaker declares election over, pays out on Obama win

    The election's still two days away, but an Irish bookmaker says it's already over and there's no way Mitt Romney can beat President Obama. Published November 4 2012

  • Gingrich dismisses Washington's 'Million Puppet March'

    Republican Newt Gingrich was less-than-impressed by Saturday's tongue-in-cheek "Million Puppet March" in Washington, D.C. Published November 3 2012

  • Romney to Grassley: Hit any deer lately?

    Mitt Romney kicked off a campaign stop here by going off script, turning to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and asking: "Have you hit any deer lately?" Published November 3 2012

  • New York ponders an extended Election Day

    New York is considering extending voting past Nov. 6 to allow those affected by Superstorm Sandy to cast their votes, but at least one incumbent from the state says that would "wreak havoc," and that if he wins on Tuesday, "then I've won." Published November 3 2012

  • Jindal: Don't let politics get in the way of recovery efforts

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday urged the White House and state leaders in the Northeast dealing with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to "stop declaring victory, stop giving speeches" and focus on helping victims of the storm. Published November 3 2012

  • Romney: Don't vote for revenge, vote for love

    Mitt Romney urged voters Saturday to be lovers, not haters. Published November 3 2012

  • Obama vows to cut red tape in Sandy rescues

    In his final weekly address before the election, President Obama used the bully pulpit Saturday to project an image of an executive responding to a natural disaster, commanding government agencies "not to let red tape and bureaucracy get in the way of solving problems" when it comes to restoring power following Hurricane Sandy's devastation of the Mid-Atlantic last week. Published November 3 2012

  • In weekly GOP address, Romney says 'destiny' in voters' hands

    The task of the GOP weekly address fell to Mitt Romney Saturday, who used it to make a final case for himself before Tuesday's election, asking people as they step into the voting booth to consider both "the day we'll know whether we made the right choice" and the previous four years before casting their ballots. Published November 3 2012

  • Romney films ads for GOP Senate hopefuls

    One gauge of Mitt Romney's mojo is that the Republican presidential candidate is now popping up in television ads for tight Senate races. Published November 2 2012

  • Adviser: Obama enthused in his 'loins'

    President Obama is so excited about the final days of his final campaign that he feels it in his "loins," a senior adviser said Friday. Published November 2 2012