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Inside Politics Archive: July 2013

  • Obama to meet with black caucus to discuss economy, voting rights

    President Obama will meet Tuesday with the Congressional Black Caucus for the first time since the Supreme Court struck down a key section of the Voting Rights Act. Published July 9 2013

  • Speaker John Boehner mimics White House in avoiding talk of a 'coup' in Egypt

    House Speaker John A. Boehner declined this week to call the military takeover in Egypt a "coup," mirroring the White House's delicate approach to the diplomatically sensitive situation in Cairo. Published July 9 2013

  • Federal judge blocks portions of Wisconsin's new abortion law

    A judge has reportedly blocked Wisconsin from enforcing anti-abortion rules that Gov. Scott Walker signed into law last week. Published July 9 2013

  • With new delays, Paul Ryan wants to know how much Obamacare will cost

    House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is reportedly seeking a new estimate of how much President Obama's health care law will cost, now that a key funding mechanism has been delayed. Published July 9 2013

  • Harry Reid: July 4 was a blast, but now it's time for Congress to act

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn't ask his grandson where all the fireworks came from, but he sure had fun on July 4. Published July 8 2013

  • Texas pro-lifers to rally in Austin for anti-abortion efforts

    Pro-life activists from around Texas will rally at the Statehouse in Austin on Monday evening, one day before a key vote on a legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and close many of the state's abortion clinics. Published July 8 2013

  • GOP targets Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy for Obamacare flip-flop

    Hoping to make political capital over popular dissatisfaction with the new health care law, the National Republican Congressional Committee has issued a "flip-flop alert" against a Florida congressman who issued a statement in support of the White House's decision to delay the "employer mandate" provision in the law for a year. Published July 8 2013

  • GOP compares Schweitzer to Akin in Mont. Senate fight

    The Senate GOP campaign arm is taking aim at former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer's potential 2014 Senate bid, warning that if the "loud-mouthed" Democrat enters the race he would be the next Rep. W. Todd Akin, the Republican whose comments about "legitimate rape" sank his 2012 campaign and tarnished his party's national brand. Published July 8 2013

  • Ron Paul says U.S. meddling in Egypt led to diplomacy muddle

    Former presidential candidate and libertarian hero Ron Paul said the U.S. government backed itself into a corner by supporting both sides of Egypt's political spectrum before the country's military toppled President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood-led government last week. Published July 8 2013

  • Capitol Hill's tax reformers start American tour with Scotch Tape and baked goods

    Capitol Hill lawmakers charged with reforming the nation's tax code are kicking off a listening tour of America on Monday with a pair of stops in Minnesota's Twin Cities area. Published July 8 2013

  • Obama campaign spinoff mobilizes to promote health care law

    A nonprofit that spun off from President Obama's political campaigns is promoting the new health care law with advertisements that highlight the benefits of the reforms for everyday Americans. Published July 8 2013

  • Aetna insurance company warns of higher health care costs

    One of the nation's largest health insurers is warning customers they might pay more for their coverage in 2014 because of President Obama's health care law. Published July 8 2013

  • Americans for Prosperity launches $1M ad campaign against Obamacare

    Americans for Prosperity, the free-market advocacy group bankrolled by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, is launching a $700,000 ad campaign against President Obama's health care overhaul as the administration rushes to implement parts of it before October. Published July 8 2013

  • Conservative group begins pro-immigration-reform ad campaign

    The American Action Network, a right-leaning 501(c)4 advocacy group headed by former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, is launching an ad campaign this week intended to pressure wary members of the House of Representatives to pass what the campaign calls "conservative immigration reform." Published July 8 2013

  • Conservatives pile on after Obamacare's shaky week

    Republican lawmakers and advocacy groups are ramping up their criticism of the Obama administration and its health care law this week, days after the White House quietly announced a delay in the "employer mandate" and issued a rule that says state-run exchanges will rely on an honor system to verify certain applicants' income data. Published July 8 2013

  • Most Americans get news from TV, Gallup poll says

    To the likely consternation of newspaper executives everywhere, television is the main source of news about current events for 55 percent of Americans, a new poll from Gallup said on Monday. Published July 8 2013

  • George W. Bush: Obama and I 'didn't sit around and hash out policy'

    President Obama and former President George W. Bush had a few private moments when the two of them were both in Africa last week — and Mr. Bush said those moments were relatively light. Published July 7 2013

  • Grassley could back House immigration bill

    Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley predicted Friday that he will be able to support the immigration bill that comes out of the GOP-controlled House because it will do more to secure the border than the proposal that passed out of the Senate last week. Published July 5 2013

  • Leahy says Egypt aid in jeopardy

    A key Democratic senator on foreign-policy issues is suggesting that U.S. aid to Egypt could suffer in the wake of the military coup that overthrew the Middle Eastern nation's elected president on Wednesday. Published July 3 2013

  • White House to honor Star Wars' Lucas, playwright Kushner among others

    Musician Herb Alpert, film director George Lucas and playwright Tony Kushner will be among the artists and scholars to receive National Medals of Arts and Humanities from President Obama at the White House next week. Published July 3 2013