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Inside Politics Archive: October 2012

  • New polls show Romney overtaking Obama in Colorado, nationally

    A new poll shows Mitt Romney flipping a 5-point deficit in Colorado before the first presidential debate, which was held on Wednesday in Denver, to a 3.5-point advantage later in the week — another signal that Mr. Romney's comparatively strong debate performance has started to translate into rising poll numbers for the Republican. Published October 6 2012

  • Obama, DNC raise $181M in September

    President Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $181 million in September from a total of 1.8 million donors — by far the campaign's biggest monthly haul during the 2012 election cycle. Published October 6 2012

  • Maher on debate: 'Looks like [Obama] took my million and spent it all on weed'

    Add comedian Bll Maher to the long list of those on both the left and right who are panning President Obama's debate performance Wednesday. Published October 6 2012

  • Priebus: Midway through debate, Obama 'realized he's been president for the past four years'

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus delivered the weekly Republican address Saturday, highlighting the respective performances of President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the first of three presidential debates Wednesday and painting Mr. Romney as the "one choice" for voters if they want better results than Mr. Obama has delivered during his nearly four years in the White House. Published October 6 2012

  • Obama offers cautious optimism, presses Congress in weekly address

    In his weekly address, President Obama highlighted the millions of new jobs created over the past 2½ years and a Friday report that put the national unemployment rate for September at 7.8 percent — the lowest since he took office — but said the country has "come too far to turn back now" and pressed Congress to act on measures to preserve current tax rates for middle-income families, offer homeowners the chance to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates, and provide post-9/11 veterans a better shot at finding work once they return from overseas. Published October 6 2012

  • Protester's airplane at Romney rally: 'Most dishonest debate ever?'

    Democratic anger at Mitt Romney's debate performance continued Friday with two prop planes that buzzed the GOP nominee's evening campaign rally in St. Petersburg, Fla. Published October 5 2012

  • Bloomberg finances independent in Maine Senate race

    One of the most prominent independent politicians in the country, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has put half a million dollars of his substantial wealth behind a fellow independent who is battling a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat in Maine. Published October 5 2012

  • McCain, Graham tell companies to ignore White House on layoff notices

    Two key Republican senators ratcheted up the pressure on defense industry companies to ignore advice from the Obama administration and the Pentagon encouraging them not to issue layoff notices associated with pending defense cuts before the election. Published October 5 2012

  • Romney gets post-debate bounce in Fla., Ohio, Va.

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's widely-acknowledged victory in Wednesday's presidential debate has helped him to draw even or slightly ahead in several key swing states, according to polls released Friday. Published October 5 2012

  • Under-30 unemployment rate at 11.8 percent

    While the government reported Friday that the overall jobless rate fell to 7.8 percent in September, President Obama's important bloc of voters under age 30 still faces a much tougher job market, according to the Labor Department's latest survey. Published October 5 2012

  • Bob Kerrey gets Hollywood help with Steve Martin's endorsement

    Legendary actor and comedian Steve Martin on Friday endorsed Democrat Bob Kerrey in his uphill Nebraska Senate battle. Published October 5 2012

  • Romney wins NRA backing

    The National Rifle Association on Thursday endorsed Mitt Romney minutes before the Republican presidential nominee prepared to speak to a loud crowd in the Shenandoah Valley full of NRA supporters. Published October 4 2012

  • Poll: One in six voters only support candidates with same abortion views

    A growing number of Americans say they will only vote for political candidates who agree with their stance on abortion, according to a poll released Thursday. Published October 4 2012

  • Debate viewership up from '08; Fox tops cable networks

    Fox News won the cable news war in Wednesday's debate, which was watched by a total of 58 million people — up from 52.4 million for the first debate between President Obama and John McCain in 2008. Published October 4 2012

  • Sununu: Unprepared Obama was 'lazy and disengaged'

    Former New Hampshire Gov. and top Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu — never one to mince words — said Thursday that President Obama revealed his incompetence and "how lazy and detached he is" in Wednesday night's debate. Published October 4 2012

  • New Obama ad: Romney debate claims can't be trusted

    Attempting to regroup after a disappointing debate performance, President Obama's campaign is casting GOP rival Mitt Romney as a "serial evader" whose ability to bend facts makes him unfit to be president. Published October 4 2012

  • Reid misquotes Romney to make immigration attack

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has become the chief attack dog against his co-religionist Mitt Romney, but on Wednesday that attack went even further when his official Senate office released a statement that attributed a quote to Mr. Romney, even though he said the exact opposite. Published October 4 2012

  • Kaine outraises Allen in third quarter

    Democrat Tim Kaine raised $4.5 million over the last three months for his campaign in the U.S. Senate contest in Virginia, while his opponent, Republican George Allen, took in about $3.5 million, bringing the total hauls for the two campaigns to about $15 million and $11.6 million, respectively. Published October 4 2012

  • Gore: Mile-high altitude hurt Obama's debate performance

    Former Vice President Al Gore has a possible explanation why President Obama didn't do better during his debate Wednesday night with Mitt Romney in Denver: the altitude. Published October 4 2012

  • Akin's hometown paper endorses McCaskill

    Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's hometown paper has endorsed his opponent, Claire McCaskill, in their race for U.S. Senate. Published October 4 2012