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Inside Politics Archive: October 2013

  • Americans lay most blame for shutdown on Republicans: poll

    A new poll says about three out of five Americans think Republicans are not doing enough to cooperate with President Obama, while roughly half think the president should do more to reach out to the GOP in a bid to end the government shutdown. Published October 9 2013

  • Sen. Pat Toomey: Medical device tax offers a way out of budget mess

    Sen. Pat Toomey said Wednesday he never thought his fellow Republicans would be able to totally defund Obamacare, but a rethinking of provisions within the law could be a "way out" of the political quagmire in which Capitol Hill finds itself. Published October 9 2013

  • Dysfunctional government is top issue for Americans: Gallup poll

    A new poll shows Americans are more likely to point to a dysfunctional government as the nation's top problem than any other topic, including the economy. Published October 9 2013

  • Obama weighs in for campaign finance limits

    Hours after a skeptical Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that could eliminate one of the remaining campaign finance limits for individuals, President Obama weighed in and warned the justices against allowing an "anything goes" system for campaign cash. Published October 8 2013

  • House GOP to Sebelius: Give us the Obamacare enrollment numbers

    House Republicans are asking President Obama's top health official to tell them how many people have enrolled in health coverage through online insurance markets tied to the new health care law. Published October 8 2013

  • GOP rep invites 15-minute Obamacare celebrity to State of the Union

    A Texas Republican congressman said Tuesday he wants to invite the 21-year-old Georgia resident who became a media star last week as one of the few people who found success on the federal Obamacare market — only to see his star fade when he said he hadn't actually enrolled in plan — to the State of the Union Address so he can meet President Obama. Published October 8 2013

  • Amid Capitol Hill deadlock, S.D. congresswoman says farmers are suffering

    While Washington steels for the coming debt-limit storm, one South Dakota congresswoman is highlighting the devastating effects of a recent blizzard in her district and the need to pass a farm bill. Published October 8 2013

  • Federal Obamacare website down for maintenance, as officials vow to fix bugs

    Consumers trying to use an online portal tied to new health care law on Tuesday found the federal website down for maintenance, temporarily, as the Obama administration tries to fix glitches tied to the reforms' roll-out. Published October 8 2013

  • Joe Biden scrubs campaign appearance for N.J.'s Cory Booker

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden has canceled a Friday trip to New Jersey, where he was scheduled to stump for Newark mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker, according to the Newark Star-Ledger Published October 8 2013

  • Gov. Bobby Jindal: Congress could learn thing or two from Republican governors

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says Congress should take its cues from Republican governors across the country who are balancing their budgets and growing the private-sector economy. Published October 8 2013

  • Sen. James Inhofe says he feels 'great' after open-heart surgery

    Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma is recovering after successful heart surgery in Tulsa on Friday to address a serious blockages in multiple arteries. Published October 8 2013

  • Kathleen Sebelius defends Obamacare on comedy show, says it will get better

    President Obama's top health official said late Monday she does not know how many people have enrolled in the federal online market tied to Obamacare, which has been plagued by technical glitches, but insisted the website is improving and the program will help people. Published October 8 2013

  • Administration pressured to release Obamacare numbers

    Pressure is mounting on the Obama administration to release enrollment figures tied to the health care law's insurance markets, which launched Tuesday with much fanfare and web traffic but have been plagued by technical problems. Published October 7 2013

  • Amid Obamacare woes, Sebelius to do Stewart's 'Daily Show'

    Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is scheduled to appear on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart late Monday, an appearance that is sure to grab some serious attention even if the show is typically steeped in satire. Published October 7 2013

  • Sen. John Cornyn: Obama thinks no fiscal news is good news

    Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn has a new take on the tit for tat roiling Washington these days as the government shutdown enters its second week. Published October 7 2013

  • Financial execs see default devastating investment

    One week into the government shutdown, financial executives worry that the U.S. could see a substantial loss in investments if Congress and the Obama administration fail to raise the debt ceiling, according to a report released Monday by the Association for Financial Professionals. Published October 7 2013

  • Nation's hunters ready to shoot down shutdown

    With prime hunting season set to open in areas around the country, a coalition of sportsmen's groups on Monday will become the latest interest group to demand an end to the federal government shutdown. Published October 7 2013

  • House Dems and Reps talk past each other on stalemate

    If TV interviews are any indication, both parties in Washington are not about to see eye to eye on how to embark on a path toward ending the federal government shutdown and raising the nation's debt limit. Published October 7 2013

  • Harry Reid's office: John Boehner has 'credibility problem'

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, through a spokesman, said Monday that GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner is not a credible negotiator anymore, in an attack that further underscores just how tough it will be to get a deal done on either spending or the debt. Published October 7 2013

  • Obamacare tech problems may be deeper than thought: analysis

    The federal website that hosts the bulk of traffic related to purchasing private insurance through Obamacare may have problems that are built into its infrastructure and extend beyond a crush of traffic, according to a Reuters analysis. Published October 7 2013