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Inside Politics Archive: July 2013

  • Schumer: Napolitano did 'A+ work'

    While those on both sides of the immigration issue have panned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's time in office, Sen. Charles E. Schumer gives her the very highest marks. Published July 12 2013

  • Mass. will repeal state's employer health mandate: Report

    Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says he will not veto a plan to repeal the state-based mandate requiring employers of 10 or more workers to provide health coverage, even though a less-stringent federal mandate has been delayed for one year, according to the Boston Globe. Published July 12 2013

  • Napolitano's California appointment to be 'met with protests'

    Immigrant-rights groups are vowing to protest if the University of California hires Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to head its school system, saying her record as chief of President Obama's immigration policy has been "an unmitigated failure." Published July 12 2013

  • Feds tout research on shattered baseball bats

    Hailing it as work to make "America's Pastime safer," the Agriculture Department announce Friday that government research funded by Major League Baseball will significantly reduce the number of shattered wooden bats. Published July 12 2013

  • Treasury IG needs to explain scope of IRS investigation, Rep. Elijah Cummings says

    The top Democrat on a House investigative panel wants an inspector general who raised questions about the IRS' reported targeting of conservative groups to testify about new emails suggesting progressive groups were singled out, too, and that inappropriate criteria was driven by confusion, not politics. Published July 12 2013

  • Sarah Palin has not talked to Alaska GOP about possible Senate bid: report

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told her Fox News colleague Sean Hannity that she has considered running for the Senate against Democrat Mark Begich, but she apparently has not hashed out the idea with party leaders back home. Published July 12 2013

  • House Republicans file bills to delay Obamacare mandates

    A pair of House Republicans have filed legislation to delay key mandates in President Obama's health care law, following through on GOP leadership's plans to seize on recent setbacks in the law's implementation. Published July 12 2013

  • Sen. Rand Paul files bill to stop aid to Egypt

    Sen. Rand Paul has filed legislation to stop the United States from sending aid to Egypt's government, deeming the military's overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi a "coup d'etat" despite President Obama's and other leaders' reluctance to do so. Published July 12 2013

  • Obama scolds Chinese envoys over Snowden

    In an Oval Office meeting Thursday with Chinese officials, President Obama vented his frustration with China for allowing fugitive Edward Snowden to flee Hong Kong last month. Published July 11 2013

  • Senator wants department to cancel conference

    A top U.S. senator is calling on the Education Department to call off a conference and bus trip in light of Obama administration claims that other student programs face cuts. Published July 11 2013

  • Santorum stands with Texas pro-lifers

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum parachuted in Texas on Thursday to throw his support behind the Republican-led push to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and impose stricter regulations on abortion clinics — putting the former GOP presidential candidate in the middle of a fiery national debate that is right in his political wheelhouse. Published July 11 2013

  • Medicaid agency director tries to dispel 'myths' about Obamacare systems

    The agency director tasked with implementing portions of President Obama's health care law hit back at "myths" surrounding recently published rules on how Americans' income levels will be scrutinized before they obtain government-subsidized health insurance. Published July 11 2013

  • Sen. Barbara Mikulski compares long-winded fellow Democrat to Lincoln

    Film buffs and political junkies who delighted in "Lincoln," a recent film about the 16th president's bid to end slavery through the 13th Amendment, will recall Honest Abe's penchant for long-winded stories. Published July 11 2013

  • Nancy Pelosi says there's no virtue in delaying Obamacare's individual mandate

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday flatly rejected talk of delaying a mandate in President Obama's health care law that requires most Americans to acquire some form of health insurance or pay a fine. Published July 11 2013

  • Poll: Bush still gets more blame for economic woes

    More Americans are likely to blame former President George W. Bush alone for the country's lingering economic struggles than single out President Obama as the one responsible, according to a new poll. Published July 11 2013

  • Obama to host Vietnamese president for state visit

    President Obama will host Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang for an official state visit on July 25, the White House announced Thursday. Published July 11 2013

  • Minnesota mayor, 4, wants another term

    Small-town mayors run for re-election all the time, so it's really not a big deal — except when the boss is a 4-year-old. Published July 11 2013

  • Sen. John Thune: GOP is seizing on Obamacare's stumbles, but still wants health reform

    Republican Sen. John Thune said Thursday that any delay of President Obama's health care law, a set of reforms his party views as harmful, "is a good thing." Published July 11 2013

  • Americans increasingly accepting of immigrants: poll

    More Americans support maintaining immigration into the country at its present level than those who say it should be decreased, a new poll shows. Published July 11 2013

  • Sen. Jerry Moran wants colleagues to weigh in on Obamacare delays

    Sen. Jerry Moran will put President Obama's health care law in the spotlight Thursday by forcing committee votes on mandates within the law during consideration of a health spending bill. Published July 11 2013