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Inside Politics Archive: September 2012

  • Eastwood: Obama 'actually seems very charming'

    Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood found himself in the headlines after the final night of the Republican National Convention last month for his impromptu performance in which he debated an invisible President Obama supposedly sitting in an empty chair next to him. Published September 17 2012

  • Trump: GOP 'should be winning in a landslide'

    One-time possible presidential candidate Donald Trump had some harsh words for President Obama on Monday morning, but he didn't hold back on Mitt Romney either, saying that given Mr. Obama's performance on the economy and foreign policy, Republicans should be winning "in a landslide." Published September 17 2012

  • Polls: Warren jumps in front in Mass. Senate race

    Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has made up serious ground and taken the lead in her race against incumbent Republican Sen. Scott P. Brown, according to two recent polls. Published September 17 2012

  • Poll: Obama keeps 5-point lead in Va. after convention

    President Obama has a 5-point lead in the crucial battleground state of Virginia in a new survey from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling — the same margin he enjoyed last month before both the Democratic and Republican National conventions. Published September 17 2012

  • 'Saturday Night Live' reloading for second Obama term?

    NBC's "Saturday Night Live" returned from summer vacation this weekend with a new President Obama, replacing longtime Barack impersonator Fred Armisen with African American cast member Jay Pharoah. Published September 16 2012

  • Santorum trumpets Romney ticket at Values Voter Summit

    Former Mitt Romney rival Rick Santorum urged the social conservatives gathered at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday to get behind the Republican presidential nominee. Published September 15 2012

  • Ryan: Federal Reserve action just the latest Obama bailout

    Hitting swing-state Florida again on Saturday, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told a crowd of several thousand in Oldsmar, north of Tampa Bay, that the Federal Reserve's new economic stimulus plan is just another doomed bailout. Published September 15 2012

  • Romney camp warns looming spending cuts will 'devastate' nation

    Mitt Romney's presidential campaign said Saturday that the plan laid out by the White House this week on where exactly it will have to cut spending to adhere to the bipartisan debt deal hashed out by members of Congress last year would "devastate" the nation both at home here and overseas. Published September 15 2012

  • Obama, Romney still dead even in Colorado

    President Obama and Mitt Romney have practically made Colorado their second home, but all those campaign stops and television ads haven't broken the deadlock. Published September 14 2012

  • 'The Body' jumps in the ring with Gary Johnson

    Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has a new tag team partner: former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, the onetime wrestling star who went by the stage name "The Body." Published September 14 2012

  • Obama campaign blasts pro-Romney casino developer Adelson

    The Obama campaign is calling out one of Mitt Romney's wealthiest donors in an effort to paint the Republican presidential nominee as beholden to the rich. Published September 14 2012

  • Gallup: Married voters prefer Romney

    More than half of married voters prefer Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to President Barack Obama, according to a poll released Friday. Published September 14 2012

  • Poll: Romney losing ground in swing states

    President Obama is building his lead in Florida, Ohio and Virginia over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, according to polls released Thursday. Published September 14 2012

  • 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' to host Obama fundraiser

    President Obama doesn't always ask beer pitchmen for endorsements, but when he does, he prefers "the most interesting man in the world." Published September 13 2012

  • Kaine helicopters past power plant in new 'Unleashed' ad

    U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine took to the skies of southwest Virginia in his latest ad touting his energy policy vision with a coal-fired power plant as the backdrop — but the campaign of his opponent, Republican George Allen, immediately tried to bring him back down to earth. Published September 13 2012

  • Florida pizzeria owner embraces former Gov. Crist

    The Florida pizza shop owner who bear-hugged President Obama on Sunday is getting an extension on his 15 minutes of fame after power-lifting another politician. Published September 13 2012

  • Poll: Americans say Democrats, GOP equal on terrorism

    For the first time in five years, Americans do not consider Republicans to be tougher on terrorism than Democrats, according to a poll released Thursday. Published September 13 2012

  • Jay-Z, Beyonce to host Obama fundraiser

    President Obama is tapping into his celebrity appeal by calling on one of music's preeminent power couples to help raise money for his reelection campaign. Published September 13 2012

  • Obama, Libyan president vow to do 'whatever is necessary' to find attackers

    President Obama called Libyan President Magariaf on Wednesday night to thank him for the cooperation the U.S. has received from the Libyan government in responding to the attacks on the U.S. Embassy that left four dead. Published September 13 2012

  • Portman: Romney had 'the reaction that most Americans would have' to attacks

    Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican, on Thursday defended GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's response late Tuesday to the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo when Mr. Romney said a statement from the embassy amounted to an opinion of the Obama administration and called the contents of it "akin to an apology" for Americans' freedom of speech. Published September 13 2012