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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Poll: Jesse Jackson Jr. has huge lead

    Reclusive Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., an Illinois Democrat battling medical and legal problems, has a whopping 31-percentage point advantage over his nearest rival in his re-election bid, a new poll shows. Published October 22 2012

  • Donald Trump says he'll drop political bombshell on Obama

    New York real estate magnate Donald Trump said Monday that he plans to drop a "big" bombshell about President Obama this week that could alter the outcome of the election. Published October 22 2012

  • Obama leads by 5 in Ohio, down from 10 last month

    President Obama leads by 5 points, 50 percent to 45 percent, in a Quinnipiac University/CBS News poll released Monday, but Republican Mitt Romney carved into President Obama's 10-point advantage in the all-important state of Ohio he held last month. Published October 22 2012

  • Romney, Obama advisers butt heads over binders, Big Bird and 'Romnesia'

    Top Romney and Obama campaign advisers butted heads Sunday over Big Bird, Mr. Romney's infamous "binders full of women" comment and a new word being used by the president on the campaign stump: "Romnesia." Published October 21 2012

  • Graham calls nuke talks with Iran a 'ploy'

    Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that Iran is taking advantage of the upcoming U.S. presidential election to buy time for its nuclear program, since the country reportedly has agreed to one-on-one negotiations with the U.S. only after the election is decided. Published October 21 2012

  • Wal-Mart heir gives $300,000 to Obama super PAC

    The super PAC backing President Obama raised $15 million last month, including $300,000 from Samuel Rawlings Walton, an heir to Wal-Mart, a traditional Republican-leaning organization. Published October 20 2012

  • Romney has $55M cash advantage

    With two weeks before election day, Mitt Romney's team has $55 million more than President Obama's in the bank, according to new filings detailing the campaigns and parties' fiscal standing as of October 1.With two weeks before election day, Mitt Romney's team has nearly 50 percent more in the bank than President Obama – an advantage of $55 million – according to new filings detailing the campaigns' and parties' fiscal standing as of October 1. Published October 20 2012

  • Absent Rep. Jackson surfaces, asks supporters for patience

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who has been undergoing treatment for bipolar depression, told supporters this weekend in an automated phone call that he is "healing," but is not yet ready to return to work and asked for patience from his suburban Chicago constituents. Published October 20 2012

  • Utah newspaper endorses Obama over Romney

    One of Utah's largest newspapers, located in the heart of Mormon country, has endorsed President Obama over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Published October 20 2012

  • Pro-Obama super PAC to bring back Bain attacks

    A super PAC that has spent more than $35 million to promote President Obama's re-election campaign is renewing its efforts to hit Republican challenger Mitt Romney over his time at Bain Capital, according to a memo released Saturday. Published October 20 2012

  • Obama cites gains in housing market, urges Congress to help homeowners

    President Obama said an improving housing market would be even better if Congress would act on his proposals to provide more assistance for underwater homeowners. Published October 20 2012

  • Lee Iacocca, who backed Democrats in 2004 and 2008, endorses Mitt Romney

    Retired auto executive Lee Iacocca, credited with saving Chrysler in the 1980s, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Published October 20 2012

  • Dick Morris predicts an Obama-Iran 'October surprise'

    Political guru Dick Morris predicted Saturday that the White House will announce an "October surprise" — a deal with Iran over nuclear inspections before the Nov. 6 election. Published October 20 2012

  • Fox News poll: Romney leads in Florida, trails in Ohio

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has seized momentum in the key swing state of Florida but still trails President Obama in Ohio, according to a poll released Friday. Published October 20 2012

  • Gallup: Americans say Obama won second presidential debate

    More than half of Americans think President Obama rebounded from a lackluster debate performance earlier this month to beat Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Tuesday's presidential debate, according to a survey released Friday. Published October 20 2012

  • Obama's campaign grows to nearly 1,000 employees

    The Obama campaign's staff grew to an army of just under 1,000, an increase of 10 percent over the last month, records showed Friday. Published October 19 2012

  • Obama bundlers brought $40M+ last quarter

    At least $180 million of the money President Obama — and likely much more — has raised has been collected by 758 "bundlers" who collect money from wealthy friends and associates, and who the campaign closely monitors and honors for their efforts. Published October 19 2012

  • Gingrich confidant paid hundreds of thousands after candidate dropped out

    The super PAC formed to back the ill-fated bid of Newt Gingrich has paid a longtime friend of the former House speaker hundreds of thousands of dollars, including long after the political action committee no longer had a purpose. Published October 19 2012

  • Romney super PAC raised $17 million in September

    The super PAC backing GOP nominee Mitt Romney raised $15 million last month while spending almost nothing, leaving $17 million in the bank as of October 1. It has spent $11 million since that time, filings showed Friday. Published October 19 2012

  • Romney doubles up Obama with biggest donors

    GOP nominee Mitt Romney raised twice as much from wealthy donors giving $10,000 or more to a high-donor fund last month, records showed Friday, even though President Obama and the Democrats out-raised Mr. Romney and the Republicans overall for the month. Published October 19 2012