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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Obama cancels campaign stops because of Hurricane Sandy

    President Obama has canceled two campaign stops on Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandy, the White House announced Saturday night. Published October 27 2012

  • Rubio returns home to care for daughter who was in an accident

    Sen. Marco Rubio's 12-year-old daughter was injured in an accident involving a golf cart Saturday, prompting the rising conservative star to leave the Romney-Ryan campaign bus and race home to care for her. Published October 27 2012

  • Romney postpones all Sunday events in Virginia

    With Hurricane Sandy looming, Mitt Romney's campaign has postponed all three of his scheduled campaign events in Virginia on Sunday "to ensure that emergency resources personnel would not be diverted." Published October 27 2012

  • Obama slams Romney's Massachusetts record in N.H. speech

    President Obama took his campaign to battleground New Hampshire Saturday, devoting a significant portion of a speech in Nashua to slamming Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts - the Granite State's neighbor to the south. Published October 27 2012

  • Virginia registrar offices, polling places to be given 'high priority' in cases of power outage

    Battleground Virginia is one of the states right in the anticipated path of Hurricane Sandy, and the State Board of Elections said Saturday that the state's general registrar offices and more than 2,500 polling places will be given a "high priority" for power restoration, if it's required, to head off disruption to the election process. Published October 27 2012

  • Allen not concerned about presidential 'Redskins rule'

    Forget polls, pundits, and prognosticators: In 17 of the past 18 presidential contests, the outcome has been correlated with whether the Washington Redskins win or lose their final home game before Election Day. Published October 27 2012

  • Obama's economic plan is a picture book

    Sen. Marco Rubio mocked the economic plan that President Obama started touting this week on the campaign trail, calling it a "picture book." Published October 27 2012

  • 'Frankenstorm' impacts campaign schedules

    Hurricane Sandy isn't expected to make landfall on the East Coast for at least another two days, but the huge storm is already impacting the presidential campaign, forcing Vice President Joseph R. Biden and Mitt Romney each to cancel weekend events in Virginia Beach. Published October 27 2012

  • Potential Akin successor touts Romney, slams Obama in GOP address

    Ann Wagner, the Republican candidate running for Missouri's 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. W. Todd Akin, touted Mitt Romney and blasted President Obama Saturday, in part by recounting her personal experience of working at her family's retail carpet business at a young age. Published October 27 2012

  • Obama touts Wall Street reform, consumer watchdog in weekly address

    President Obama devoted his second-to-last weekly address before the Nov. 6 election to discussing Wall Street reform and the independent consumer watchdog that came with it – the brainchild of Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who is locked in a tight Senate race with incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Published October 27 2012

  • Obama defends Libya response on Denver local news

    Local news anchors are known for lobbing softballs in interviews with national candidates, but that's not what happened Friday when President Obama appeared on KUSA-TV in Denver. Published October 26 2012

  • Bloomberg bipartisan PAC spends $500,000 in 3 days

    A newly-formed independent party super PAC funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent nearly half a million dollars in only three days last week in a highly unusual bipartisan fashion. Published October 26 2012

  • Soros, Adelson give last-minute millions

    Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave $10 million to the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney this month, making him likely the largest political donor of all time and replenishing the super PAC's exhausted coffers for ad buys in the final days of the election. Published October 26 2012

  • Obama: Will wash cars for budget deal

    After four years of being criticized for failing to work with Republicans, President Obama joked Friday that he'll even do household chores for congressional GOP leaders to get a bipartisan deficit reduction deal if he's elected to second term. Published October 26 2012

  • GOP has edge in early Colo. voting

    Republicans appear to be winning the voter-turnout battle so far in the crucial swing state of Colorado, according to figures released Friday by the state Secretary of State. Published October 26 2012

  • Electronics business owner: 'Yeah, I built this'

    Bill Crutchfield, who started the electronics sales company that bears his name, hosted GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan Thursday night at his company headquarters in Charlottesville, and used the chance to poke at President Obama's claim that business owners don't succeed on their own. Published October 26 2012

  • Libertarian Johnson's first national ad slams warmongering over Iran

    Former New Mexico Gov. Gary E. Johnson, the Libertarian Party's candidate for president, has purchased air time on cable in the Washington, D.C., area and markets across the country to launch his first national television ad Friday night. Published October 26 2012

  • Ann Coulter defends saying 'R-word'

    Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter has defended calling President Obama a "retard," saying she doesn't think the word is offensive despite condemnation from advocates of disabled persons, as well as from liberals and even some fellow conservatives. Published October 26 2012

  • Sununu backs off claim that Powell endorsed Obama because he's black

    Outspoken Romney surrogate John H. Sununu has retreated from a comment he made Thursday night saying that former Secretary of State Colin Powell is endorsing President Obama because both men are black. Published October 26 2012

  • Obama trumps 'The Donald' on 'The Tonight Show'

    President Obama skewered Donald Trump during a taped appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Wednesday night. Published October 25 2012