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Inside Politics Archive: September 2012

  • Romney: Lower tax rate 'the right way to encourage economic growth'

    President Obama's campaign immediately pounced after Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who released his own 2011 tax returns Friday afternoon, said he thought it was fair that his effective 14.1 percent federal income tax rate was lower than someone earning $50,000 per year because "it's the right way to encourage economic growth." Published September 24 2012

  • Bill Clinton: 'No earthly idea' whether Hillary will run again

    Former President Bill Clinton said Sunday he has "no earthly idea" whether his spouse, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, will make a second bid for president four years from now. Published September 23 2012

  • Gibbs: No one misled over Libya attacks

    "Absolutely not," Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs replied to "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace when asked whether the administration was politically motivated when it initially mischaracterized the recent attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Published September 23 2012

  • GOP ad notes Obama's return to Wisconsin

    The Republican National Committee, noting President Obama's first visit to battleground state Wisconsin in 220 days, dropped a new ad noting the political landscape has changed in the state over the last year. Published September 22 2012

  • Nevada Republican to Harry Reid: Make our day, release your 2011 tax return

    Should Sen. Democratic leader Harry Reid follow in the footsteps of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by releasing his 2011 tax return? Published September 21 2012

  • House votes to reject Obama welfare shift

    Republican leaders Friday pushed back against Obama administration efforts to allow some states to waive work rules in their welfare programs for needy families contained in the landmark 1996 reform law. Published September 21 2012

  • Scott Walker: Romney campaign underutilizing Ryan

    Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker thinks the campaign of party nominee Mitt Romney has been too passive in responding to attacks from the Obama campaign, and that it is failing to showcase the strengths of Romney running mate and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. Published September 21 2012

  • Romney doubles Obama's charitable giving

    Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is releasing a brief summary of 20 years of tax returns on Friday, and his accountant says it will show he gave 13.45 percent of his adjusted gross income to charities. Published September 21 2012

  • Cain says he would be leading Obama

    Herman Cain, the outspoken former 2012 Republican presidential candidate, said he would be ahead of President Obama in the polls if he had won the nomination. Published September 21 2012

  • TV cartoon character Homer Simpson switches from Obama to Romney

    One of America's favorite TV dads has made his decision in the upcoming presidential election, and he's voting for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The vote probably won't count, because he's a cartoon character. Published September 21 2012

  • Va. man: No lynching connotations to strung-up 'Nobama' chair

    A Centreville man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his backyard with a sign reading "Nobama" attached to it denies that it was meant to represent any inference to lynching or had any racist connotations, though he did manage to "get on the radar" of the Secret Service. Published September 21 2012

  • Democratic fund-raisers target Allen West

    A Democratic super PAC focused on House races says it has an unnamed donor who will match all donations made Thursday. Published September 20 2012

  • Romney campaign raises $67 million in August

    The Mitt Romney presidential campaign raised $67 million in August — more than a tenth from retirees — as a slew of new campaign finance reports were made public Thursday. Published September 20 2012

  • Wis. GOP Senate candidate: Romney's struggles hurting my campaign

    Former Wisconsin governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson says his declining poll numbers in recent days are due partly to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's lack of momentum on the presidential campaign trail. Published September 20 2012

  • Professors stock Obama's campaign war chest

    The elite fundraising committee through which President Obama solicits his largest campaign donations relied overwhelmingly on professors from equally-elite universities last month. Published September 20 2012

  • Obama: Let Teddy Win; Nationals mascot due for victory

    It seems President Obama wants Teddy, one of the Washington Nationals baseball team's four oversized presidential mascots, to finally be allowed to win a race at the ballpark. Published September 20 2012

  • White House acknowledges Libya attack was terrorism

    The White House is now conceding that the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans were killed was a terrorist attack. Published September 20 2012

  • Ethics Committee to hold public hearing in Waters case Friday

    The House Ethics Committee will hold a public hearing Friday in an attempt to conclude its conflict-of-interest case against Rep. Maxine Waters, Democrat from California, which has lingered for more than two years after accusations of prosecutorial misconduct spawned an outside review of how the panel handled the case and lawmakers involved were forced to recuse themselves. Published September 20 2012

  • Obama hails anniversary ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

    On the one-year anniversary of ending the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for gays and lesbians, President Obama said national security has improved as a result. Published September 20 2012

  • Polls show Warren leading Brown

    A fourth poll has brought good news for Elizabeth Warren this week, who barely trailed Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown through the summer but has recently opened up a small lead over the Republican she is trying to unseat in November. Published September 20 2012