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Inside Politics Archive: April 2013

  • Rep. Dave Camp passes on Mich. Senate race

    Rep. Dave Camp, a Michigan Republican who is chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, said Thursday he is not gunning for the seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Carl Levin in 2014. saying he is more focused on passing comprehensive tax reform during this session of Congress. Published April 11 2013

  • Dr. Ben Carson cancels Hopkins speech after gay-marriage protests

    Conservative darling and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has canceled a scheduled commencement speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine after an uproar over his gay-marriage stance, The Baltimore Sun reported. Published April 11 2013

  • Bill Richardson: Let's sit down with North Korea (again)

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson still believes that sitting down and talking to North Korean leaders is the best way to avoid war. Published April 11 2013

  • Obama tax hikes 'dead on arrival,' GOP Rep. Kevin Brady says

    President Obama is looking to again raise taxes as part of his Fiscal 2014 budget, but those attempts are a waste of time and stand no chance of becoming law, a Republican congressman said Thursday morning. Published April 11 2013

  • Americans don't know much about sequestration, Gallup poll says

    If Americans seem less-than-outraged about the $85 billion in "sequestration" cuts this year, there's a reason for that: Almost half don't know enough to have an opinion, a new Gallup poll says. Published April 11 2013

  • Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS fed up with FEC info requests

    Crossroads GPS, the Karl Rove-affiliated conservative group that spent at least $30 million on issue ads and other advocacy leading up to Election Day, is darn tired of being asked by the Federal Election Commission to tell the public where it gets its money and how it spends it. Published April 10 2013

  • North Dakota AG seeks war chest to defend abortion law

    Gearing up for legal battles to come, North Dakota's attorney general is asking lawmakers to put an extra $400,000 into his budget to fight expected court challenges following the passage of the state's tough new anti-abortion legislation, which is among the most restrictive state laws in the country. Published April 10 2013

  • Confidence in Obama's handling of economy hits four-year high, poll finds

    As he rolls out his fiscal 2014 budget on Wednesday, a new survey finds that Americans haven't felt this confident about President Obama's handling of the economy since his first year in office. Published April 10 2013

  • First lady takes gun control push to Chicago

    First Lady Michelle Obama will take the White House's legislative push for gun control to her hometown of Chicago Wednesday where she will address a luncheon on youth violence. Published April 9 2013

  • DeMint calls for transparency in crafting of immigration bill

    Former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina said Tuesday that lawmakers should be more transparent about the comprehensive immigration bill they are hammering out behind closed doors with business and labor leaders. Published April 9 2013

  • McCain gets clearance to use leftover campaign cash from 2008

    Five years after he lost a bid for the presidency to Barack Obama, Arizona Sen. John McCain is making moves with leftover campaign cash. Nearly $600,000 that was restricted to use for legal purposes, such as the possibility of a recount, has been freed up to use for political or charitable purposes and moved to the main long-dormant campaign committee, filings showed Tuesday. Published April 9 2013

  • D.C. health exchange won't impose higher premiums on smokers

    D.C. officials setting up an insurance marketplace under President Obama's health care law have barred insurance companies from charging higher premiums to smokers, citing potentially adverse effects on low-income populations and minorities. Published April 9 2013

  • North Korea's travel warning 'unhelpful,' White House says

    White House spokesman Jay Carney called North Korea's warning to foreigners in South Korea to leave the country yet another "unhelpful" threat by Pyongyang. Published April 9 2013

  • Medicare head promises to probe market leak

    The acting administrator for the federal Medicare agency told Sen. Chuck Grassley she will conduct a thorough investigation of a possible intelligence leak from her ranks that jolted the stock market earlier this month. Published April 9 2013

  • Reid slams Republicans on threatened gun bill delay

    For the second consecutive day, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed Republicans for threatening to delay debate on gun legislation and accused them of talking out of both sides of their mouths. Published April 9 2013

  • Gabby Giffords' husband Mark Kelly takes target practice, during CNN interview

    They may be staunch supporters of stricter gun laws, but former Rep. Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly still keep their own firearms. Published April 9 2013

  • Poll: Obama most popular on gay issues

    President Obama's handling of gay issues is the only policy area in which a majority of voters support his efforts, according to a new poll. Published April 8 2013

  • White House says Kiev's pardons are good step

    The White House Monday praised Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to pardon two jailed allies of imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, but also said Kiev needs to do more to establish a true democracy in the country as it seeks to create closer relations with the European Union. Published April 8 2013

  • Grassley demands answers on Medicare leak

    Sen. Chuck Grassley said the acting director of the federal Medicare agency needs to hold someone accountable for a supposed leak of information that had an immediate impact on Wall Street last week. Published April 8 2013

  • Catholic bishop thanks people who filed contraception lawsuits

    The Catholic archbishop in charge of promoting religious liberty expressed his "deep gratitude" to religious nonprofits and devout corporate owners who are challenging a mandate in President Obama's health care law that requires most employers to insure contraception. Published April 8 2013