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Inside Politics Archive: November 2013

  • Wis. Gov. Scott Walker: 2016 GOP candidate must be from outside Washington

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Sunday the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nominee must have a strong record of accomplishment at the state level and cannot be associated with Washington dysfunction — a description that seems to fit the controversial politician himself. Published November 17 2013

  • House GOP: Internal emails show deep worries over Obamacare launch

    Piling on pressure over Obamacare's struggles, House Republicans on Friday released government emails that they said show Obama administration officials had concerns about the system crashing upon launch. Published November 15 2013

  • Bubba trounces Obama: Americans say Clinton the better president

    About six in 10 likely voters say President Obama's would-be "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" did a better job in the White House than the current commander-in-chief. Published November 15 2013

  • Mitt Romney: Obama's second term in jeopardy because of health care

    Mitt Romney said Friday that the disastrous rollout of President Obama's health care law — and the broken promise that if people liked their plan, they could keep it under the law — put the rest of Mr. Obama's second term in jeopardy. Published November 15 2013

  • Six in 10 Americans think JFK's assassination was a conspiracy

    About six in 10 Americans believe that more than one person was involved in the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of President John F. Kennedy — the lowest percentage in nearly 50 years. Published November 15 2013

  • GOP Rep. Michael Burgess: House Obamacare bill 'like putting a tourniquet on a cancer'

    Rep. Michael Burgess, Texas Republican, said Friday morning he intends to vote for a Republican-sponsored bill to let insurance companies keep offering health plans that are in effect before Jan. 1, but that it comes nowhere close to fixing larger problems associated with President Obama's health care overhaul. Published November 15 2013

  • Obama tells donors he needs a Democratic Congress; raises $1 million

    President Obama helped to raise more than $1 million Thursday night for Senate Democratic candidates at the home of a top Comcast executive in Philadelphia. Published November 14 2013

  • In a first, feds offer $1M reward for info on foreign crime network

    Do you have information on the Xaysavang Network? If so, the State Department is willing to pay $1 million. Published November 14 2013

  • Palin attacks 'critical media' in apology for comments on Pope

    Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin apologized for not being clear on recent remarks she made about Pope Francis, thus opening the door to what she called a "critical media" doing what it does best in "ginning up controversy." Published November 14 2013

  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Hill GOP doesn't owe Cuccinelli an apology

    House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, said that despite some who are blaming the partial government shutdown for Republican Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II's loss in the recent Virginia governor's race, Republicans on Capitol Hill don't owe anyone an apology. Published November 14 2013

  • Sen. Rand Paul: Christie's win in large part due to federal money for New Jersey

    Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, has taken another jab at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, saying his recent re-election can be partly chalked up to Mr. Christie's helping bring in federal money to his state after Hurricane Sandy last year. Published November 14 2013

  • Obama disapproval hits new high: poll

    President Obama's disapproval rating has hit an all-time high in a new poll — the second survey this week that shows public confidence in Mr. Obama rapidly eroding. Published November 14 2013

  • Approval of health care law lowest in a year

    Approval of President Obama's health care overhaul has dipped in recent weeks to its lowest level in a year as the administration deals with the fallout from a botched rollout of major parts of the law on Oct. 1. Published November 14 2013

  • Christie cancels Philadelphia appearance

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has cancelled his appearance at a speech in Philadelphia Thursday because he is "not well." The governor was to speak at the annual breakfast of the Committee of Seventy, a government watchdog group in Philadelphia. The group saidWednesday night that Mr. Christie had pulled out. He won a landslide victory last week for governor and is considered a contender for the presidency in 2016. Published November 13 2013

  • Arizona delegation asks Park Service for Grand Canyon 'refund'

    Arizona's two U.S. senators and seven members of its U.S. House delegation asked the National Park Service to reimburse state and private dollars used to re-open the Grand Canyon during the partial shutdown of the federal government last month. Published November 13 2013

  • Obama skirts 'Redskins' controversy at tribal conference

    After making waves last month by suggesting the Washington Redskins' name may be offensive to Native Americans, President Obama avoided the issue entirely during a Wednesday speech to tribal leaders gathered in Washington. Published November 13 2013

  • Norquist: Sequestration a 'loosely-fitting choke collar'

    Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), argued Wednesday that Republicans have the advantage in current fiscal negotiations on Capitol Hill because of the across-the-board spending cuts currently in effect. Published November 13 2013

  • U.S. Afghan depots fall short on security: Report

    As U.S. troops continue to draw back from Afghanistan, a new report shows that $7.5 million worth of military equipment was not properly accounted for, leaving sensitive U.S. assets vulnerable to theft. Published November 13 2013

  • Rep. Trey Gowdy seeks 'smartest guy in the room' at Obamacare hearing

    Congressman Trey Gowdy was rebuffed Wednesday when he tried to ask the Obama administration's tech experts about health policy during an oversight hearing on Capitol Hill, but he drew out some chuckles when he praised the intellect of a witness from the White House. Published November 13 2013

  • Dick Cheney 'inclined to agree' with Bill Clinton on Obamacare

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he's "inclined to agree" with former President Bill Clinton's recent comments that the federal government should honor President Obama's previous pledges that people can keep their health care plans if they so choose. Published November 13 2013