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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • New Obama video compares voting to losing virginity

    The Obama campaign has released a new innuendo-filled web video featuring actress and director Lena Dunham that compares voting to losing one's virginity. Published October 25 2012

  • Obama asked for I.D. at Chicago polling place

    President Obama, who has criticized Republicans for passing laws requiring voters to show ID, presented his driver's license at a polling place in Chicago Thursday to vote early. Published October 25 2012

  • Inhofe: Obama delaying environmental regs until after election

    Sen. James M. Inhofe is accusing the White House of purposely delaying air-quality environmental rules until after the election to avoid alienating voters in battleground states such as Colorado, Ohio and Michigan. Published October 25 2012

  • Obama: Romney is a 'bullsh---er'

    President Obama had some harsh words for Republican challenger Mitt Romney in comments at the end of a recent magazine interview, according to a report posted Thursday by Politico. Published October 25 2012

  • Poll: California voters rejecting Brown's tax hike

    California Gov. Jerry Brown's $6 billion tax-increase initiative is losing steam as it enters the final stretch of the race, according to a new poll released Thursday. Published October 25 2012

  • Romney gets Detroit News endorsement

    The editorial staff of The Detroit News, one of Michigan's two largest news outlets, endorsed Mitt Romney for president Thursday, opting for the Republican despite President Obama's role in the auto industry bailout. Published October 25 2012

  • Romney raises nearly $112 million in first half of October

    Mitt Romney's campaign, the Republican National Committee and related state party groups raised more than $111.8 million from Oct. 1 to Oct. 17, Mr. Romney's campaign announced Thursday. Published October 25 2012

  • Colin Powell endorses Obama for second time

    Colin Powell, who served in multiple Republican presidential administrations and was secretary of state under President George W. Bush, endorsed President Obama on Thursday — as he did in 2008 — while reiterating that he is still a member of the Republican Party. Published October 25 2012

  • Outside groups spent $60M in one day

    The super PAC supporting Mitt Romney made an enormous $18 million ad buy Tuesday, the largest independent expenditure ever reported to the Federal Election Commission. The amount is more than the super PAC, Restore Our Future, had on hand as of Oct. 1, meaning it may have received significant contributions in the days before the election. Published October 24 2012

  • Fed maintains easy money policy

    The Federal Reserve made no changes in its program to drive down long-term interest rates at a meeting of its policy committee Wednesday. Published October 24 2012

  • Mourdock apologizes in wake of rape comments

    U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock apologized Wednesday to anyone who misinterpreted his comments during a Tuesday debate that "life is a gift from God" and that "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen," saying that he and the God he worships abhor violence while adding that he is a "much more humble person" today. Published October 24 2012

  • Eastwood cuts ad for Romney

    Clint Eastwood left the chair behind in his latest attempt to make Mitt Romney's Election Day. Published October 24 2012

  • Dem seizes lead in Connecticut Senate race

    Connecticut Rep. Chris Murphy was trailing his U.S. Senate opponent Linda McMahon just three weeks ago, but now he has gained the upper edge in the race, with a new poll Wednesday morning giving him a 6-point lead. Published October 24 2012

  • Romney supporters pack 'magnificent' Colo. venue

    Colorado supporters showered Mitt Romney with a thunderous reception late Tuesday as the Republican presidential nominee visited the stunning Red Rocks Amphitheater, repeatedly making him have to pause and collect himself. Published October 24 2012

  • Woodward: Obama 'not correct' on sequester

    Journalist Bob Woodward, who recently published a book about President Obama's debt-ceiling negotiations with Congress in summer 2011, said Mr. Obama was "not correct" in his assertion during Monday night's debate that the idea for across-the-board spending cuts that are set to begin next year, also known as "sequestration" originated on Capitol Hill, not the White House. Published October 24 2012

  • Axelrod: Romney 'parroted' Obama's foreign policies at debate

    David Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Obama's campaign, couldn't resist reinjecting Big Bird into the post-presidential debate analysis even though neither Mr. Obama nor Mitt Romney mentioned the iconic yellow-feathered creature in Tuesday night's third and final debate. Published October 23 2012

  • Graham: Fort Hood shooting clearly an act of terror

    South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican member of the Armed Forces Committee, on Tuesday said he sharply disagrees with the Department of Defense's characterization of the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood as a case of workplace violence, not terrorism. Published October 23 2012

  • Ann Coulter directs slur at Obama after debate

    Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter called President Obama a "retard" after his debate Monday night with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Published October 23 2012

  • Kerry blasts Romney's 'Rosetta Stone' foreign policy

    Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, proclaimed Tuesday his "day of exorcism" after playing Mitt Romney in debate prep with President Obama — and didn't hold back on his real-life counterpart, saying that the ticket of Mr. Romney and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has the least foreign policy experience "ever presented to the country in modern times." Published October 23 2012

  • McCain: 'Horses and bayonets' comment was 'small ball'

    Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, on Tuesday derided President Obama's attack on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney over his remark in Monday night's debate that the U.S. Navy is smaller now than at any time since World War I as "cheap shots." Published October 23 2012