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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Beau Biden defends father's smiling

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden's son on Sunday morning defended his father's recent debate performance and penchant for smiling and laughing while his opponent discussed serious issues. Published October 14 2012

  • Colbert gets serious about presidential campaigns

    Late-night satirist Stephen Colbert broke from character on Sunday morning and offered a serious assessment of the presidential campaign and opined on what President Obama may do in his second term and on which direction Republican challenger Mitt Romney would take the nation if elected. Published October 14 2012

  • Romney counters with his own NFL star, Bengals legend Anthony Munoz

    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney don't agree on much, but both candidates know how important the National Football League is in the heartland states of Wisconsin and Ohio — especially in November. Published October 13 2012

  • Springsteen, Clinton to stump for Obama in Ohio

    The Obama campaign announced Saturday that Bruce Springsteen will join former President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail in Ohio next week. Published October 13 2012

  • Thompson: Romney hit a 'grand slam' in debate

    Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson on Saturday praised Mitt Romney's debate performance last week and predicted that a Romney presidency would break the logjam of partisan gridlock in Washington. Published October 13 2012

  • Bishops blast Biden on his debate claims

    The nation's Catholic bishops on Friday said Vice President Joseph R. Biden misled the country when he claimed Catholic hospitals won't have to pay for contraception nor refer women to other places to get it. Published October 12 2012

  • White House defends Biden's debate demeanor

    If Vice President Joseph R. Biden smiled too much during his debate Thursday night, the White House said the blame lies with Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and his position on the Obama administration's 2009 stimulus plan. Published October 12 2012

  • Investors say Romney win is better for the economy

    Voters who consider themselves to be investors prefer Mitt Romney over President Obama in the election, and were more likely to think the president will hurt the economy if he wins another term. Published October 12 2012

  • Internal poll: Allen up 3 points over Kaine; Romney up 7 in Va.

    Republican George Allen holds a 3-point lead over Democrat Tim Kaine in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia, according to a new survey conducted for Mr. Allen's campaign by the firm of GOP pollster John McLaughlin — another signal that the recent bounce Republicans are enjoying has not yet faded. Published October 11 2012

  • Romney, Obama trade barbs over Benghazi attack

    Mitt Romney on Thursday elevated the Benghazi terrorist attack to the forefront of the presidential campaign, saying President Obama and his campaign are politicizing the issue rather than explaining why the administration botched the initial response. Published October 11 2012

  • Voter turnout for 2012 statewide primaries was lowest on record

    Turnout in this year's presidential and Senate primaries was the lowest on record, at 15.9 percent of eligible citizens, a new report found. Published October 11 2012

  • Women rule in Missouri Senate race

    It's all about Eve in the Missouri U.S. Senate race, as Republican Rep. Todd Akin and Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill ramped up their appeals to female voters this week. Published October 11 2012

  • Mitt Romney prays with Billy Graham

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney paid a visit to the Rev. Bill Graham on Thursday and the two men prayed together, his campaign said. Published October 11 2012

  • Priebus defends Romney as pro-life

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus defended GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney as pro-life in a lively exchange with CNN's Soledad O'Brien on Thursday morning during a discussion about remarks Mr. Romney made to the Des Moines Register saying that there would be no specific abortion legislation that would be part of his presidential agenda. Published October 11 2012

  • NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads by 6 points in Ohio; virtual tie in Fla., Va.

    The race between Republican Mitt Romney and President Obama remains razor-thin in Florida and Virginia while Mr. Obama retains a 6-point lead in Ohio, according to new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls. Published October 11 2012

  • Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS poll: Obama leads by 5 in Va., 3 in Wis.; virtual tie in Colo.

    A new Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS poll shows little change in the presidential race from before and after the first presidential debate, with President Obama holding a 5-point lead in Virginia and a 3-point lead in Wisconsin, while Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney holds a 1-point lead in Colorado. Published October 11 2012

  • Obama: 'I had a bad night' in debate

    President Obama said Wednesday he did not hand the election to Republican Mitt Romney with his poor debate performance last week. Published October 10 2012

  • American Crossroads makes $7 million ad buy

    American Crossroads, the super PAC linked to Republican operative Karl Rove, bought $7.3 million in air time and Internet ads opposing President Obama on Tuesday on top of more than $10 million last week, passing the original pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, to become the highest-spending outside group in the general election. Published October 10 2012

  • Obama: 'Too polite' in last week's debate

    President Obama's latest explanation for his poor performance in last week's presidential debate is that he was "too polite" to Republican rival Mitt Romney. Published October 10 2012

  • Romney backs Syrian rebels, stops short of promising troops

    Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the United States should play an "active role" in making sure the opposition forces in Syria force President Bashir Assad's regime from power — but stopped short of saying he would commit American troops to the conflict. Published October 10 2012