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Inside Politics Archive: September 2012

  • Poll: Obama leading in key battlegrounds Fla., Ohio and Va.

    A Fox News poll released Thursday is the latest to show that President Obama has an edge in three crucial swing states that could decide this fall's election between him and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. According to the poll, Mr. Obama leads by 7 percentage points in Ohio and Virginia and is also leading by 5 points in Florida. Published September 20 2012

  • House passes new Buffett Rule

    The House on Wednesday passed Republicans' own version of the Buffett Rule, which allows wealthy Americans to voluntarily pony up to reduce the deficit. Published September 19 2012

  • More Americans expected to pay health insurance penalty

    Six million Americans will pay the health care tax rather than obtain coverage under President Obama's health care law, according to a new Congressional Budget Office estimate Wednesday — a 50 percent increase over CBO's estimate of just two years ago. Published September 19 2012

  • Poll: Obama, Baldwin build leads in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Democrats are making a hard charge at keeping the state blue in this year's presidential election and holding onto one of its two U.S. Senate seats, according to a poll released Wednesday afternoon. Published September 19 2012

  • Fed: Medicare Advantage will keep growing

    The federal government said Wednesday it expects the Medicare Advantage program to grow more popular and premiums to remain steady next year, even as the program remains at the center of a fierce political battle. Published September 19 2012

  • Christie: Focus on Romney's '47 percent' remarks shows media bias

    Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie struck back Wednesday at critics of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, arguing that the furor over his statement that nearly half of Americans are "dependent upon government" is a media-generated distraction designed to take away from the true issues in this year's campaign. Published September 19 2012

  • White House: Romney 'desperate' for releasing '98 tape of Obama

    The White House called Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his allies "desperate" Wednesday for releasing an audio tape from 1998 in which then-state Sen. Barack Obama spoke in favor of "redistribution" of wealth. Published September 19 2012

  • Akin campaign says website post was an accident

    A spokesman for Missouri Rep. and Senate candidate Todd Akin said that Tuesday's launch of a website targeting women voters was a mistake, after the campaign quickly removed the site when it was found to contain an embarrassing gaffe. Published September 19 2012

  • White House hails boost in tourism

    The White House issued an election-year progress report Wednesday on the impact of tourism on the U.S. economy, hailing the administration's efforts to speed up visa applications in countries such as China and Brazil. Published September 19 2012

  • Obama pulls in $4M at Jay-Z, Beyoncé fundraiser

    After enduring a little ribbing on "Late Show With David Letterman" in New York on Tuesday, President Obama collected $4 million at a fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé at their lounge bar, Manhattan's 40/40 Club. Published September 19 2012

  • Poll: Romney losing edge on economy

    Americans are growing increasingly optimistic about the economy and see President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney as equally capable of overseeing its recovery, according to a poll released Wednesday. Published September 19 2012

  • Arizona's immigration law finally takes effect

    Two years after it passed, and after partially surviving an Obama administration court challenge, Arizona's tough immigration law took effect Tuesday. Published September 18 2012

  • Republicans point to Obama 'redistribution' video

    Seizing on an old clip of Barack Obama saying he believes in wealth "redistribution," Republicans are trying to shift into offense after spending a day struggling to mitigate the political fallout of the release of a secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney disparaging 47 percent of the American public as "victims" who don't pay taxes and depend on government. Published September 18 2012

  • Gallup: Romney has 'significant' support from those least likely to pay income taxes

    President Obama enjoys greater support than Republican Mitt Romney among those making less than $50,000 per year, but about a third of those whose household incomes are less than $24,000 still support the former Massachusetts governor, Gallup said Tuesday. Published September 18 2012

  • Poll: Menendez leads; many N.J. voters still undecided

    Democratic New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez is maintaining a double-digit lead in his race for reelection, according to a poll released Tuesday. Published September 18 2012

  • TV personalities O'Reilly, Stewart to debate

    Two popular talk-show hosts will hope to bring some levity — and maybe a little insight — to this year's election season by squaring off in a debate next month. Published September 18 2012

  • Romney adviser: 'Talking politics' in clips, 'can't worry about those he can't get'

    A senior adviser to Mitt Romney's campaign admitted Tuesday that Mr. Romney's widely-circulated comments at a fundraiser appearing to denigrate President Obama's supporters were not articulate, but argued he was speaking from a political standpoint, not a policy one. Published September 18 2012

  • Green Party slams Democrats for failing 'Occupy' movement

    The Green Party had a message Monday for the Obama campaign and Democrats: Hands off our Occupiers. Published September 17 2012

  • Biden: 'I'm good at being No. 2'

    Vice President Joe Biden gave himself a little pat on the back today during a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa. Published September 17 2012

  • Poll: Obama, Romney tight in Wis.; Baldwin leads Senate race

    President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney are in a virtual dead heat in the battleground state of Wisconsin, according to a poll released Monday. Published September 17 2012