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Inside Politics Archive: September 2012

  • Obama up 1 percentage point in new post-convention poll

    While a few polls have shown President Obama with a tangible lead after the Democratic National Convention, a new one gives him a razor-thin 1-point advantage over Republican Mitt Romney and less-than-solid marks on his handling of the economy. Published September 11 2012

  • Obama gets bump in national polls

    Fresh off last week's Democratic National Convention, President Obama has stretched his lead over Mitt Romney among nationwide voters, according to polls released Monday. Published September 10 2012

  • Crist tops Florida Dem primary poll

    Former GOP Florida Gov. Charlie Crist holds a commanding lead in a poll testing potential candidates in a hypothetical matchup for the 2014 Democratic primary for the state's governor. Published September 10 2012

  • Obama's fundraising beats Romney's in Aug.

    President Obama narrowly raised more funds than Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on the campaign trail last month, breaking a three-month streak of greater fundraising totals by the GOP candidate. Published September 10 2012

  • Tech challenge: Obama has trouble with iPhone

    On the campaign trail, President Obama is constantly talking about the importance of technology, but he met his match in an iPhone Sunday. Published September 9 2012

  • Pizza shop owner puts president in a bear hug

    President Obama says campaigning lifts his spirits, but on Sunday a burly restaurant owner gave Mr. Obama a lift literally. Published September 9 2012

  • Obama: Romney offers 'bad math, bad leadership'

    Running up trillion-dollar deficits isn't stopping President Obama from blasting the budget and tax-cut proposals of Republican rival Mitt Romney. Published September 9 2012

  • Obama jokes with boy about birth certificate

    Upon meeting a child Saturday who was born in Hawaii, President Obama joked about the boy's birth certificate. Published September 8 2012

  • Romney's grade for Obama first term: 'Dismal,' 'disappointing'

    Mitt Romney, who was relatively quiet this week during the Democratic National Convention, slammed President Obama in his fourth weekly podcast released Saturday. Published September 8 2012

  • Crist gets another hug with Obama

    Bloggers are having a little fun with this morning's handshake-and-hearty-hug greeting between former Republican Charlie Crist and President Barack Obama, who kicked off a two-day bus tour in Florida on Saturday. Published September 8 2012

  • McCaskill touts centrist Senate ranking

    In her quest to convince Missouri voters she's moderate enough for them, Sen. Claire McCaskill is highlighting a ranking of senators that placed her smack dab in the ideological center. Published September 7 2012

  • Romney releases 15 ads in eight battleground states

    Flexing his financial muscle, Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, released 15 new television ads across eight battleground states — a firm reminder that the Republican has more cash on hand to toss around than President Obama heading in the final months of the campaign. Published September 7 2012

  • Romney predicts Obama will ask for 'reset' on 2008 promises

    Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, said Thursday that Barack Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he laid out on the campaign trail four years ago and predicted the president will ask for a "promises reset" when he addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Published September 6 2012

  • Public employees union ramps up political ads

    A public employees union made three massive advertising buys Tuesday, catapaulting the previously relatively quiet union to a major player in critical Senate races as well as the presidential election. Published September 6 2012

  • Ryan pounces on Democrats' 'God and Jerusalem' flap

    Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate, took a jab Thursday at the Democratic Party's last-minute insertion of a reference to God into the party platform, saying Democrats were "against God before they were for Him." Published September 6 2012

  • Report: U.S. added 201,000 jobs in August

    The federal government won't release its August jobs report until Friday, but a payroll processing firm says the country added 201,000 private-sector jobs last month. Published September 6 2012

  • Giffords to lead Pledge of Allegiance at Democratic convention

    The final night of the Democratic National Convention will get off to an emotional start as organizers announced Thursday that former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will lead delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance. Published September 6 2012

  • Poll: Romney trims gap in New Jersey

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has gained support in New Jersey but still trails President Obama by a significant margin, according to a poll released Thursday. Published September 6 2012

  • Baldwin: Ryan, Walker don't speak for the real Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has emerged as a key swing state in this year's presidential race, and Democrats are asking their Senate candidate in the state to help bring voters back into their favor. Published September 6 2012

  • Report: One-third of 2009 health spending wasted

    Roughly one-third of 2009 health care spending was wasted on unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs and fraud, according to a national Institute of Medicine report released Thursday. Published September 6 2012