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Inside Politics Archive: January 2013

  • White House won't comment on Beyonce's lip-sync

    The White House is trying to play down reports about Beyonce's lip-syncing the national anthem as trivial news with no real impact. Published January 23 2013

  • Leahy introduces gun legislation, sets Jan. 30 hearing

    Sen. Patrick Leahy, Vermont Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has introduced legislation to combat illegal straw purchasing of guns and gun trafficking and pledged that his committee will conduct a hearing on gun violence next week. Published January 23 2013

  • Lautenberg proposes closing 'gun-show loophole'

    Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg said Wednesday that he has reintroduced legislation to close the "gun-show loophole" that allows private vendors to sell guns without conducting background checks on the purchasers. Published January 23 2013

  • McConnell: Obama should abandon 'far-left agenda' on debt

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a stinging criticism of President Obama's post-election approach to the national deficit, saying the president has adopted an "adversarial tone" and "far-left agenda" and instead should try to help Democrats recognize they are living in a "fantasy world" when it comes to the nation's fiscal challenges. Published January 23 2013

  • NRA's LaPierre hits back at Obama's inaugural speech

    Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association's executive vice president and CEO, blasted President Obama on Tuesday evening, claiming that Mr. Obama made a "mockery" of the Declaration of Independence in his inaugural address on Monday. Published January 23 2013

  • 'Frack Nation' opens nationwide, offers non-Hollywood take on fracking

    The fracking movie wars intensified Tuesday with the national debut of the pro-development documentary 'Frack Nation' at screening events nationwide and on the cable channel AXS TV. Published January 22 2013

  • Biden won't tip hand about 2016 decision

    Although he's behaving as if he wants to run for president, Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Tuesday he doesn't know what he'll do in 2016. Published January 22 2013

  • Obama nonprofit invites pay to play, watchdog says

    A government watchdog group that often has attacked the secrecy of Republican-leaning political money machines turned its sights on President Obama Tuesday, giving a scathing review of his decision to turn his campaign committee into a little-regulated nonprofit group. Published January 22 2013

  • GOP Nebraska senator wants 'individual mandate' struck down

    A Nebraska senator has introduced yet another bill that seeks to "dismantle" President Obama's signature first-term achievement — sweeping health care reforms. Published January 22 2013

  • Rep. Massie, an MIT grad, questions Obama's global-warming claims

    Rep. Thomas Massie challenged President Obama to roll out the proof that humans have played a hand in climate change. Published January 22 2013

  • Obama praises Roe v. Wade on 40th anniversary

    President Obama on Tuesday hailed the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that made abortion a constitutional right. Published January 22 2013

  • California city weighs banning gun shows

    A California city is set to weigh whether or not to ban gun shows from a location where a show has been held for the last two decades. Published January 22 2013

  • Obama attends National Prayer Service

    President Obama's high-profile public events surrounding his second-term swearing-in are over, but he still has a few lingering inaugural-related events Tuesday. Published January 22 2013

  • GOP's Portman seeks spending cuts to match debt increase

    Sen. Rob Portman said Tuesday he plans to introduce a measure requiring that any increase in the nation's borrowing ceiling be offset with spending cuts elsewhere in the federal budget over the next decade. Published January 22 2013

  • Lautenberg, McCarthy propose high-capacity magazine ban

    New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg and New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy said Tuesday that they have introduced companion bills to ban high-capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Published January 22 2013

  • Obama signed King Bible

    After the swearing-in ceremony in which President Obama took the oath of office with his hand on Bibles owned by President Lincoln and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Obama and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who administered the oath, signed their names in Mr. King's Bible. Published January 21 2013

  • Rave reviews for self-described Republican Kelly Clarkson's inauguration contribution

    It isn't being mentioned much in the rave reviews of her inauguration-stopping rendition of 'America,' from the steps of the Capitol on Monday afternoon, but Kelly Clarkson is a rarity among Hollywood celebrities — a Republican. Published January 21 2013

  • Sen. Rand Paul takes his message to South Carolina

    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, fresh off a trip to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, is heading to South Carolina Monday to meet with business leaders, local press and the speaker of the state house. Published January 21 2013

  • Messina: Gun control won't hurt rest of Obama's second-term agenda

    Adding gun control to the president's list of second-term priorities won't interfere with other items on the White House agenda, promises top Obama strategist Jim Messina. Published January 19 2013

  • Top senator scolds Holder over Reddit founder's suicide

    Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, sent a letter Friday questioning whether federal prosecutors were overzealous in their prosecution of Aaron Swartz, an Internet activist and co-founder of the website Reddit who took his own life last week. Published January 18 2013