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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Dem candidate: Male moderator 'prettier' than Crowley

    CNN anchor Candy Crowley has taken some guff from Republicans for her performance as moderator of the second presidential debate, but now a Democrat has delivered a rather low blow. Published October 19 2012

  • Coach Dungy asks Obama, Romney to make fatherhood an issue

    Super Bowl-winning football coach Tony Dungy has started an online petition urging President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to make fatherhood a top campaign issue. Published October 18 2012

  • Parties turned to outside funders for convention

    Big oil and billionaires helped fund the Republican convention in Tampa, while Democrats turns to unions, Indian tribes and their own corporate donors to help pay for their convention in Charlotte, according to new federal records released Thursday. Published October 18 2012

  • GSA strikes names of scandal-ridden officials from sign

    The General Services Administration has moved to cover up — literally — the tarnish of the scandal over its extravagant spending patterns from its legacy. Published October 18 2012

  • Gallup poll gives Romney a significant lead

    Mitt Romney is now solidly above 50 percent support among likely voters in Gallup's tracking poll and holds a 52-45 lead over President Obama, according to the latest numbers Thursday afternoon. Published October 18 2012

  • Report: Hostile work environment complaints up on Capitol Hill

    With discord and gridlock consuming Capitol Hill in recent years, it comes as little surprise that Congress is a demanding, often confrontational place to work. But a new report from an obscure legislative agency shows that Congress is also becoming a more hostile work environment with complaints from employees on the rise. Published October 18 2012

  • Survey: Wisconsin in play for Romney

    Mitt Romney's recent surge in the polls has put Wisconsin within the Republican challenger's reach, political forecasters at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics said in their latest breakdown of the presidential race, making it, by their count, one of the four remaining toss-up states in "this utterly wild" race. Published October 18 2012

  • Pundits, surrogates split on who won

    For some, the winner of Tuesday night's debate was clear-cut. Published October 17 2012

  • D.C. Delegate Norton backtracks on partisan tweets

    The District of Columbia's nonvoting member of Congress has deleted 17 tweets after mistakenly tweeting partisan messages on her official House account. Published October 17 2012

  • Dem slightly ahead in Conn. Senate race

    Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy is ahead in the Connecticut Senate race — but only by a hair, and well within the margin of error of a new poll released Wednesday. Published October 17 2012

  • Poll: Wis. Senate race is virtual dead heat

    The U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin has tightened to a virtual tie with just three weeks left before Election Day, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published October 17 2012

  • Obama leads among young voters but faces enthusiasm gap

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney trails President Obama by nearly 20 percentage points among young people, but the GOP candidate's supporters are more likely to show up in November, according to a new poll released Wednesday by the Harvard Institute of Politics. Published October 17 2012

  • Neb. Senate rivals roll out endorsements

    Both candidates for the Nebraska Senate seat on Wednesday got a boost from Washington heavyweights. Published October 17 2012

  • Las Vegas No. 1 city for political ads

    Sick to death of political ads on TV? Here's hoping you don't live in Las Vegas, where more such spots have hit the airwaves than any city in the country, says a government watchdog. Published October 17 2012

  • Obama's record on paying women White House aides not stellar

    After Tuesday's town hall debate, President Obama is playing up his record on women's issues and ridiculing Mitt Romney for his "binders full of women" comment, but Mr. Obama has a mixed record when it comes to hiring women at the White House. Published October 17 2012

  • Libya consulate attack reverberates after presidential debate

    The moment from Tuesday night's presidential debate that likely has been the most dissected in the aftermath was President Obama's statement — and Mitt Romney's push back — that Mr. Obama referred to the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya an act of "terror" the day after they occurred. Published October 17 2012

  • Ryan ducks prediction for Ohio State-Wisconsin game

    When it comes to college football, what triumphs? Home-state loyalties or national politics? On Wednesday, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan awkwardly — albeit good-naturedly — tried to opt for both. Published October 17 2012

  • Reporters applaud Obama's slam on Romney's wealth

    The room set aside for reporters to watch Tuesday night's debate erupted into applause after President Obama ridiculed the size of Mitt Romney's personal wealth. Published October 17 2012

  • Libertarian Johnson calls Obama and Romney 'big-government guys'

    Libertarian president nominee Gary Johnson said Wednesday the second presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney was like watching "dueling Phil Donahue acts," and that the showdown underscored that both men are "fundamentally big-government guys." Published October 17 2012

  • Tense debate moment: Romney, Obama spar over calling Libya attack ‘terror’

    After a question during Tuesday night's town hall about the level of security at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the deaths of four Americans, Mitt Romney said President Obama failed to call the assault a terrorist attack until much later. Published October 16 2012