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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • Obama a guest at VP debate moderator's wedding

    President Obama attended the 1991 wedding of Martha Raddatz, the ABC senior foreign correspondent who is moderating Thursday night's vice presidential debate, according to the online publication the Daily Caller. Published October 10 2012

  • Obama campaign aide: We're not 'depressed' or 'under a table'

    A lot of hand-wringing has begun among Democrats after President Obama's widely-panned performance in last Wednesday's debate, and polls that show Republican challenger Mitt Romney gaining ground, but Jen Psaki, the Obama campaign's traveling press secretary, said Wednesday that wasn't the case for their team. Published October 10 2012

  • Romney signs defaced with excrement in Va.

    A conservative radio host based in central Virginia, has posted a video on his website of a GOP office with its window smashed in, expletive-laced rants presumably delivered at Republicans, and Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan signs torn down, defaced and smeared with what appears to be human excrement. Published October 9 2012

  • Poll: Romney surges in Pennsylvania

    Mitt Romney's strong performance in the first presidential debate may have put Pennsylvania back in play, and closed the gap with President Obama in other battleground states. Published October 9 2012

  • McCain mocks Obama's Big Bird attack ad

    Arizona Sen. John McCain on Tuesday was one of a number of Republicans scratching their heads over a new ad from the Obama campaign dripping with sarcasm that plays off GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's pledge, reiterated during last week's presidential debate, to cut federal funding for PBS by portraying Big Bird as a conniving menace to society more dangerous than some of America's most famous financial frauds. Published October 9 2012

  • Dem Heitkamp pulls even in N.D. Senate poll

    Democratic Heidi Heitkamp, once considered a long shot to win North Dakota's open Senate seat, is locked in a dead heat with GOP candidate Rep. Rick Berg, a new poll says. Published October 8 2012

  • Voters say Ryan will stomp Biden

    If voters are right, Paul Ryan will easily out-debate Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Thursday. Published October 8 2012

  • Obama publicly acknowledges botching presidential debate

    An Obama campaign spokeswoman on Monday said the president simply was having a "light moment" when he decided to poke some fun at himself the night before, acknowledging at a star-studded fundraiser that he botched the first debate against Republican challenger Mitt Romney last week. Published October 8 2012

  • Polls vary widely in Florida Senate race

    Two new polls on the Florida Senate race reveal significantly contrasting results, with one showing Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson with a double-digit lead over GOP challenger Rep. Connie Mack, while the other forecasts a dead heat. Published October 8 2012

  • Save the bird: Voters say PBS deserves taxpayer money

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's attack on Big Bird and PBS isn't helping him, according to the latest The Washington Times/Zogby Poll, which found that most voters say spending taxpayer money on public broadcasting is a good use of government funding. Published October 8 2012

  • New Allen ad hits on looming defense cuts

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen is out with a new ad as he prepares to debate Democrat Tim Kaine in Richmond on Monday evening, pointing to an issue that has become a central theme of his campaign — the looming $500 billion in additional defense cuts and, potentially, the loss of hundreds of thousands of Virginia jobs — that resulted from an agreement by Congress to raise the debt ceiling in the summer of 2011. Published October 8 2012

  • Obama ad bashes Romney on foreign policy ahead of speech

    In anticipation of a major foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday, President Obama's campaign released a new ad reminding voters of Mr. Romney's overseas trip in July and media coverage labeling it "amateurish." Published October 8 2012

  • Warner appears with Kaine in new TV ad

    You might have guessed it was coming: Democratic Sen. Mark R. Warner, the self-described radical centrist who has made a name for himself both in Richmond and Washington for bipartisan work on fiscal issues, gives U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine a literal slap on the back and the on-air blessing of Virginia's most popular politician in a new ad for Mr. Kaine in his U.S. Senate campaign against Republican George Allen. Published October 8 2012

  • Gallup: Romney even with Obama post-debate

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney pulled dead even with President Obama in three days of Gallup polling among registered voters taken after Wednesday's presidential debate, compared with a 5-point advantage for Mr. Obama in the three days leading up to it. Published October 8 2012

  • Romney chips away in Va.; Obama up 3

    President Obama leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney by 3 points in Virginia — slightly down from a 5-point lead three weeks ago — as Mr Romney is set to deliver a major foreign policy speech at Virginia Military Institute on Monday. Published October 8 2012

  • Gibbs: Romney gave 'masterful, theatrical' debate performance

    Senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs on Sunday credited Republican candidate Mitt Romney with a "masterful" but "fundamentally dishonest" performance in last week's presidential debate. Published October 7 2012

  • Bachmann's bid for re-election no longer a lock?

    Michele Bachmann, the Republican fundraising juggernaut who won her sixth Congressional District seat in Minnesota two years ago by more than 12 percentage points, is suddenly in a tight contest for re-election. Published October 6 2012

  • Georgia Rep.: Big Bang theory, evolution are 'lies straight from the pit of hell'

    Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, a medical doctor and member of the U.S. House's Science, Space and Technology committee, dismissed evolution and the Big Bang as "lies straight from the pit of hell" last month. Published October 6 2012

  • Romney raises $12 million in under two days post-debate

    President Obama isn't the only one with impressive fundraising news: Mitt Romney's campaign announced that it has raised $12 million online in less than 48 hours following the Republican's comparatively strong debate performance against Mr. Obama Wednesday. Published October 6 2012

  • Md. Democrat Cummings targets tea party group over voter challenges

    Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who announced a congressional probe this week of a national tea party-affiliated group that is pushing for tighter enforcement of voter laws, said Saturday thousands of traditionally Democratic student and minority votes are at stake in Ohio. Published October 6 2012