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Inside Politics Archive: January 2013

  • Obama's inaugural ball line-up includes Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder

    This Monday's main two inaugural balls will feature a wide variety of glitzy entertainers — a little something for every age group and musical taste. Published January 18 2013

  • Texas lawmaker renews quest for WWI memorial on Mall

    A Texas congressman has revived his effort to build a National World War I Memorial on the National Mall, an effort that did not come to fruition last year amid concerns about new construction on the heavily trafficked strip of federal land. Published January 18 2013

  • Obamas hit the town for first lady's birthday

    President Obama took first lady Michelle Obama out to dinner in Georgetown Thursday to celebrate her 49th birthday. Published January 17 2013

  • Energy Secretary Chu to leave Obama administration

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu, whose stormy tenure was marred by his support for loans to Solyndra before the solar-panel maker went bankrupt, will announce his departure from the Obama administration as soon as next week. Published January 17 2013

  • GOP's Ryan floats short-term budget ceiling deal

    The chairman of the House Budget Committee said Thursday that Republicans are considering a short-term increase in the nation's borrowing limit if it can pave the way for serious deficit-reduction discussions with President Obama and Senate Democrats. Published January 17 2013

  • Gov. Brewer rallies support for decision on 'Obamacare' — reluctantly

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer made waves this week by announcing plans to accept federal funds to help expand Medicaid coverage in her state, even as she reiterated her deep concerns with President Obama's controversial health care law. Published January 17 2013

  • White House 'seeking clarity' on status of U.S. hostages in Algeria

    The White House doesn't know whether American hostages at a natural gas field in Algeria are dead or alive and are trying to "seek clarity" from the Algerian government on their status. Published January 17 2013

  • House leaders keep ethics watchdog up and running

    House leaders reappointed the board of directors for a Congressional ethics panel Wednesday, officially allowing the House-funded investigative unit to remain up and running. Published January 16 2013

  • Whole Foods CEO: Health care law 'like fascism'

    The CEO of Whole Foods compared President Obama's health care law to "fascism" in a radio interview on Wednesday, a turnabout from earlier comments in which he compared the signature reforms to socialism. Published January 16 2013

  • Allen West lands new conservative media gig

    Former Republican Rep. Allen West, an outspoken tea party firebrand who lost re-election in November after one term, has been hired by the conservative PJ Media as director of "next generation programming." Published January 16 2013

  • NRA: 'Attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution'

    The National Rifle Association said Wednesday it looks forward to working on a bipartisan basis with Congress "to find real solutions to protecting America's most valuable asset — our children." Published January 16 2013

  • Poll: More Americans favor stricter gun controls

    A new poll shows the country is deeply divided when it comes to tighter gun controls, with a majority of people favoring stricter laws, a large percentage opposed and only a handful who don't have an opinion on the matter. Published January 16 2013

  • House plans vote to overturn Obama's pay hike

    The House will vote next week on a bill to extend the federal workers' pay freeze, with Republican leaders saying the deficit is still too high to begin hiking salaries. Published January 16 2013

  • D.C. banner lobbies for vote on Obama parade route

    One day after President Obama agreed to use license plates that call attention to the D.C. resident's lack of voting rights in Congress, city leaders unveiled a large banner at city hall that will highlight their constituents' plight during Mr. Obama's inauguration parade. Published January 16 2013

  • Leahy on guns: Treat children better than deer

    The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that he supports closing the gun-show loophole and limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines, and said he'll convene the first hearings surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting. Published January 16 2013

  • Obama proclaims Religious Freedom Day

    On the same day he is proposing to place restrictions on the Second Amendment right to bear arms, President Obama issued a proclamation celebrating the First Amendment by declaring Wednesday as Religious Freedom Day. Published January 16 2013

  • White House: NRA ad 'repugnant,' 'cowardly'

    The White House hit back strongly Wednesday against a new ad from the National Rifle Association that invokes President Obama's daughters and criticizes him for not fully backing more armed guards in schools, labeling such an attack "repugnant and cowardly." Published January 16 2013

  • White House raises threshold for petitions to 100,000 signatures

    The right to petition the White House for redress of citizens' grievances, from deporting CNN anchor Piers Morgan to states asking to secede, just got more burdensome. Published January 16 2013

  • Norton again offers D.C. statehood bill in Congress

    The District's non-voting member of Congress introduced a bill on Tuesday to make the nation's capital the 51st state, an act that's essentially become tradition for the city's "warrior on the Hill." Published January 15 2013

  • Texas lawmaker: Arrest officials who enforce 'King Obama' gun laws

    A Texas state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for officials to enforce any measures approved by President Obama or passed by Congress that ban so-called assault weapons or limit the capacity of gun ammunition clips, a San Antonio radio station reports. Published January 15 2013