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Inside Politics Archive: July 2013

  • White House threatens veto of IRS bar in health care law

    The White House on Wednesday said President Obama would veto a House bill that would prohibit the IRS from implementing or enforcing the health care law, an unsurprising verdict on congressional Republicans' latest attempt to dismantle the president's top legislative achievement. Published July 31 2013

  • House panel votes to change Medicare funding approach

    A key House panel unanimously approved a bill on Wednesday that would replace the formula that pays doctors for each service provided under Medicare with one that rewards providers for high-quality care — a measure that both sides of the political aisle praised as long overdue. Published July 31 2013

  • Axelrod: Weiner situation going to be 'pimple' on the backside of progress

    Former White House senior adviser David Axelrod said the unraveling situation with New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner will be merely a "pimple on the [expletive] of progress" in three years. Published July 31 2013

  • Weiner aide apologizes for profanity-laced rant about former intern

    The communications director for the New York City mayoral campaign of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is apologizing for a lengthy profane and sexist tirade in which she dressed down a former intern, calling her phrases used as derogatory slang for female body parts and saying she "sucked" at her job. Published July 31 2013

  • Rep. Tom Cole on Obamacare defunding: 'Pickett had a better chance'

    Rep. Tom Cole, Oklahoma Republican, said Wednesday that the ongoing fight inside the Republican party over defunding Obamacare isn't the right one to have, and that Maj. Gen. George Pickett had a better chance in his unsuccessful attack during the Battle of Gettysburg that ended in retreat for Confederate forces. Published July 31 2013

  • Obamacare mandate delay adds $12B to law's cost: audit

    Congressional auditors say the Obama administration's decision to delay a key mandate in the new health care law will raise the cost of the law slightly, by $12 billion, over the next 10 years. Published July 30 2013

  • Obama's host discounts his books

    As President Obama visits an Amazon.com distribution center Tuesday, the online retailer is reducing the prices of several of the president's books, just weeks after the Justice Department successfully prosecuted Amazon's competitors in the publishing world for price-fixing. Published July 30 2013

  • Conservative groups rally behind Obamacare defunding push

    A who's who of conservative groups is urging House Republican leaders to strip funding for "Obamacare" during the upcoming budget debate, lending weight to a movement that has split congressional Republicans by threatening a government shutdown to dismantle the health care law. Published July 30 2013

  • Stephen Colbert pokes fun at 'Burn your Obamacare card' campaign

    Television satirist Stephen Colbert on Monday said conservative group FreedomWorks isn't letting "a little thing like not existing get in the way" when it comes to their new campaign urging Americans to burn their "Obamacare cards." Published July 30 2013

  • Gabriel Gomez joins GOProud board

    Republican Gabriel Gomez, who recently lost to U.S. Sen. Ed Markey in a special election to fill the seat of Secretary of State John Kerry, is joining the board of GOProud, a national advocacy group for gay and straight Republicans and conservatives. Published July 30 2013

  • Sarah Palin leads GOP pack in would-be Alaska Senate primary matchup

    She may not be communicating much with the new head of the state party, but former Alaska Gov. and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is the top choice for Republicans to run against Democratic Sen. Mark Begich in the state's U.S. Senate race next year. Published July 30 2013

  • It's the perfect time for a vacation! Obamas again to summer on Martha's Vineyard

    President Obama and his family will return to the summer playground of Martha's Vineyard next month for an eight-day vacation at the $7.6 million home of a Chicago financier, accompanied by more than 70 security agents and staffers. Published July 29 2013

  • Nader: Obama a 'corporatist under a liberal sheen'

    Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader said Monday that despite the perceived rancor between the two parties in Washington, there are actually very few substantive differences between them. Published July 29 2013

  • President Obama and Hillary Clinton meet for lunch at White House

    President Obama's lunch at the White House Monday with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was due to their "genuine friendship," a presidential spokesman said. Published July 29 2013

  • Howard Dean: Congress should scrap 'health-care rationing body'

    Former Vermont governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has had plenty of good things to say about Obamacare, but he does not believe an independent board that can determine health-care cost rates and services — dubbed a "death panel" by its most vociferous detractors — will work as intended. Published July 29 2013

  • 52 percent of Americans back gay marriage for all 50 states: poll

    Fifty-two percent of Americans say they would vote for a federal amendment legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, compared to 43 percent who would vote against one. Published July 29 2013

  • Obama again waives ban on Palestinian aid

    President Obama on Friday afternoon ordered another waiver of congressional restrictions on direct funding of the Palestinian Authority, clearing the way for more U.S. aid. Published July 26 2013

  • U.S. sending two Guantanamo inmates to Algeria

    The White House said Friday afternoon that the U.S. is sending two terrorism detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center to Algeria, in advancing President Obama's goal of eventually closing the facility. Published July 26 2013

  • GOP presses Treasury on subsidies to Obamacare exchanges

    The House's top investigator wants the Treasury to explain why states that opted for a federally run insurance market under President Obama's health care law will be able to offer government subsidies to residents who enroll in search of health insurance. Published July 26 2013

  • Obama hosts Cabinet, families at Camp David

    President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are hosting members of the Cabinet and their families at Camp David Friday, away from the media. Published July 26 2013