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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Axelrod: Romney dishonest; Obama focused during debate

    President Obama's top campaign adviser on Thursday accused Republican challenger Mitt Romney of being dishonest during the first presidential debate, and also downplayed assertions by many observers and liberal pundits that the GOP nominee won the first matchup between the candidates. Published October 4 2012

  • Group makes largest-ever, super-PAC ad buy

    American Crossroads spent $11 million on anti-Obama ads Tuesday, the largest one-day expenditure by a super PAC since the unlimited-money groups were created in 2010, records showed Thursday. Published October 4 2012

  • Patrick Murphy slams Rep. West's military record

    Democratic House candidate Patrick Murphy of Florida hit back at opponent Rep. Allen West with a new ad challenging the incumbent's military record, accusing the Republican of criminal activity in an incident regarding an Iraqi prisoner. Published October 3 2012

  • 7-Eleven promotion predicts easy win for Obama

    Most polls are showing President Obama ahead by just a few points, but he might have a landslide victory brewing according to one very unscientific poll. Published October 3 2012

  • Two polls have McCaskill up 6 points over Akin

    Despite the smattering of support he's gathered in the last week, Rep. Todd Akin still lagged 6 points behind Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in two polls released Wednesday. Published October 3 2012

  • Baldwin's lead narrows in Wis. Senate race

    Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin still holds a lead in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race but her advantage has shrunk over former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published October 3 2012

  • Airline to help upset voters leave the U.S.

    An airline says it will help voters distraught over backing the losing candidate in next month's presidential contest flee the country — for free. Published October 3 2012

  • Poll: Voters still favor Romney on handling the economy

    While recent polls show that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be losing ground in some battleground states, Americans still trust him more than President Obama to rebuild the nation's economy, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published October 3 2012

  • National, Florida, Virginia poll numbers tighten; Obama up 8 in Ohio

    Ahead of Wednesday night's presidential debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, new polls show the national race between the two men tightening slightly and Mr. Romney chipping away at Mr. Obama's leads in Florida and Virginia, while the president still maintains a significant lead in Ohio. Published October 3 2012

  • Romney campaign fundraises off 'Fast and Furious'

    Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan sent out a fundraising plea to supporters Tuesday saying that donating to the Romney campaign will help ensure that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., whose Justice Department oversaw the botched "Fast and Furious" gunwalking operation, will be kicked out of office. Published October 2 2012

  • Financiers fund new anti-Romney ads

    An environmentalist group is joining the presidential fray with $1 million in television ads opposing Mitt Romney, disclosures showed Tuesday. Published October 2 2012

  • Biden: Middle class 'buried' over the last four years

    Republicans are pouncing on a comment Vice President Joe Biden made Tuesday that the middle class has been "buried" for the last four years, casting it as an admission that average Americans have suffered under Obama administration policies. Published October 2 2012

  • CPAC Colorado to analyze first presidential debate

    Conservatives hungry for post-debate analysis will find plenty of it at CPAC Colorado, the American Conservative Union's all-day conference slated for Thursday in Denver. Published October 2 2012

  • Kaine buys $3 million more in ads

    Democrat Tim Kaine's campaign announced Tuesday that it has bought $3 million more in ads for the fall stretch run in the neck-and-neck U.S. Senate race in Virginia, bringing the campaign's total ad buys to $7.5 million through Election Day. Published October 2 2012

  • Focus on the Family jumps into Akin race

    Focus on the Family's public policy group is mailing out ads on behalf of Rep. W. Todd Akin, adding to the roster of conservative organizations helping out the Republican Senate hopeful as he struggles to make up lost ground against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. Published October 2 2012

  • Sununu says N.H. poll with Obama up 15 is 'piece of garbage'

    Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, a co-chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, on Tuesday dismissed a new poll showing President Obama up by 15 points in the Granite State as "a piece of garbage" and predicted Mr. Romney ultimately would win the state by 2 to 3 points. Published October 2 2012

  • McDonnell: Romney's new comments on immigration unlikely to move needle

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday downplayed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent statement that if elected president, he would not deport illegal immigrants granted special visa status under a program initiated by President Obama and said the election is still likely to hinge on the economy. Published October 2 2012

  • Poll: Obama ahead 4 nationally, up 18 among women

    President Obama leads Mitt Romney 49 percent to 45 percent among likely voters nationwide, riding a significant advantage among female voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. Published October 2 2012

  • 49 percent say Romney's '47 percent' comments got too much coverage

    Almost half of Americans who are aware of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments criticizing 47 percent of voters as "dependent upon government" say the issue received too much news coverage, according to a survey released Monday. Published October 1 2012

  • Poll: Nelson, Mack tied in Florida Senate race

    Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson's once smooth ride toward a third term has hit a snag, says a new poll, which shows the Florida lawmaker locked in a dead heat with Republican challenger Rep. Connie Mack. Published October 1 2012