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Inside Politics Archive: April 2013

  • Heritage Action For America calls on lawmakers to shoot down gun legislation

    The sister organization of the conservative Heritage Foundation is urging lawmakers to shoot down the package of stricter gun control laws that the Senate is expected to take up when they return to Washington from its two-week recess. Published April 2 2013

  • Ted Cruz in 2016? Texas senator to speak at South Carolina dinner

    Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, will travel to South Carolina next month to keynote the state GOP's Silver Elephant Dinner — an appearance that puts the tea party favorite in a state that traditionally has been one of the first to vote in Republican presidential primaries. Published April 2 2013

  • White House to launch new brain research program: Report

    President Obama will launch a $100 million human brain research program at the White House on Tuesday that could develop new ways to treat autism, Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury. Published April 2 2013

  • White House hosts premiere of Jackie Robinson movie

    At the White House Tuesday night, President Obama will host a movie premiere about a black man who broke the so-called "color barrier." Published April 1 2013

  • Colbert Busch campaign: Dem leads in general election matchups

    Elizabeth Colbert Busch's campaign released poll numbers Monday that showed the Democrat leading Republicans Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford in potential general election matchups. Published April 1 2013

  • White House sends hundreds of OMB staffers furlough notices

    The White House has sent furlough notices to 480 people in its budget office, but Jay Carney, President Obama's spokesman, would not say Monday whether anyone working in the West Wing will be affected by the sequester budget cuts now taking effect. Published April 1 2013

  • Indebted DNC sends barrage of solicits

    The Democratic National Committee says going $21 million into debt was worth every penny to win the election, but that doesn't mean it isn't desperately pleading for cash. Published April 1 2013

  • Paper: U.S. must have border security 'yardstick' for reform

    Arizona's biggest newspaper is arguing in an editorial that comprehensive immigration reform could be "doomed" if Department of Homeland Security Janet A. Napolitano fails to come up with a yardstick for measuring border security. Published April 1 2013

  • Texas leaders stand firm against Obamacare

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined the state's GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and other lawmakers in Austin on Monday to reiterate their opposition to "Obamacare" and call for flexibility in how they implement Medicaid, a health entitlement program for the poor that they view as broken. Published April 1 2013

  • FAA to hold online drone privacy forum

    The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday will host its first "online public engagement session" to allow the public to voice concerns over the threats to personal privacy posed by domestic drones. Published April 1 2013

  • Hate your kids? Support Fed's policies, says Reagan budget chief David Stockman

    David Stockman, a director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration, said Monday that if people hate their children, they should cheering on the policies being pushed by the Federal Reserve. Published April 1 2013