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Inside Politics Archive: September 2012

  • Judge: Terror suspects who are U.S. citizens can't be detained indefinitely without trial

    A federal judge has ruled unconstitutional a controversial provision in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that many argue would allow the federal government to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial if suspected of terrorism or association with terrorists and issued a permanent injunction against its use. Published September 13 2012

  • Obama campaign asks locals for their beds

    The Obama campaign wants more than just your dollars: It wants your bed — or at least a sofa. Published September 12 2012

  • Obama slams Romney's response to attacks in Libya

    President Obama blasted GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for his response to the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Libya last night, saying that Mr. Romney has a tendency to "shoot first and aim later." Published September 12 2012

  • House passes Akin legislation

    Most leading Republicans have abandoned Rep. W. Todd Akin in his U.S. Senate race, but they're still passing his legislation on Capitol Hill. Published September 12 2012

  • Report: DNC showed Russian warships at convention

    Navy Times is reporting that the backdrop photo of warships behind some of the speakers at Democrats' nominating convention last week actually showed Russian ships, not American ones. Published September 12 2012

  • Senator: Attacks 'have the markings' of al Qaeda revenge

    A member of the Senate intelligence committee on Wednesday raised the possibility that attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in the Middle East and North Africa this week were connected to al Qaeda. Published September 12 2012

  • Hobby Lobby sues over birth control mandate

    Hobby Lobby has joined dozens of groups suing the Obama administration over its embattled contraception mandate, becoming the largest business yet to legally challenge part of the requirement that employers provide their workers with birth control coverage. Published September 12 2012

  • Wis. Senate hopeful rebukes aide's remarks on opponent's sexuality

    Wisconsin Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson is backing off comments made by an aide who mocked his Democratic opponent's attendance at a 2010 gay pride event. Published September 12 2012

  • Obama ad hits Romney on tax plan, tax returns

    The Obama campaign debuted an ad Wednesday that attacks Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on his refusal to release past tax returns and accuses the GOP nominee of providing too few details on his tax plan. Published September 12 2012

  • Allen releases new ad: 'Envision'

    U.S. Senate candidate George Allen rolled out a new ad Wednesday — a positive spot outlining plans for what he calls "a better future." Published September 12 2012

  • Clinton breaks 9/11 anniversary truce

    The Obama campaign is deploying former Bill Clinton in the critical swing state of Florida Tuesday night for an overtly political event that breaks the unofficial 9/11 anniversary truce between the presidential campaigns. Published September 11 2012

  • Biden invites firefighters over to White House — 'No bulls***'

    Vice President Joe Biden told a group of firefighters they could trust him to make good on a bet and have them over to the White House for beers throwing in an expletive for emphasis in trademark Biden form. Published September 11 2012

  • Obama administration: Insurance premium regs saved Americans $1 billion

    The Obama administration said Tuesday that Americans have saved $1 billion on health insurance, one year into a new mandate on insurers to explain why they want to hike rates. Published September 11 2012

  • Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama to campaign in Virginia Thursday

    The Romney and Obama campaigns just can't quit Virginia. Published September 11 2012

  • Health insurance costs growing slower

    Americans' wages are still failing to keep pace with the rising cost of their health insurance, but employer-sponsored coverage costs grew more slowly this year, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Published September 11 2012

  • Crossroads launches $2.6 million campaign against Kaine, Dems

    Crossroads GPS, the sister group of the Karl Rove-affiliated Super PAC American Crossroads, launched a $2.6 million ad buy Tuesday that includes three spots attacking Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia. Published September 11 2012

  • IRS: We'll be ready for health care law

    A top IRS official assured Congress on Tuesday that the agency will be prepared to dole out health insurance subsidies to millions of Americans 15 months from now. Published September 11 2012

  • IRS pays $104 million to whistleblower

    The IRS has awarded the largest whistleblower award in history — $104 million — to a former UBS banker who gave information that helped expose a $20 billion offshore banking scheme, the whistleblower's lawyers said Tuesday. Published September 11 2012

  • Panetta: Both parties irresponsible on automatic defense cuts

    U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta slammed Congress on Tuesday for failing to come up with a deal to prevent an additional half-trillion dollars in defense cuts, saying that the looming cutbacks would have a drastic effect on the nation's armed forces. Published September 11 2012

  • McCain: Obama's foreign policy 'an abysmal failure'

    Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, pulled no punches in attacking President Obama's foreign policy record Tuesday, calling his Middle East policy an "abysmal failure" and saying he's gone "AWOL" on negotiations over looming cuts to the federal defense budget. Published September 11 2012